Notice: Yulebot 9000 and Carnival Promo Adventure

Notice: As some of you may know, the Carnival 10hr Promo minion adventure will be updated with this week’s hotfix so that it won’t drop Level 60 loot for Level 65 players. As stated by Tacitus:

As noted below, it is not the right box on those 10 hour missions at all. Archonix fixed it last night, and it should be in the next patch.

[Source: Tacitus]

Carnival 10hr Promo Minion Adventure

What this means is that most players who know about this change have stopped doing 10hr promo missions and simply saved up their aventurine.

There is, however, something to note for some players:

  • The Fae Yule Gift of Giving box that you get in a Carnival 10hr minion adventure gives you the legacy achievement “The Gift of Giving”. You will likely need a 6-star rating* for the adventure to obtain the box.
    Fae Yule Gift of Giving
  • “The Gift of Giving” achievement is not obtainable during Fae Yule anymore as it is a Legacy achievement. The Fae Yule Gift of Giving box was originally rewarded for spending Credits during Fae Yule, but this option was removed in last year’s event (thus the achieve was moved to Legacy).
  • “The Gift of Giving” achievement rewards the “Yulebot 9000” companion pet and “The Gifter” title.

*The Fae Yule Gift of Giving box could appear at lower star ratings; unconfirmed. Safer to try for the 6-star rating. To get a 6-star rating, get as high as possible a ‘value’ match between your minion’s attributes and the attributes of the adventure. So for Notoriety + Water adventure, a 20 Notoriety Minion would have a value of 20, whereas a 18 Notoriety, 7 Water minion would have a value of 25. You’d want to send your 17/5 minion out on the adventure.

The Gift of Giving Achievement

If the fix Archonix has made to the adventure replaces the box with something else, it could potentially mean that you will miss that small window of opportunity to obtain the Yulebot 9000 companion pet and “The Gifter” title after this week’s hotfix. The chances are high it won’t be a different version of the Fae Yule Gift of Giving box that scales to 65 because Fae Yule is a completely different world event from Carnival of the Ascended.

Just something to consider before this week’s hotfix (usually 7am PST Wed (NA); 2am GMT Thur (EU)) if you’re interested in obtaining the above companion pet or title.

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