RIFT: Tales of the Deep – The Runebound Article

Tales of the Deep The Runebound Feature Image

[Img Source: Trion]

Trion have posted up a “Tales of the Deep – The Runebound” Article on the RIFT website with some lore on Hammerknell Fortress’ Vladmal Prime in preparation for the Tier 2 Raid – Intrepid: Hammerknell slated for some time in April.


  • Vladmal Prime is a mechanical construct used to mine underneath Hammerknell Fortress. However, there resides a dwarf’s soul – removes of its conscience – within.
  • Vladmal Prime was created by Valeri Prime, another construct who is responsible for repairing Akylios’ prison. You meet Valeri Prime in the Chronicle version of HK.

Interestingly, the lore mentions that Valeri has more research to do in order to “enact the Destroyer’s tragedy”. The Tier 2 Intrepid: Hammerknell is Lord Arak’s second attempt at recreating the Ascended’s nightmare of Akylios. Does that mean that Valeri is ‘alive’ in this version of HK, and could she still be undergoing her research? Or was she not recreated by Lord Arak?

Something to ponder.

You can check out some of the other Tales of the Deep lore articles Trion have posted before below:

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