Notice: Save Your Charges

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Notice: You might want to save your Random Dungeon and Random Warfront Daily Charges – or at least stock up to 6x just before Wednesday reset. Reason being that your dailies might be getting Tier 2 currency rewards when Patch 3.2 hits on 15th April. [r]

As per the Public Test Shard:

Fragments of Madness Quest Rewards

Quest Rewards – Fragments of Horror

Note that these changes might not hit Live at 3.2 launch and Trion might decide to hold off on rewarding the new Tier 2 Fragments of Madness until a later date. However, better to be safe than sorry right?

Currently on PTS you can get more than 50% of the weekly cap for Fragments of Madness (8,650) from NT Dailies/Weeklies. And that’s before any guild/patron/loyalty bonuses that could apply.

So save up to 6x charges before reset and don’t consume them until after the Patch. If Trion patches at the usual time, that’ll be 7am PDT Wednesday (NA) and 2am GMT Thursday (EU).

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