RIFT 3.2 Patch Notes

RIFT 3.2 Echoes of Madness Feature Image

Trion has posted up patch notes for RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness. Patch is approx 5.08GB.

You’ll likely want to check out the RIFT News Tidbits for 15th April 2015 for information on bugs and workarounds with the latest patch.

Additional Info:

Here’s a brief overview of some of the changes and additional information not provided in the official patch notes.

  • Tier 2 Return to Hammerknell. The Tier 2 20-man raid Return to Hammerknell is now open. A few things to note:
    • Entrance located at /setwaypoint 6462 1196 at the north-most part of the zone, Moonshade Highlands. [Location]
    • Requires 1,200 Hit. You’ll miss about 10% of the time with 1,150 Hit.
  • Tier 1 Raid Nerfs. A variety of Tier 1 raid bosses have had their damage and health reduced anywhere between 10-15% depending on the boss. Full overview in the official patch notes below.
  • Instant Adventure Improvements. There’s a few changes to IAs:
    • No more zone-specific queues. Only Random.
    • More anti-leeching features added in.
    • You can now earn Commendations of Renown by completing IAs. Approx. 3-7 per Adventure Cache. These can be turned in at various NPCs for notoriety and plat:
      • Tacitus the Elder at Flargle Plaza, Draumheim. /setwaypoint 5476 5589. [Location]
      • Tacitus the Elder in Tempest Bay. /setwaypoint 13106 11518. [Location]
      • Sergeant Deucer in Sanctum. /setwaypoint 7403 2960. [Location]
      • Optio Lyis in Meridian. /setwaypoint 6174 5148. [Location]
    • No more Zone Event IAs and if one is active in a zone, your IA group will be moved to a different location after the next IA objective is completed.
    • Old IA achieves have become legacy. Still earn-able though. New IA achieves are up.
    • Those who completed 500-IA or All-IA-Boss achieves for a zone will get a special prefix title.
    • Note: HK IAs have been delayed until next week.
  • New Wardrobe System. Large changes to wardrobe. Briefly:
    • Item appearances are now collected; region-wide. You will not use physical items in your wardrobe slots.
    • Dyes are now associated with dye slots next to wardrobe slots and not the appearances themselves.
    • You will get your current wardrobe items sent to you via mail.
    • Dye Bucket system. Unlimited use dyes; account-wide unlock.. Single-use dyes still work, but are applied to the slot and won’t appear in the dye selection window.
    • There are now weapon wardrobe slots for each wardrobe set. The weapon shown will be for the slot your main gear is currently wielding. I.e. if your gear is using 2-hander, your active wardrobe set will display the wardrobe weapon for the 2-hander slot.
    • New Wardrobe Achievement category added. Prepare for achievement spam.
    • Further information can be found here.
  • New Dailies/Weeklies:
    • Nightmare Tide Onslaught Daily/Weekly ‘Grulish’ and ‘Shissa’Ar’ NPCs in Flargle Plaza, Draumheim. /setwaypoint 5549 5523 [Location]. Only one Onslaught appears in the Plane of Water at any one point in time. Appears in locations where the Fortress Defense zone events used to be held.
    • Nightmare Rift VI Daily, Daily Challenge and Nightmare Realignment Tool Daily. Found in Ghar Station Mem, Goboro Reef or in Flargle Plaza, Draumheim where all the Nightmare Scholars are.
    • Crafting Weekly NPC ‘Howard’ at Choreburg craft station, Draumheim. /setwaypoint 5841 5528 [Location]
    • Uncle Stan NT Daily + Atragarian Fishing Rod quests at Choreburg craft station, Draumheim next to the Fishing trainer.
    • IA Notoriety turn-ins. Locations as noted above in the Instant Adventure section.
  • Dimensional Cat Vendors. The new dimensional cat vendors are found in old Mathosia capital cities, Key Whee (Sanctum) and Dee Vah (Meridian). They path around the entire place so you’ll probably want to use a target macro. Can be inside buildings or walking in the open.

