RIFT News Tidbits 5th March 2015

RIFT news tidbits for 5th March 2015.

Carnival of the Ascended 2015

The Carnival of the Ascended World Event is on-going, celebrating the 4th Anniversary of RIFT! New Carnival goods such as masks, weapon costumes, ‘bubble’ Dimension items, Carousel Ram mount and Level 65 Essences can be found on the RIFT Store -> World Event.

  • Guide: Carnival of the Ascended 2015 – Info on quests, Carnival games, achieves and more!
  • Carnival Phase 2 has begun as of Thursday 5th March 2015.
  • Carnival lasts until 3:30PM Server Time on 19th March 2015.

Temporal Flux Promo Week

Temporal Flux Promo Week has begun and will last from 5th March til 12th March 2015, ending at 3:30PM Server Time. There’s a ‘Temporal Flux Vault III’ that contains a rare chance at a Black Empyreal Walker mount as well as daily quests that reward event currency.

  • Guide: Temporal Flux Promo Week.
  • Note: There doesn’t seem to be a way to obtain the ‘Blue and Gold’ or ‘Golden’ Empyreal Walker mounts this week.
  • Both Carnival of the Ascended and the Temporal Flux Promo Week are running at the same time.


  • Reminder: Trion PAX Party. Just a reminder that Trion’s PAX Party @ Boston will be from 6-9pm EST (TC)(CD). They’ll have giveaways for their various titles, chat with devs and game announcements. Check out details here. I’ll be posting their announcements on twitter and later in the night on RiftGrate.
  • Live Datamining 4th March 2015. Just a brief datamine so including it in the News Tidbits for today. A new skin that looks like some kind of Storm Legion engineer’s hat.
Engineer Hat Skin

Engineer Hat Skin

  • 4th Anniversary Steam Pack Further Info. For players who don’t have RIFT on Steam, Athanil has shared a potential method for obtaining the CD Key. It involves downloading RIFT through Steam, right-clicking RIFT in the Steam library, clicking on “CD Key” and copy-pasting the code before cancelling the download and removing Steam’s copy of RIFT via “Delete Local Content”. Details here.
    • This method might not work for everyone as if you never had RIFT on Steam before, you might not get the code as there might have been a cut-off date.
    • It might be a good idea to follow Athanil’s method anyway even if you don’t get the code because adding the game through Steam will indicate to Steam that you’ve “purchased” RIFT. This could allow you to become eligible for future promo codes that are sent out.
  • Ability Animation Issues. Some players might have noticed that animations for some of their instant-cast abilities aren’t displaying properly. Red Hawk has confirmed Trion are looking into fixing the issue, high priority. No ETA on a fix. [r]
  • Concept Art: Whale with Beard. CaptainCursor posts a concept art teaser to a “whale with a beard” mob that is likely coming with one of the new upcoming zones in one of his latest tweets:
Whale Concept Art

Whale Concept Art

Working on new zones when word comes across the internet that Maxis has been shuttered. So many memories of cities. [r]

Some of the other most-recent Concept Art teasers can be found here.

No Trion RIFT livestream is scheduled this Friday.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Rift Reforged Ep 28 [Video]. Episode 28 of the Rift Reforged Podcast is up talking all things RIFT-related including the latest news and story from Telara. You can check out the video here.
  • Henrietta Jane and The Rift Crusade [Video]. A new mini-film has been uploaded by NightShift1 and Wrongway Productions. Check out the video here! [US] [World] [German] [Thread]
  • Firieth’s Zone Event Watcher [Tracker]. Firieth has created his own zone event watcher site, tabling zone, shard, event name and time elapsed information. You can show/hide zone events by level, individual zone filtering and show NA or EU clusters. Each zone’s events are ‘image-coded’ with background images of the various zones. Should work well on your mobile phone. Check it out here! Have any suggestions/feedback? Check out his thread here.
    • You can check out and compare a variety of Rift Event Trackers here.

Missed out on some news? Check out the full list of RIFT News Tidbits here or check out the PTS/Live Comparison Page for a summary of upcoming changes. Patch Notes, PTS Updates, Datamining and Livestream Summaries are also available.

If you’re interested in the latest RIFT contests or upcoming events, check out RiftGrate’s ‘Upcoming RIFT Events‘ page and calendar.

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