The Prancing Turtle – Rift CombatLog Parser

The Prancing Turtle Player Damage Done Per Second Graph

A relatively new parser has appeared, dedicated to displaying useful information about you and your raid’s performance in Rift. Come check out The Prancing Turtle by Hewi.

Note: All names in images used below hidden for privacy.

What is the Prancing Turtle?

The Prancing Turtle is a relatively new Rift CombatLog Parser by Hewi, formed after Hypatia Log Viewer went offline.

Simply type /combatlog in-game, upload the text file to the site and it will display all kinds of information from basic dps/hps numbers for all players and monsters in your log to time-based charts and even information on when a raid member died, and to what ability.

Want to know exactly when a fellow raid member used a particular ability, and whether it matched up with raid buffs? Now you can!

Damage/Healing Charts

There’s a variety of charts and tables that you can check out after uploading your combatlog. Graphs for overall raid DPS/HPS can be shown as per below:

The Prancing Turtle Player Damage Done Per Second Graph

The Prancing Turtle – Player DPS Graph

They list a whole bunch of information including player and NPC deaths, average damage dealt and when raid buffs like Flaring Power were activated.

Individual graphs for each player can also be seen, including tables listing all abilities with total damage, effective damage, %, swings, crit rate, biggest hit and average hit.

The Prancing Turtle Individual DPS Chart

The Prancing Turtle – Individual DPS Chart

You can also click on abilities on the chart to hide them from view if you are only interested in displaying certain abilities. You can also drag your mouse across the graph to zoom in on particular areas of the graph.

There’s even Absorption charts so all those Purifiers and Physicians won’t feel left behind!


Ever wanted to really maximize buffs for an encounter? The Prancing Turtle lists all buffs and debuffs by clicking on the smiley faces to the right of each player under Total Damage Done.

Buff Graph

The Prancing Turtle - Showing all buffs

The Prancing Turtle – Showing all Buffs

The graph displays all buffs and when they were up or dropped off as well as % up-time and how often they were used. This is a great way to see if your raid buffs are being used properly – something that can have a huge effect on the difference between two raid’s performance.

The Prancing Turtle - Buff Flaring Power Example

Is your raid maximizing the use of your raid buffs?

Debuff Chart

The Prancing Turtle Debuffs

The Prancing Turtle – Showing all Debuffs

How long did it take for healers to cleanse off Seed of Madness for Threngar? Was someone’s DPS affected by someone with Feedback on Crucia healing them (25% outgoing dmg reduction)? The ‘Showing all debuffs’ section can give a better picture of how your raid performed and attribute performance issues to the correct source.

There’s also the option to print/download the graphs by clicking on the icon in the top-right.

Comparing Players

The Prancing Turtle - Guild Session

The Prancing Turtle – Guild Sessions

You can click on Guild Sessions to check out other guilds’ parses. Of course you always have the option to make your parse information private. However, the public parses can help players compare their performance to players in other guilds.

Oftentimes you’ll be in a situation where you are the only person in your guild who is using a certain spec. So how do you know how well you performed? Check other guilds’ parses and see how those in the same spec as you under the same encounter performed.

Death Log

The Prancing Turtle - Encounter Deaths

The Prancing Turtle – Encounter Deaths

Ever had a situation in raid where you thought a few raid members were constantly failing mechanics but you weren’t quite sure, and nobody wanted to fess up? Well, now you can check them all out with the Encounter Deaths page. When did a raid member die? To whom and what mechanic?

You can even find out whether the player was getting enough healing/shielding or the death was mainly caused by some previous mechanics by clicking on ‘Details’ where every incoming heal, absorb or damage taken is listed.

For the Raid

You might have your own external combat parsing software (like ACT), but what about the rest of your raid? Having a combat log parser on a website like The Prancing Turtle will allow you to show the raid’s performance for all raid members to access, and even to those who had to sit out.

There’s a large wealth of information available on The Prancing Turtle to improve your raid and your own performance. Check out The Prancing Turtle today!

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