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Notice: With any major patch there’s usually certain things you want to save up, not turn in or quickly pick up. RIFT Patch 3.2: Echoes of Madness is no different and I’ll briefly go how to prepare for RIFT 3.2 we approach the patch day on Wednesday, April 15th.


  • Hold Off on Daily/Weekly Quest Turn-in. Hold off on turning in your NT daily/weekly quests for this Wednesday’s reset week until after 3.2 patch to benefit from Fragments of Madness rewards.
  • Save your marks for Wardrobe. You can spend non-Credit currencies on RIFT Store/merchants, auto-collect appearance and then refund.
  • Pre-3.2 Wardrobe Shopping. Appearances will probably be cheaper on the AH before 3.2.
  • Save your marks for Weapons. Tier 1 Store weapons will be available on the RIFT Store. Save up your marks if you need the Hit.
  • Hold Boxes. Hold your Nightmare Rift Caches, Instant Adventure Caches, Marauder’s Supply Crates and general lockboxes – just in case.
  • Plat-Making. Might be best to hold off on selling certain items until after 3.2 hits.
  • Complete Conquest During Gap. The no-join-at-cq-timer restriction might end up appearing as soon as 3.2 launch.

Note: Information is based on the PTS and various dev posts. These are all subject to change and some things mentioned below might not be meant for 3.2 launch.

Hold Off on Daily/Weekly Quests Turn-in

Fragments of Madness Quest Rewards

Quest Rewards – Fragments of Madness

Most Nightmare Tide Dailies and Weeklies will have an additional reward, Fragments of Madness when RIFT 3.2 comes out. That’s the Tier 2 raid currency and if you raid, you probably don’t want to miss out on an entire week of currency gain.

These changes are confirmed to be for 3.2 launch by CM Ocho.

Gains are as follows:

  • 80 each from NT Warfront/Expert Dailies;
  • 160 each from NT Zone Event, Raid Rift, Onslaught (new with 3.2), Nightmare Rift and Instant Adventure Weeklies;
  • 480 each from NT PvP Warfront Kill, Warfront Win, Conquest Win, and Conquest Kill Weeklies; and
  • 640 from new Crafting Weekly.

Patron*, Guild and Loyalty bonuses work on Fragments of Madness and the weekly cap is 8,650. As such, you can get more than 50% of weekly cap without stepping foot into the upcoming Tier 2 20-man Raid: Return to Hammerknell.

Patron Bonus - No Fragments of Madness

*Only the 15% ‘Bonus Currency’ for Patrons will work on Fragments of Madness. The 40% ‘Bonus Rewards’ Token Boost doesn’t apply.

So What’s The Problem?

As usual, there’s a ‘gap’ between weekly reset and the patch.

  • Weekly Reset is at 4AM PDT (NA) or 4AM GMT (EU) on Wednesdays.
  • Patches are usually at around 7AM PDT (NA) on Wednesdays and 2AM GMT (EU) on Thursdays.

This means there’s about a 3hr (NA) and 22hr (EU) gap between weekly reset and the patch. If you happen to pick up and turn-in your dailies/weeklies during this gap, you will miss out on the Fragments of Madness.

Note: Sometimes EU shards will get their patch earlier than usual for major patches. No matter what time it turns out to be, just be sure to keep the ‘gap’ in mind. You might even want to hold off on turning this reset week’s quests in until CM Morgana posts when the shards will go down just in case they patch the EU shards before weekly reset.

Another Reason: Bonuses/Boosts

Fragments of Horror Live vs PTS 13th April 2015

FoH – Live vs PTS using Transcendent Token Tablet.

With 3.2, Fragments of Horror is no longer BiS currency and as such, Token Tablets will start working on them. Patron’s 40% token bonus will also start working (on top of the 15% currency bonus). If you don’t consistently hit the weekly cap for Fragments of Horror, it might help to pop a token tablet after 3.2.

Therefore, be sure to wait until after 3.2 patch to turn in your NT dailies/weeklies.

Note: Random NT Warfront/Expert dailies are automatically turned in when you win a warfront or kill the last boss of an NT Expert dungeon. As such, you might want to hold off on random queuing until after the patch hits.

