RIFT News Tidbits 25th Feb 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 25th Feb 2015.


  • RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #5. Latest hotfix for RIFT brings in new Carnival of the Ascended RIFT Store items, a new NT Guild Quartermaster and various Crafting and item changes. Check full patch notes as well as further info on key additions here!
  • Carnival of the Ascended 2015. Carnival of the Ascended World Event will begin at 3:30PM Server Time on Thursday, 26th Feb 2015. However, you should be able to see the event’s items under RIFT Store -> World Event tab (the first tab).
    • Please refer to last year’s Carnival of the Ascended Guide for the bulk of activities. There’s also some new Plane of Water activities including a turn-in NPC, Goboro Reef Instant Adventures awarding Carnival bags and more – I’ll have an updated guide as the event goes Live.
    • Note: There are new Level 65 essences – they are at the top of the Essences list under RIFT Store -> World Event.
  • Notice: Do Not Consume Stacked Dimension Keys! With the latest hotfix dimension keys can now be stacked. Unfortunately when you consume a dimension key, it consumes all keys in that stack. For now, un-stack dimension keys you want to consume. [r] Fix might take a while. [r]
  • Minion Info:
    • Pyrestorm Multi. You can kill Pyrestorm to receive additional Pyrestorm cards, even if you already have the card. [r]
    • Adventure CDs. Snedhepl has stated that the adventure cooldowns mentioned here generally apply to all adventures. However, Snedhepl does not make all the cards and therefore one of the other Trion staff members might choose to add a different cooldown to certain event cards. [r]
    • Adventure CDs #2. Adventures that come off cooldown will be added back to the adventure deck at a randomly location in the deck. [r]
    • Arclight Infiltration Promo Adventures Info. The promo adventures for Arclight Infiltration Promo Week will stop appearing at around 3:30pm Server Time on Thursday, 26th Feb 2015. If you have an active promo adventure prior to this time, you will still be able to complete it. [r]
  • Crafting: Unholy Talon of Izbithu Recipe. Just a note that the Unholy Talon of Izbithu (trinket) still uses Infinite Essences (old world material). This should be fixed with the next hotfix. [r]

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