New Items Discovered in Concept Art!

New NT Concept Art Feature Image

Possibly new items coming to RIFT have been discovered in some Concept Art by RIFT Lead Concept Artist Sven Bybee. I took a look at Sven’s ArtStation gallery today because he was mentioned as the concept artist behind the Arclight Rider mount on Friday’s Livestream.

In a surprise discovery, Sven’s ArtStation profile was only just updated yesterday with some new Concept Art teasing possible future additions to RIFT:

  • Battle Boar Mount
  • Great Hound Mount
  • Nightmare Weapon Set #2?
  • Nightmare Outfit
  • Whale with Beard [03.05.15]
  • Crystalline Raptor [03.10.15]

Battle Boar Mount

RIFT Concept Art Boar Mount

RIFT Concept Art Battle Boar Mount. Src: Art Station.

During the 17th Oct 2014 Livestream, Trion teased about a possible Boar Mount coming into the game. Lo and behold, Sven Bybee has uploaded a new concept art for the Battle Boar Mount.

Looks like the top-left image is the normal version of the mount and the bottom image is the armored version of the mount.

Other skins? How to obtain? When? Ursin animation? No clue. However, look forward to some grunting mounts in the future! Would be awesome if Trion could add some ‘smoke/steam’ in front of their mouth/nose when they grunt.

Great Hound Mount

RIFT Concept Art Hound Mount

RIFT Concept Art Great Hound Mount. Src: ArtStation

Another mount, one that we haven’t been clued in on from any other sources – the Great Hound mount, in four different colors. The top-right one definitely reminds me of Koi (fish), so these are perhaps inhabitants of the Plane of Water.

Four variety of colors – these look like they could use the Ki Rin or Vaiyuu animations, although a new animation set would be nice too. I wonder if their head-antennae-fin-things wave in the air as though they’re underwater.

Again, no ETA and pretty much no other information other than the name, “Great Hound”, and the image above.

Nightmare Weapons Set #2

RIFT Concept Art Nightmare Weapon Set 2

RIFT Concept Art Nightmare Weapon Set #2. Src: ArtStation.

We have a second set of Nightmare weapons skins! These are definitely different from the current Nightmare weapons which follow a heavy corruption and all-seeing-eye-ball theme.

In fact, the ‘cracking’ and stone/metal look to each weapon reminds me heavily of this skin datamined below of a statue:

Nightmare Blind Statue Skin

Nightmare Blind Statue Skin

This skin was datamined from the 13th Jan 2015 PTS Update. The update came with a bunch of models for a “lord_arak_raid“.

It seems clear to me that this new set of Nightmare Weapons are for weapon drops from the upcoming Tier 2 Tier 3 20-man Raid, whatever it might be called (“Lord Arak Raid” seems kind of plain).

Be prepared to imagine yourself wielding one of those weapons. Perhaps it’s time to plan your next wardrobe outfit?

Speaking of outfits…

Nightmare Outfit

RIFT Concept Art Nightmare Armor - Rogue

RIFT Concept Art Nightmare Armor. Src: ArtStation.

Sven Bybee also posted up a new armor set that is likely related to the Lord Arak Raid. The title is simply “Armor”, but this looks like it could be the Rogue armor set.

Interestingly there’s no face. I wonder if the new armor sets will hide our faces behind the green glow of Nightmare/Tribulation soldiers.

This is likely the Tier 2 armor set for Rogues.

Whale with Beard

Whale Concept Art

Whale Concept Art. Src: CaptainCursor

CaptainCursor recently posted up a teaser image to a Whale with what looks like a flowing white beard or mustache on his twitter whilst mentioning “working on new zones”. No further information provided, but this could be a resident of the upcoming zone: Planetouched Wilds.

Crystalline Raptor

Crystalline Raptor

Crystalline Raptor. Src: Trion Worlds

File name “crystalrex”, this image was shown off in Archonix’s letter about the 4th Anniversary of RIFT and RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness. Crystal-based raptor. Initially looks to be a new skin for Rogue Ranger’s raptor combat pets or perhaps for a new Strider mount – however, the faded human in the bottom-left of the image seems to suggest its size – a new colossus or raid boss perhaps.

There’s also the possibility that a ‘prehistoric/dinosaur’ theme will introduce normal mobs that are giant in size.

This particular concept art is not created by Sven Bybee.

Sven Bybee Concept Art

You can check out a whole bunch of other Concept Art by Sven Bybee in his ArtStation gallery here! He has shared his designs including the Skelfs, Threngar, Yrlwalach, Nightmare/Onir armor/weapons, various mounts and armor sets.

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4 Comments on “New Items Discovered in Concept Art!”

  1. February 28, 2015 at 8:44 am #

    The battle pig looks pretty badass. I would ride it!

  2. February 28, 2015 at 12:36 pm #

    I really hope they add those hound mounts. Love them! 🙂


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