Temporal Flux Promo Week is here!

Temporal Flux Promo Week Feature Image

Temporal Flux Promo Week has begun again for RIFT, lasting from 5th March 3:30PM Server Time until 12th March 3:30PM ST.

The Temporal Flux Promo Week is all about the Empyreal Walker Mounts and this time round the focus is on the old Black Empyreal Walker Mount!

I’ve updated RiftGrate’s guide with the new lockbox and any other changes. Check it out here!

Interesting Tidbits

  • Oddly, Trion have decided to not add any of the previous mounts to the PRI Quartermaster like they’ve done with the Budgies. The ‘Blue and Gold’ and ‘Golden’ Empyreal Walker mounts were part of the 1st and 2nd iterations of the lockbox – they are likely unavailable to obtain this week.
  • The ‘Red and Black’ Empyreal Walker mount might still be available through ‘Mechanized Temporal Vaults’ which are a rare chance drop from Manslaughter (boss) in Golem Foundry (Level 60 Expert Dungeon) and a rare chance drop from Temporal Flux rifts.
  • Quests still use Level 60 dungeon requirements – they have not been updated for Nightmare Tide.
  • Be wary of this, as the gear that drops from the lockboxes might not scale past Level 60 either. Confirmation is needed on this. Tacitus has checked and they scale up to Level 65. [r]
  • The Black Empyreal Walker Mount was available at the PRI Quartermaster previously – it’s strange that it is now the main lockbox’s drop. Usually each Promo Week adds a new mount, but this is the first time an old mount has been re-used for the Promo Week’s lockbox mount drop.

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