RIFT News Tidbits 24th Feb 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 24th Feb 2015.

Arclight Infiltration Promo Week

The Arclight Infiltration Promo Week brings in new Arclight Lifter and Storm Legion Lifter mounts to RIFT. Ends at 3:30PM Server Time on Thursday, 26th Feb 2015. You can check out a guide to the event here.

Reminder: Carnival of the Ascended 2015 begins this Thursday 3:30PM ST. You might want to balance how much Aventurine you use up during the Arclight Infiltration Promo Week as the Carnival will likely have special event-specific promo missions as well.


  • Shard Scheduled Downtime. Shards will go down at 2/25/15, at 7:00 AM PST (NA) and 2/26/15 at 2:00 AM GMT (EU) for RIFT 3.1: Hotfix #5. NA shards will get both the update and server maintenance lasting approx. 2hrs whilst EU will only get the update with shard downtime estimated at 1hr.
  • On Recent Shard Issues. Trion posted recently on the ArcheAge forums that their North American servers have been experiencing issues due to Distributed Denial-of-Service (‘DDoS’) attacks on their Dallas center. Unfortunately DDoS attacks on online games have been rampant in recent months affecting several games and game networks, including the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Eve Online and several major MMORPGs.
  • 4th Anniversary of RIFT! It’s the 4th anniversary of RIFT, or at least for its head-start which began on 24th February 2011. Official launch was March 1st (NA) and March 4th (EU). Slipmat has started a thread here celebrating RIFT’s 4th b’day! As with every year, we’re getting a new placeable b’day cake too when Carnival starts this Thursday 3:30PM ST!
RIFT 4th Anniversary Birthday Cake

RIFT 4yo! Src: Archonix

  • Dream Orbs Updated. The dream orb values for the new Expert upgrade (Nameless) for Helms/Shoulders has been fully updated. Thanks to Meteorblade for taking the time to find out all possible stats on this new upgrade. You can check out the new values on the Dream Orbs Stat Sheet.
Hidden Minion Card Tasuil

Minion: Tasuil. Src: Avocados

  • Hidden Minion Card: Tasuil. Avocados has created a guide to the new hidden minion card Tasuil over on Rift’s subreddit here. It involves collecting all 6 of the recently added minion cards and going on a whole heap of missions afterwards with various requirements. Check out his guide here! A few things to note:
    • Currently Tasuil has the same 4 attributes as Greatfather Frost – this will be changed. [r]
    • This is a repeatable adventure chain! Unknown what conditions are required to restart the chain though. [r]
    • Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight chronicle should be enabled for EU now so  that you can get your Orlan minion card from the hidden chest/rare mob in the chronicle. [r]
    • If you complete the final mission “Rescue Tasuil, Dragon of Telara” and have not received the Minion: Tasuil, contact Snedhepl and he’ll fix it for you. This bug will be fixed during the first hotfix of March. [r]
  • Minion Adventure Cooldowns. Snedhepl has revealed the general cool-down (‘CD’) timers on general adventures. [r] The Minions System Guide has been updated with this new info.
    • 10hr adventures have a60min CD.
    • 8hr adventures have a 120min CD.
    • 15m adventures have a 30min CD.
    • 5m adventures have a 15min CD.
    • 1m adventures have a 15min CD.
    • All CDs are cleared if you run out of cards in a deck.
    • CDs begin when an adventure has completed, not when you claim it. [r] [r]
    • What this means is that if you are after a specific adventure and you’ve just completed it, you’ll either need to complete/shuffle every single adventure in that deck to force it to clear its cooldown, or you will need to await the allotted time before trying to obtain the card again.
  • Wrong Upgrade (Craft). Currently the Detailed Thalasite Vambraces (Cleric Gloves) are upgraded to the Illustrious Thalasite Sabatons (Warrior Gloves). This is not intended and Morticus is looking at a fix. [r] For now you should probably hold off on upgrading your Vambraces.
  • Chronicle: Rhen of Fate Adjustment. Captive Researchers will respawn after an instance soft reset (by going out of the instance, right-clicking your portrait and clicking on ‘Reset Instances’). This is to allow players to complete the daily in the Rhen of Fate chronicle to free Captive Researchers from cages throughout the instance. ETA: First hotfix of March. [r]
  • Guild Quests Adjustments:
    • Darkmoon has announced that you will stop receiving guild quests requiring you clear older dungeons by guild level 24.
    • Guilds between Level 21-30 can speak to ‘Emby the Cat Herder’ in Margle Palace to gain new guild quests for completing NT Expert dungeons. [r] [Located behind Porticulum at 5785 5612]
    • Conquest kill count for guild PvP weekly will be reduced. “Coming soon”, No concrete ETA. [r]
  • The Duck. Those who attempt to use any of the platforms around the Drekanoth of Fate in the Rhen of Fate 10-man raid will find that they get a new 60sec ‘Quack’ debuff that turns them into a duck and makes them unable to use any abilities. [r] Don’t exploit.
  • Dimension Addition. Krug has announced that he has created vendors in Sanctum and Meridian who will sell new interactable/moveable dimension NPCs such as Corpus Kitty and the Mathosian Fold cats. You will be able to toggle their behavior. ETA: “probably” 3.2. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Fantasia [Dimension]. Louvinette@Brisesol has created an amazing Fantasia dimension over on the EU shard Brisesol. Dancing hippos. That is all.
  • Mirror, Mirror [Dimension]. Feendish takes a tour of Sscar@Laethys’ “Mirror, Mirror” dimension, recreating the Sleeping Beauty story in dimension form. Check out a preview here!

Missed out on some news? Check out the full list of RIFT News Tidbits here or check out the PTS/Live Comparison Page for a summary of upcoming changes.

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    Thank you Khortish for all your hard work keeping us up-to-date in one place! 🙂

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