PTS Update for 2nd-6th April 2015

PTS Update for 6th April 2015 Feature Image

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 2nd and 6th of April 2015 with 1.74GB and <100mb downloads respectively.

Patch version is TEST-302-5-A-993996 and TEST-302-8-A-994833.

Table of Contents:

  • New Achievements. Instant Adventure, Wardrobe and Moonshade Highlands achievements.
  • Wardrobe Update. Several fixes to wardrobes and the free dye buckets have been properly unlocked.
  • RIFT Store Additions. New Portraits, Tier 1 Raid Weapons, Tier 1 Raid bundles and several 4-adventure attractor minions.
  • Other Info. PoW Twisted Artifact Sets with book rewards; Nightmare Touched Bag recipe change; Interactive Dimension Books and Coral Relay Onslaughts.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

New Achievements

First let’s look at some of the new achievements in the game. Total achieve points have gone from 35,552 (31st March) to 37,040. An increase of 1,488 achieve pts.

Instant Adventure Achievements

Instant Adventure Achievements

Instant Adventure Achievements

A new category has appeared under Achievements -> Character called Instant Adventure. Currently has 410 achievement points.

  • Old achievements have gone to the Legacy category and any achievements you’ve completed will give you that zone’s surname title in your in-game mail.
  • New achievements are “Complete 7 Instant Adventures in [zone]” for each IA zone.
  • There’s also meta achievements for each continent: “Mathosian”, “Brevane”, “Dusken” and “Nightmare” with title rewards.
  • An overall IAs-completed has also been added that will take into account all IAs you’ve completed to date. Max is currently 5,000 adventures.
Tarken and HK IA Achieves

Tarken and HK IA Achieves

There’s an achievement for Hammerknell Fortress as well as an achievement for Tarken Glacier. So clearly, it looks like Tarken Glacier will be getting Instant Adventures. There’s no achievement for Draumheim.

Wardrobe Achievements

Wardrobe Achievements

Wardrobe Achievements

There’s a new Wardrobe category with 1,418 achievement points.

  • There’s achievements for every slot.
  • There’s achievements for every armor type per slot.
  • There’s currently no rewards.

Given the amount of achievement points in this category, there’s probably a fair few ranks of achievements per achieve.

Moonshade Highland Achievement

The Akylionic Scripture Achievement

The Akylionic Scripture Achievement

The Akylionic Scripture achievement found under Achievements -> Zones -> RIFT -> Moonshade Highlands has a new reward called “Revelations of Akylios”. On use you “Hear the Words of madness and death”. This is part of the large collection of new ‘Echoes of [NPC]’ achievements added in with the March 31st update. Chances are that this will probably play the ‘Akylios Poems’ or HK roleplay audio files datamined last week.

Wardrobe Update

A couple of fixes have been added in for the 3.2 Wardrobe System:

  • Helm of the Demon Lord and other items that were initially missing from the wardrobe mail-in have now appeared in in-game mail.
  • All “?” and “UNDEFINED” appearance icons have been fixed.
  • Shield appearances can now be seen again.
  • However, the ‘missing legs’ bug is still occuring.
  • New Tooltip has been added to item appearances you have yet to collect: “Collecting this unlocks the [item] wardrobe appearance”. No tooltip for appearances you have already collected.

Apperance Collection Tooltip

  • The silver-cost dye colors have been unlocked for free as unlimited-use dye buckets. These are Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Gray, Orange, Brown and their Dark/Light variants.
Free Unlimited Use Dye Buckets

Free Unlimited Use Dye Buckets

Not yet acquainted with the 3.2 Wardrobe System? You can check out more information here.

RIFT Store Additions

A few new items have been added to the RIFT Store:

New Portraits

New Portraits April 2015

New Portraits

There’s three new portraits available in the RIFT Store.

  • Akylios’s Grasp costs 1,050 Credits (945 for Patrons).
  • Purple Flower Portrait and Red Intricate Portraits cost 525 Credits (472 for Patrons).

It is unknown at this stage whether these new portraits will be part of the loot table for lockboxes like the Levitate Supply Crate (the old ones are). Last week’s PTS Update had the portraits in the data files, as per below:

Datamined Portraits 31st March 2015

Datamined Portraits.

The Akylios portrait might be animated. Interestingly the Diamond Portrait is not up on the RIFT Store. Either Trion are holding it off for later, or it might be an achievement reward – probably something to do with rare mobs since diamonds seem to play heavily with rare mob achievements (diamond icon cape, diamond portrait icon).

Tier 1 Raid Weapons

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons

Tier 1 Raid store-bought weapons are now available on the PTS under RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Weapons.

  • 1h/oh/ranged/shield cost 25,000 Fragments of Horror or 17,000 Credits (15,300 for Patrons) each.
  • 2-handed weapons cost 50,000 Fragments of Horror or 34,000 Credits (30,600 for Patrons) each.
  • No procs on the weapons.

Of course, anything on the PTS is subject to change so these prices may or may not be final. At current weekly cap of 5,400 Fragments of Horror (for Patrons), it would take 5 weeks to get a 1-hander off the RIFT Store. There’s been no word on whether the weekly cap will be raised or not.

Cleric Tier 1 Weapons

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Cleric

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Cleric

The Frost Keeper’s Tome is somewhat comparable to an un-upgraded Icon of the Stormbreaker which has WIS+260, INT+229, SP+2526, so the gear isn’t too bad if your rng on boss drops isn’t too great.

