RIFT Live Datamining for 25th February 2015

LIVE Datamining 25th Feb 2015 Feature Image

Below you can find interesting datamined files from the Live client for the RIFT 3.1: Hotfix #5 patch.


  • ‘Robin’ Budgie Mount Skin
  • Interesting Icons
  • Twisted Carousel Ram Skin

As always, everything below is subject to change and even though these were datamined from the Live client, they might end up not appearing (or appearing months later).

‘Robin’ Budgie Mount Skin

Possible Robin Budgie Mount Skin

Possible ‘Robin’ Budgie Mount Skin

[Update 03.10.15 – This mount has turned out to be the Vox Mount obtained by reaching Level 20 in Trove.]

A new skin popped up in RIFT 3.1: Hotfix #5 patch files. It’s a new budgie mount skin I’ve termed ‘Robin’ since it has the same bright red/orange chest as you see with robins.

Red Budgie Mount Model

‘Robin’ Budgie Mount Model

Trion just called is “raptoroq_chicken_red” internally though. ‘Raptoroq’ comes from the rig the Budgie mounts use – the Strider mounts. ‘Chicken’ differentiates it from the Striders to imply it’s the Budgie mount. And ‘red’. Cause it has a red chest.

Robin Budgie Mount Icon

Look forward to a ‘Red’/’Robin’ mount some time in the future – possibly right after Carnival of the Ascended and probably available as rare chance drop in a new lockbox for the next Budgie Madness Promo Week.

Interesting Icons

Interesting Icons LIVE Datamining 27th Feb 2015

A few interesting icons datamined.

Arclight Lifter Mounts

The first three look to be new Arclight Lifter mounts.

  • First one is clearly Death-themed with a skull at the front and spine extending towards the back of the mount. Death tendrils laid out around the disc.
  • Second one looks Life-themed. The center looks to be a blue rose, extending to purple and yellow flowers, topped off at the edge with green leaves. The outer ring of the mount reminds me of the Golden Flower Portrait.
  • We’ve seen the 3rd ‘gold/green’ Lifter mount icon datamined before. Is it Earth-themed or Nightmare-themed (green?) I expect an Earth-themed one to have gems and more than just a gold frame, whilst it looks too ‘regal’ for Nightmare, even if its main body is green. I half-expect a few eyes on a Nightmare-themed Lifter mount. Maybe it’s the Pelagic Order mount.

These will likely pop up in the future one by one via the Arclight Infiltration Promo Weeks. If Trion adds another dual-option (one direct purchase, one lockbox), they could potentially add two new Lifter mounts in a single Promo Week. If they did that, which one would you want for direct purchase? I’d personally like the gold/green – Death doesn’t seem suited for a relatively flat ring mount and I’m not too interested in a floating flower mount.


The Cape is not the Fourth Anniversary Cape, nor is it Crucia’s Cape. It does have blue glowing lines which could suggest a Storm Legion theme.

Twisted Carousel Ram Skin

Twisted Carousel Ram Skin

Twisted Carousel Ram Skin

Here’s the Twisted Carousel Ram Skin. Not something that is new since the mount is already up on the RIFT Store -> World Event section during Carnival of the Ascended. However, I thought I’d just add it here for future reference, especially if we discover a similar skin in the future – we’d know it’s a new Ram mount.

Twisted Carousel Ram Icon

The cracked skin is interesting – Trion seems to really be taking a liking to the whole ‘cracked’/’ruins’ look. Throw in some Ancient Greece/Rome themes as well as a green glow and you’ve pretty much got the Tier 2 raid concept art/models/skins that have been dug up thus far.

Twisted Carousel Ram Mount Model

Twisted Carousel Ram Mount Model

The Twisted Carousel Ram Mount uses the Ki Rin rig so its animations are are probably more or less the same minus whatever those lines coming out of its nostrils are for.

Some new stuff from a relatively small hotfix. Look forward to a ‘Red’ Budgie Mount and some new Lifter mounts in the future.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining of the PTS and Live clients.

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