Unexpected NA Shards Down-time – DDoS Attack

Shards Down Feature Image

The NA shards are experiencing some latency issues at approximately 4:00pm PST on 2nd March 2015. CM Ocho has explained that the NA shards are currently experiencing a Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack (‘DDoS‘).

I’ll update this post with any official responses and server updates.


[6:12pm PST] – NA shards are back up.

[5:43pm PST] – NA Shards down.

[4:28pm PST] – CM Ocho announces that the NA servers are experiencing a DDoS attack and are working to mitigate the attack:


Hey all, sorry if you were disconnected! As some gathered, we are currently experiencing a DDoS. While our servers are stable, players are reporting increased latency and connectivity troubles with Glyph and gameplay.

We’re working to mitigate the attack, please try reconnecting to the server if you’ve been disconnected. This thread will be kept updated with the latest information.

[Source: CM Ocho]

[4:00pm PST] – NA Shards experiencing latency issues; connection to Glyph issues.

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