Unexpected NA Shards Latency Issues

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The NA shards are experiencing some latency issues at approximately 5:08pm PST on 21st Feb 2015. RIFT Forums are also not loading up properly every now and then.

I’ll update this post with any official responses and server updates.


[5:22pm PST] – Might be fixed; crossevents@faeblight has calmed down, no latency spikes yet or disconnects. No word from Trion. Some speculation is that it was a brief DDoS attack because it was affecting other Trion Worlds games forums as well. Usually if the shards go down due to technical issues the forums are still up and don’t experience problems. However at this stage it’s all speculation as Trion have not given an official response yet.

[5:13pm PST] – NA players experiencing on-going latency issues, and RIFT Forums are taking a while to load. Some players disconnecting intermittently.

[5:11pm PST] – NA Shards back up. RIFT Forums back up.

[5:08pm PST] – NA Shards down. RIFT Forums not loading.

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