RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #5

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Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #5 as at 2/25/15 7:00 AM PST (NA) and 2/26/15 2 AM GMT (EU). Download is approx. 124mb.


  • Carnival of the Ascended World Event. The Carnival of the Ascended 2015 World Event begins on Thursday, February 26th at 3:30PM Server Time. You will be able to find ‘John Tintan’ in the Plane of Water and ‘Publicist Sijay Creg’ in Sanctum/Meridian with new quests. Instant Adventures in Goboro Reef will also feature ‘Adventure Pinatas’ that give Pinata Prize Bags.
  • Crafting Changes:
    • Mining Recipes. Thalasite Nightmare Alloy and Thalasite Dream Alloy no longer share a CD. They also no longer require Storm Legion materials.
    • Mounts can no longer be runebroken!
    • Lowered Recipe Price. Nightmare Ichor and Faint Dreams have been dropped from 75/250/1000 to 10/35/90 Grandmaster, Master and Artisan marks respectively.
    • Peerless Thalcrystal Choker now has less Endurance, more Spell Power.
    • Peerless Sarfiber Shortbow now has same proc as Peerless Sarfiber Longbow.
  • NT Guild Quartermaster. A new Guild Quartermaster called “Emby the Cat Herder” can be found in Margle Palace near the porticulum. This new NPC will give NT-related guild quests like playing Manugo, killing Nightmare Rift creatures and clearing NT expert dungeons. You can find him at /setwaypoint 5785 5612.
Location Emby the Cat Herder Guild Quartermaster

New NT Guild Quartermaster in Margle Palace

  • Inquisitor Cleric Change. Unified Theory is no longer a separate buff, and instead its bonus/effect will apply on the 4th stack of Life and Death Concord. Supposed to fix hard-casting, but for some players it is having the opposite effect and forcing them to hard-cast BoD fairly often.
  • Raid: Crucia Change. It is no longer possible to defer Crucia’s Phasing casts in Tyrant’s Forge.
RIFT 3.1 Hot Fix #5 – 02/25/15

* The festivities begin at 3 PM server time on Thursday, February 26th!
* John Tintan has joined the Carnival and is looking to procure exotic materials from the Plane of Water.
* Instant Adventure in Goboro Reef will sometimes feature Adventure Pinatas. These have all the loot of a normal boss encounter plus Pinata Prize Bags!
* Publicist Sijay Creg can be found in Sanctum and Meridian, encouraging Ascended Adventurers to impress the crowds with tales of their heroic deeds.

* Fixed the drop rate of the minion Lil’Reggie to be much less frequent than before.
* Fixed a bug with time to next stamina point calculation.

* Emby the Cat Herder in Margle Palace now offers new guild quests for the Plane of Water.
* The following guild quests are now limited to guilds level 21 through 24: A Growing Storm, Shock and Awe, Unholy Ground, Recycled Scrap, Halls of Horror, Core Crisis, and Shattering Hearts and Minds.



* Unified Theory: No longer a separate buff. It now applies its bonuses and effects to the fourth stack of Life and Death Concord.
* Radical Coalescence: Now applies 4 stacks of Life and Death Concord instead of applying the Unified Theory buff.

* Rewards for zone event completion should be more consistent in being awarded upon completion of all rare Nightmare Tide zone events.

* Raid Rift: The Darkest Magic: Slightly decreased the frequency of Lograr’s Light’s Out ability.
* Raid Rift: The Darkest Magic: Decreased the health of Lograr and Silenek.

* Quest: Reef Rebuilder: ixed an issue that could cause the Dormant Coral to not respawn properly.

* Zone Event: Darkness From the Depths: The Abhorrence will now have the correct amount of hitpoints.


* Players who trigger Johan’s anti-cheating enrage will now be notified of who and what triggered it.
* Crucia:
– It is no longer possible to defer Crucia’s “Phasing” casts.
– Fixed a bug that could cause Crucia’s “Displace” ability to hit targets on whom “Locking On” is transitioning to “Target Locked.”

* Thalasite Nightmare Alloy and Thalasite Dream Alloy no longer share a cooldown.
* The new Nightmare Alloy cooldown can also be cleared using the Rift store Energy Infusion crafting consumable.
* The Thalasite Alloy recipes no long call for materials from the Storm Legion expansion.
* Crafting professions attempting to craft trinket items at non-traditional workstations should now be able to open them via the mouse.
* Fixed the sorting issue with the new Amender recipes and components.
* Mounts can no longer be Runebroken.

* Fixed an issue causing Threngar weapon procs to boost the damage of several abilities without deducting a stack from the number of attacks to affect.
* Fixed an issue that was erroneously causing Akylios’s Manuscript of Psychosis to affect some weapon procs from current content.
* Lowered the price of Nightmare Ichor and Faint Dreams to the appropriate price.
– Was 75/250/1000, and is now 10/35/90 marks.
* Changed up the stat distribution on Peerless Thalcrystal Choker to give less Endurance for more Spell Power.
* Peerless Sarfiber Shortbow now has the same proc as the Peerless Sarfiber Longbow.
* Fixed an issue causing Shadesource Greater Essences not to benefit from having a second Nightmare Tide Greater Essence Equipped.
– These items now properly have their Healing and Damage boosted by 50% when a second Nightmare Tide Greater Essence is equipped.
* Dimension keys now stack up to 99!
* Fixed the issue with the Exalted Diaphanous Handwraps.
* Marauder’s Buckler now salvages into Nightmare Tide crafting components.
* The Tall Weeping Willow Dimension item can now be sold.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 25th FEBRUARY 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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3 Comments on “RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #5”

  1. Chickie
    February 26, 2015 at 4:17 am #

    I noticed that in some places you have carnival starting at 3pm and others 3:30pm. Just thought I’d point that out. 😉

    • February 26, 2015 at 3:15 pm #

      Thanks Chickie for pointing that out! Yea, they’re supposed to launch at 3:30PM ST as per usual time, but CM Morgana posted in Hotfix #5 that it’s 3PM. Since it is now past 3PM I’m guessing it’s just a typo on her part.

      Also, for some reason I don’t see the event pop up on EU even though it’s several hours past the usual time. Or maybe I’m just too low level (17) to see the event. The World/Promo Event tracker is also grayed out.


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