DTC Roadshow with Morticus and Vladd this Saturday!

Dimension Livestream Feature Image

Reminder: The folks over at The Dimension Touring Company will be holding a special DTC Roadshow livestream this Saturday, 4th April 2015 at 11am PDT with special guests Senior Game Designers Morticus (Crafting/Dimension guy) and Vladd.

DTC have a list of questions compiled for the two devs about dimensions with the help of the player base and with all the recent dimension item additions that have hit the PTS, the livestream is sure to be interesting.

Come join them over at their livestream channel at the appointed time here.

The DTC Roadshow is a livestream that is held every Saturday from 11am-12pm with dimension news, tips and tours.

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One Comment on “DTC Roadshow with Morticus and Vladd this Saturday!”

  1. yshaarj
    April 4, 2015 at 5:30 am #

    At the rate of the forums bans, all the forum and playerbase gonna be just fanboys

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