For full patch notes, see below:

RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness – 04/15/15

While the Ascended scored tactical victories against his forces in the Plane of Water, Lord Arak searched for nightmares they truly feared – and found them in the haunted halls of the Dwarves. Now, he’s used the plane’s power to bring Akylios and his army back to life: an army that’s ready to devour minds across Telara. Gather your allies and dive back into the Dwarven fortress of Hammerknell. The spirit, scale, and atmosphere remain, but the difficulty has soared to level 65!

Check out our article about it to see what’s gone in to the return of this classic!

The Instant Adventure experience is even better than before! Adventures will now randomly send groups of Ascended heroes anywhere, and these groups will be large raids of 15-20 players. Roughly every half hour, the adventuring location will change automatically to keep things exciting!

By popular demand, player participation will be more carefully tracked, resulting in loss of rewards for non-participation or even removal from the raid for being AFK. Also, AFK-kicked players will now be blocked from rejoining Instant Adventure for 15 minutes.

Players now earn Commendations of Renown instead just earning Notoriety for the zone they’re in. These Commendations can be turned into Commendation Officers in any capital city for Notoriety with any zone faction of the player’s choice!

Instant Adventure groups will no longer start in zones with active Zone Events. If a Zone Event starts while you are there, you’ll be transported to a more suitable location once the current adventure is concluded!

For more details– and what’s coming up next in the 3.2 patch for Instant Adventures, see the Instant Adventure section below and check out our article here!

A massive upgrade to our Wardrobe System will save the appearance of all of the items you acquire, and let you use them whenever you like! They are saved in a range of personal styles and looks, including items you earned for Achievements but have since discarded! We have also included weapon wardrobes that will allow you to tie your weapon appearances to each wardrobe set. You will be able to unlock reusable dye buckets, rename wardrobe sets, and collect wardrobe items for all new achievements. Additional updates are planned for the future, adding Wardrobe Favorites, Sets, Linking, Previewing, and more!

* All your current wardrobe items will be mailed back to you while the appearance will be unlocked and remain in the wardrobe UI.
* Wardrobe appearances are region-wide unlocks.
* The new Dye Buckets are unlimited use dyes, some will be free while premium colors will cost Credits. Want to buy the Fabulous Bundle of Dye Buckets which unlocks 74 premium dye buckets? it will be available in the RIFT Store > Services > Cosmetic.
* Dye Buckets are account-wide unlocks.
* Wardrobe dyes will dye the slot instead of the item. If you change the slot’s appearance, the dye color will remain.
* A new Wardrobe category has been added to Achievements.
* The old weapon transfigure system will not be changed and will still function. Players will be able to use their baubles to transfigure the look of their worn weapon. However we will stop selling the baubles.

Want to know more about Wardrobes and Dyes? Check out our article here.

Anglers, rejoice! Uncle Stan has finally made his way to the Plane of Water!

It’s hard to imagine the zones of Nightmare Tide becoming even more twisted, but they have! Twisted Artifacts can now be found by anyone with Omen Sight or Quantum Sight.

Nightmare Tier VI Rift content is here! New Daily quests are now available from Ghar Station Mem and new Nightmare VI lures can be purchased from the store.

Onslaughts have come to the Plane of Water! Grulish and Shissa’Ar in Flargle Plaza now offer a Daily and Weekly quest respectively to complete Onslaughts in Goboro Reef, Tarken Glacier, and Draumheim.


