Unexpected NA Shards Latency Issues

Shards Down Feature Image

The NA shards are experiencing some latency issues as at approximately 9:35pm PST on 7th March 2015.

I’ll update this post with any official responses and server updates.


[11:10pm PST] – GM Fasti announces that Trion is aware of the issue. It is being caused by a DDoS attack.


We’re monitoring the current network instability, and are working to get it resolved as we speak. This is being caused by a DDoS attack. While our servers remain online, players are reporting increased latency and connectivity troubles.

We’re working to mitigate the attack, so please reconnect to the server if you’ve been disconnected. This thread will be kept updated with the latest information.

Thanks for your patience.

[Source: GM Fasti]

[10:52pm PST] – Not seeing anymore latency/dcing or crossevents chatter about it. Might have been resolved.

[10:05pm PST] – On-going, extended ability lag followed by disconnects for multiple players. Seems it is not just affecting Laethys according to crossevents@faeblight chat channel. No response from Trion yet.

[9:35pm PST] – NA Shards latency issues with certain players disconnecting.

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