RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #8

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Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #8 as at 3/18/15 7:30 AM PDT (NA) and 3/19/15 1:00 AM GMT (EU).


  • Animation Bug Fix. A fix was made for animations that weren’t being queued up again if they were already playing.
  • Minion Daily Reset. The daily reset for minions is now fixed at 4AM server time.
  • Drop Rate Marauder’s Supply Cache. Boxes dropped in PvP now have a 50% chance of giving PvP-dropped gear. [r]
  • Marauder’s Greater Procs Fix. Marauder’s Greater Essences now have procs equivalent to other Level 65 greater essences (rather than their old Level 60-quality procs). They now also count as NT Greaters for proc synergy purposes.
  • Empowered Dreambreaker Weapon Procs Buffed. Damage provided by Empowered Dreambreaker weapon procs now increased by 200%.
RIFT 3.1 Hot Fix #8 – 03/18/15

* Fixed a bug where animations wouldn’t be queued up again if they were already playing.
* The minion daily refresh time is now 4 AM server time. As part of this fix, all missions will be refreshed after the patch.


* ZE: The Ravenous Devourer: Fixed an edge case that would cause Ojingeodon to become unkillable.
* ZE: The Ravenous Devourer: Changed Ojingeodon’s “Drowning Voracity” to give players a 3 second window to get out of the AoE target spot.


* The Storm Legion Teleport Pad to reach Crucia can now be used by multiple people simultaneously.

* Increased the drop rate of equipment from Marauder’s Supply Caches.

* Fixed an issue causing the following items to have level 60-quality procs. The procs on these items are now equivalent to other level 65 greater essences of the same function:
– Marauder’s Greater Brimstone
– Marauder’s Greater Hailshard
– Marauder’s Greater Rotward
– Marauder’s Greater Lifewood
– Marauder’s Greater Deepstone
– Marauder’s Greater Sandstone
* Fixed an issue that caused Marauder’s Greater Essences not to count as Nightmare Tide Greater Essences for the purpose of activating synergy effects on other Greater Essences.
* The damage provided by Empowered Dreambreaker (PvP) Weapon procs has been increased by 200%. These procs now do comparable DPS to PvE weapon procs from Expert dungeons.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the AP/SP bonus from Shadesource greater essences to cancel itself when several other short-duration buffs were applied to the target.
– Note: The “affects you also” portion of the “If an additional Nightmare Tide Greater Essence is equipped, the increased Attack Power and Spell Power affects you also on proc” effect is not currently functioning. This will be corrected in a future patch.
* Enhanced Refurbished Construct Plate and its upgrade now have the correct Hit Values.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 18th MARCH 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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