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Vox Budgie Mount Feature Image

As part of the Neon Nightsky Edition Patch introduced on Tuesday 10th March 2015,  Trion Worlds is now giving away a Vox Budgie Mount to anyone who reaches Level 20 in Trove.

Players should now get Vox the black budgie in RIFT when reaching level 20 on any class! [r]

Vox Budgie Mount

Vox Budgie Mount 2

Vox Budgie Mount

Simply reach or log into a character that is Level 20 in Trove and you will receive the Vox Budgie Mount in your in-game mail on all your RIFT characters, present and future!

The Vox Budgie Mount is a Land Mount that matches your fastest mount speed.

What is Trove?

Trove is a Voxel MMO where you can fight mobs and bosses over Adventure worlds, or spend time building up your own personal Cornerstone or Club World. In the game you are able to switch between Classes (basically your characters) via a free Class Changer.

You go around exploring the various biomes tackling bosses and a variety of mobs in open world dungeons and lairs. There’s also Professions such as Ringcrafting and Gardening that you can level up.

Alternatively you also have your own Cornerstone in the open world where you can build your own base with a large variety of building blocks from solid colors to stripes and glass-colored blocks. On top of Cornerstones, you can also create your own Club World (like a guild dimension) where you can customize an entire world/instance for yourself and your Club members.

Crafting is also prevalent with Forges that upgrade your items’ stats, rarity or adds additional stats to them. On the building side, there’s a ton of recipes for various decorations you can find in the open world.

You can download Trove either via their website or via the left sidebar of your Glyph Client.

Leveling Up

The quickest way to get to Level 20 would be to mount past all mobs and just head straight for 1-star and 3-star bosses/quests in dungeons/lairs. Having a decent amount of the Jump stat can help you quickly skip trash.

Upgrade your gear by deconstructing gear drops you aren’t interested in at a Deconstructor for Flux currency, then using a Forge by either crafting it or going to someone else’s cornerstone and using their Forge. The Forge will allow you to upgrade the stats on your gear for Flux, which will help you push to higher-level Adventure portals faster.

If you have a Veteran group of players help you out, you’ll level even faster since higher-level Adventure portals will give more experience.

You can go from Level 1-20 farming 1- and 3-star quests within 20hrs of playtime. Probably less if you don’t get side-tracked by building up your cornerstone or leveling up your professions like ringcrafting and gardening.

Cubic Cape

On top of that – if you are new to Trove, there’s also a Cubic Cape costume you can get for your RIFT character when you level up any class to Level 10 in Trove.


If you’re level 20 in Trove and haven’t received in-game mail in RIFT with the Vox Budgie, make sure to log into Trove, switch class to your Level 20 character and change worlds (by going through an Adventure portal). [r]

Hope you enjoy your new Vox Budgie Mount! You can check out Trove here. It is downloadable from your Glyph Client.

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