Save Your Marks For Wardrobe

Wardrobe Infernal Warrior

Wardrobe – Infernal Dawn Warrior

Interested in the new wardrobe system and collecting additional appearances? Save your marks.

If you purchase a non-Credit item from the RIFT Store, you are able to refund the full price of the item as long as you haven’t consumed/used/equipped it, you haven’t logged off and it hasn’t been approx. 30min or so since you purchase the item.

Collecting Items for No Cost

In short:

  1. Buy item on RIFT Store (non-Credit-only).
  2. Item’s appearance gets automatically added to your Wardrobe Collection.
  3. Refund item.


The following numbers are the max amount of currency you need for each wardrobe set as long as you refund the item.

  • 16,500 Fragments of Horror to get all NT Tier 1 Raid armor.
  • 11,750 Abyssal Crusader’s Marks to get all NT Expert armor and weapons.
  • 21,000 Void Stones to get all NT World armor.
  • 12,500 Fragments of The Ward for all SL Tier 3 Raid armor.
  • 17,500 Frozen Eclipse Stones for all SL Tier 2 Raid armor.
  • 21,500 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks for all SL Tier 1 Raid armor.
  • 2,800 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks for all base SL Expert armor.
  • 3,390 Infinity Stones for all SL World armor.
  • 800 platinum to cover some of the Level 50 and under gear.
  • 116,000 Favor for all pre-Myrmidon PvP armor.

Note: This will not work if you try to upgrade the item. Certain sets will have different appearances between the base item and the upgraded version of the item.

So hold off on spending your marks until after 3.2 and you can pick up a whole heap of appearances without costing you anything.

Pre-3.2 Wardrobe Shopping

Pre-3.2 Wardrobe Shopping

Pre-3.2 Wardrobe Shopping

Right now is probably the best time to scoop up some cheap appearances for wardrobe on the AH. When 3.2 hits, a lot of players who probably don’t follow RIFT news will finally learn about the Wardrobe system and you’ll likely have players going through the Auction House to scoop up appearances.

Apperance Collection Tooltip

Some players might be waiting for 3.2 before they purchase appearances on the AH because they don’t have bank space or because it will be easier to do so once the collection tooltip is added to the game. This gives you an opportunity to pick up items before the rush.

Once players swarm the AH, you might end up in a situation where not only will certain appearances cost more than pre-3.2, but some appearances may have already been bought up and thus not appear on the AH.

The one thing to note is that you might not want to purchase crafted gear if you can craft them yourself – it’s generally cheaper to make them yourself. But those 5 gold open world-only drops? Go ahead and scoop those up!

Save Your Marks for Weapons

Tier 1 Raid Weapons on PTS

Tier 1 Raid Weapons on PTS

Have you been on the bad side of RNGesus? Instead of purchasing a new pair of Boots, you should probably save your Fragments of Horror for new Tier 1 Store-bought Weapons. They aren’t that great, but they’ll at least have 150 Hit so you can get closer to the 1,200 Hit requirement for Tier 2.

These are assumed to be available when 3.2 launches this Wednesday. They will be located under RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Weapons.

You can check out the stats below. These are on PTS so subject to change:

Last Chance ‘Easy’ Instant Adventure Titles

Instant Adventure Titles

Instant Adventure Titles

Current Instant Adventure achievements are being turned to Legacy and replaced by a new Instant Adventure category. Your ‘no. of IAs done’ data is saved and converted to the new IA achievements, but there’s special titles for those who have completed the current IA achieves.

  • Completing a zone’s IA achieve (either the 500-IA-completion or kill-all-IA-bosses for that zone) will grant you that zone’s ‘surname’ suffix title.
  • You can still earn these achievements and titles after 3.2 hits, [r] but it will be a lot harder due to the random queuing change for IAs.

Therefore, if you are interested in the IA titles, you could try completing as many IAs in the zones you are interested in prior to 3.2.

