Unexpected NA Shard Issues

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The NA shards have been experiencing some across-the-board latency spikes with some players being unable to re-enter the game after logging off and back in. It does not seem to be an issue on the players’ end because it’s affecting players from across the Pacific.

I’ll update this post with any official responses and server updates.


[7:13pm PST] – Looks like the server issues have been fixed.

[6:57pm PST] – CM Morgana has stated that Trion are looking into the current server issues:

Just wanted to give you all a head’s up that the team is investigating the instability as we speak.

[Source: CM Morgana]

[6:32pm PST] – NA Shards experiencing a lot of latency spikes with players from various countries experiencing the same issues. A large amount of disconnecting, issues logging back in (authentication issues). No word from Trion yet.

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One Comment on “Unexpected NA Shard Issues”

  1. Jj
    February 20, 2015 at 7:15 pm #

    Yup – just been having that very problem :o/


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