Mage Tier 1 Weapons

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Mage

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Mage

Warrior Tier 1 Weapons

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Warrior

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Warrior

Rogue Tier 1 Weapons

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Rogue

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Weapons Rogue

Tier 1 Raid Bundles

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Bundles

Tier 1 Raid RIFT Store Bundles

Additionally, the RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Bundles also has the bundles for the pieces. No discount so just a matter of convenience.

New Attractor Minion Cards

New Attractor Minions 6th April 2015

New Attractor Minions

Found under RIFT Store -> Pets -> Minions, there’s new Attractor Minion cards available with Credits. These cost 750 Credits (675 for Patrons) each.

  • Alcander: Water/Assassination – Enables up to four new Assassination adventures.
  • Doreen: Water/Artifact – Enables up to four new Artifact adventures.
  • Face Pull: Life/Diplomacy – Enables up to four new Diplomacy adventures.
  • Lucile: Air/Dimension – Enables up to four new Dimension adventures.
  • Martin: Death/Harvesting – Enables up to four new Harvesting adventures.
  • Ryuu: Life/Hunting – Enables up to four new Hunting adventures.

Interestingly these give up to four new [attribute] adventures rather than the two that current Attractor minions give. When it says “up to” it means that the number will increase as your level up the minion.

The basic idea behind Attractor Minions is that when they are on an adventure, they will unlock additional adventures of their type in each adventure deck. These attractor minions are on top of the new craftable attractor minions.

Other Info

PoW Twisted Artifact Sets

With Twisted Artifacts coming to the Plane of Water, there’s now also a variety of Sets with some book-based rewards that likely contain more PoW lore.

Twisted Artifact Set Rewards PoW

Twisted Artifact Set Rewards PoW

Some of these books include “The Science of Predeterminism”, “Delicious Hedfell Farms Recipes” and “The Child of War”. You can find these on the PTS by searching under the Artifacts tab for the various artifact set names listed above. Unfortunately the Twisted [Zone] artifact sets do not have additional rewards besides the usual cache of scrolls/pots.

Nightmare Touched Bag

The 28-slot Nightmare Touched Bag that you can get from Outfitter trainers has had its Strands of Draum/Arak material cost removed. It now costs:

  • 48x Bolt of Diaphanous Cloth
  • 20x Fabled Leather
  • 28x Dust of the Void
  • 2x Crustacean Oil
  • 8x Inelastic Thread

Interactive Dimension Books

Dimension Interactive Books

Dimension Interactive Books

There’s new interactive books for Dimensions found under RIFT Store -> Dimensions -> Interactive -> Services. They cost 150p or 250 Credits (225 for Patrons) each. Currently available books are:

  • A History of the Eth
  • Journal of Zareph Mathos
  • Phynnious Rothmann: Pyromancer
  • The Price of Progress
  • Vachir Altan: Champion

These books will sparkle and can be clicked on in a dimension. After you click on it, you can then read them in the usual quest/story ui:

Phynnious Rothmann - Pyromancer Book

Phynnious Rothmann – Pyromancer Book

These interactive dimension books can be rotated or moved about, but cannot be scaled. You’ll probably be seeing a lot more bookshelves with these interactive books slotted in with RIFT Patch 3.2. (You can check out other dimension items coming with 3.2 here.)

Coral Relay Onslaughts

Coral Relay Onslaught

Coral Relay Onslaught

New Coral Relay Onslaughts act like the old Onslaughts on Ember Isle and in Storm Legion zones. You upgrade the Coral Relay in the middle and defend the area. There’s healing turrets as well as dps turrets. At the end of a series of invasions, a ‘Planar Commander’ appears just like during the Goboro Reef storyline. NT Onslaughts Quests These are all connected with the new Daily and Weekly Onslaught quests in Flargle Plaza. Currently there’s no indicator on the map other than invasions moving towards a single point to indicate that a Coral Relay Onslaught is in progress. They also don’t reward much by themselves (3o void stones) and take a while to solo.

Several new additions to the RIFT Store, twisted artifact sets, interactive dimension books and Tier 1 raid store-bought weapons. Also several new achievements, including a whole bunch for Instant Adventures and Wardrobe.

Reminder that Trion is holding a Conquest Playtest this Wednesday 8th April 2015 at 3PM PDT on the PTS. They will be testing new 5-man premade limit and restrictions so players cannot join a Conquest match after the 5min timer starts. More details here.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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4 Comments on “PTS Update for 2nd-6th April 2015”

  1. Coy
    April 7, 2015 at 5:25 am #

    Incorrect price for Raid1 weapons

    your entry:
    2-handed weapons cost 50,000 Fragments of Horror or (34,000 for Patrons) each.

    should be:
    2-handed weapons cost 50,000 Fragments of Horror or 34,000 Credits (30,600 for Patrons) each.

    • April 7, 2015 at 5:54 am #

      Thanks for the correction Coy! 😀 Fixing it now!

  2. Nithydux
    April 7, 2015 at 9:46 am #

    I was really really hoping that diamond portrait would be on the store, it just looks like a variation of the gem portrait we have now. Also there appears to be a spelling error for that particular spot on this page. Now should be not.

    Now I’m just praying it’s not gated behind some ridiculous achievement.

    • April 7, 2015 at 6:03 pm #

      Thanks for the correction Nithydux! I feel like the diamond theme just lends itself to some kind of rare mob achieve. It might even be attached to the latest ‘Echoes of’ achievements in Moonshade Highlands given those mobs have a rare icon above their heads.

      That said, it could also just not be up yet on the store.

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