Titles are (not 100% set in stone): [r]

  • Freemarch = Free
  • Silverwood = Silver
  • Gloamwood = Gloam
  • Stonefield = Stone
  • Scarwood Reach = Scar
  • Shimmersand = Sand
  • Stillmoor = Caer
  • Ember Isle = Ember
  • Kingdom of Pelladane = Shepherd (not 100% confirmed yet)
  • City Core = Citizen
  • Seratos = Bone
  • Morban = Shaper
  • Steppes of Infinity = Storm
  • The Dendrome = Fae
  • Goboro Reef = Reef

Titles will automatically be added under Character (default key “c“) -> Suffix -> Miscellaneous. That can be easily identified because they end with “Surname”.

Hold Boxes

Just to be safe, you should probably hold onto your lock boxes/supply crates until 3.2 hits. It’s not like they make much of a difference in the last few days until the patch hits right?

Although it is unknown whether Nightmare Rift Caches or Marauder’s Supply Crates might drop additional motes or better gear, there’s a few boxes that are probably going to change up:

Instant Adventure Caches

IA Notoriety Turn-in Quest

A Reputation for Adventure Quest

There’s new Instant Adventure turn-ins in Flargle Plaza, Tempest Bay, Sanctum and Meridian. These require ‘Commendations of Renown’. These might drop from Instant Adventure Caches that you get from completing Instant Adventure chains, although they might appear separately from the caches.

These turn-ins give notoriety of your choice and some plat.

When 3.2 hits, turn-ins can be found at:

  • Tacitus the Elder at Flargle Plaza, Draumheim. /setwaypoint 5476 5589. [Location]
  • Tacitus the Elder in Tempest Bay. /setwaypoint 13106 11518. [Location]
  • Sergeant Deucer in Sanctum. /setwaypoint 7403 2960. [Location]
  • Optio Lyis in Meridian. /setwaypoint 6174 5148. [Location]

So if you’re doing your IA Weekly for this reset week and getting Instant Adventure Caches, you probably want to hold off on opening them until after the patch this week.

General Lock Boxes

General RIFT Store Lock Boxes like the Levitate Supply Crate could potentially get an update to have a chance to drop the new Tier 2 Fragments of Madness currency.

Current lock boxes have a chance to drop Tier 1 Fragments of Horror so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Tier 2 currency drops from premium lockboxes with 3.2. However, it is unknown at this time whether Trion has actually done so.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to wait until after 3.2 to open your lock boxes. In fact, if Trion has forgotten to update the lockboxes, you might be better off waiting a few days after patch and seeing if Trion mentions anything about this before opening them.


With 3.2 a few additions will appear in the game that could change the price of some goods. Briefly:

  • New 30-Slot Bag under RIFT Store -> Storage called “Amended Bag of the Tide”. Requires 1x Dreaming Rune Amender, 1x Lucid Dreams and 1x Nightmare Textile Amender or 2,500 Credits (2,250 for Patrons). The price of those amenders will probably go up.
  • Relic-grade Amenders in general will probably increase in price a couple weeks after 3.2 hits since all Tier 2 armor/weapon upgrades require the new Amenders.
  • New Dye Bucket system unlocks, Portraits and Attractor Minions on the RIFT Store for Credits-only will probably increase demand for REX.
  • New Crafting Weekly that provides choice of craft marks, notoriety, Fragments of Horror or Fragments of Madness will likely increase demand for craft mats, especially Strands of Draum that is required for the weekly quest.
  • The AH’s armor/weapons section will probably get ‘eaten up’ by Wardrobe collectors and/or achievement hunters with the new Wardrobe system and Wardrobe achievements.

You probably want to hold off on selling these items until some time after 3.2 hits.

Complete Conquest During Gap

The best time to complete your Conquest Win weekly will likely be during the gap between reset week and patch. Reason? Trion recently tested limiting CQ premades to 5-mans and preventing players from joining conquest at the 5-min timer. [r]

Although not confirmed, there’s a possibility that at least one of these changes will hit Live with Patch 3.2. This will ‘probably’ make Conquest last a little longer given premades are dropping to 5 players.

The time between weekly reset and the patch will probably be the ‘fastest’ way to complete your CQ Win weekly if you can join a premade group. Just remember not to turn the quest in until after patch.

Hope this information benefits you in some way as you prepare for RIFT 3.2! If you are interested in learning some of the stuff that is coming with the upcoming patch, check out a summary here, or the PTS/Live Comparison Page!

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