* Chat: Zone events from all shards will now be broadcast to your home Events channel. DO ALL THE EVENTS!
* Chat: New emote tokens have been added for use with existing ones. Get ready for a grammar lesson!
– %t: Your target’s name
– %o: Your target’s objective noun
– %s: Your target’s subjective noun
– %p: Your target’s possessive noun
– %po: Your character’s objective noun
– %ps: Your character’s subjective noun
– %pp: Your character’s possessive noun
* Our published item database now includes Russian item names.
* New characters will now have a default bind point to their home-city once Soul Recall is learned.
* We’ve introduced compatibility with the Windows 10 Technical Preview! Note that this code is experimental – please try it and let us know what happens! If the game crashes on start-up, please report it!
* Optimized guild management, resulting in less memory usages and faster boot times for servers.
you can now rename your wardrobe sets from the character sheet, wardrobe tab.
* The dye merchants have left to seek other opportunities in Telara. We wish them well in their future endeavors.

* Patron’s Focus now applies its cooldown reduction to the Rift Consumable abilities from the new Dust, Dusk and Steam PA planes.
* Planar Attunement: Fixed an issue where the new Weapon Aegis PA ability was not awarding the correct amount of Endurance.
* There is now a new 30 slot bag available for purchase with crafting Amenders from the Store!
* Three new portraits have been added the Rift Store under Services: Akylios’s Grasp, Purple Flower Portrait, and Red Intricate Portrait.
* Added in two new sky projectors for Dimensions: River of Souls and Steppes of Infinity!
* Interactive dimension books are now available in the Store!
* Defiant and Guardian Guard Dimension NPCs are now available on the Store. These can also act as Expert and Raid Boss Practice Dummies!
* Added in 6 new major attractor minions for Armorsmith, Artificer, Outfitter, Runecrafter and Weaponsmith! These are store purchased and attract up to four new adventures for their respective reward types.

* Adventure chains now only update after claiming an adventure in that chain.
* Added in 5 new minor attractor minions! These minions join Archaelogist Herim in attracting up to two new adventures for their respective rewards.

* Kepple and Sienna minions now have flavor text.

* Additional layers of afk and non-participation detection have been added.
– A “Vote AFK” feature has also been added (this is NOT a Vote-Kick feature).
– Players that get removed from an Adventure group for being AFK will not be able to rejoin Instant Adventure for 15 minutes.
* The old zone-based queues have been replaced by a new, completely redesigned Random queue.
– The Random Queue attempts to maintain large group sizes.
– Players will be added to adventures in any zone as opposed to only zones on the same map from which they queued.
– Adventure groups will be rotated to a new zone roughly every 30 minutes.
– Adventure groups will not be placed in zones with an active Zone Event.
– If a Zone Event begins in a zone with an Adventure group, then that group will be moved to a new zone at the conclusion of the current Adventure.
* Instant Adventure Achievements have been revised.
– Most of the old zone-based achievements have been moved to the Legacy category.
– New and remaining achievements have been moved a new Instant Adventure category in the Character section.
* Void Stone rewards have been increased from 5 to 15-25.
* Adventure Caches now contain 3-7 Commendations of Renown.
– Commendations can be turned in to Commendation Officers for Notoriety with zone-based factions.
* Adventure Caches also have a chance of containing a Mark of Notoriety.
* Scaling of all IA bosses in Mathosia have been rescaled for more Health.

* The list of mounts in the character sheet are now sorted by mount speed.
* Clicking crafting skill buttons in the ability binder now brings up the crafting window.
* The Settings option to reset your bag positions will now reset your regular bags and bank bags regardless of if you have them open or not.
* The non-functional right-click menu option, “Reset Chat Windows”, has been removed.
* There is a new toggle in the basic video settings window that allows you to lock your client window frame, so you don’t accidentally resize your window while playing.
* Fixed a bug that caused the dimension item drop down list to be unclickable when it extended beyond the edge of the UI.

* Soul Tree Presets now have a preview glow around the Masteries.


* Courage of the Panther: Damage increase effect has been increased up to 14%.


* Desperate Response: This ability has been redesigned.
– When the player is damaged while below 50% health, the cooldown on Conditioned Response, Essence of Wind, and your Planar Retreat are reduced by .5/1/1.5 seconds.
– Cannot occur more often than once per second.
* Eldritch Power:
– Now increases Eldritch Armor’s proc chance by 10% per point, up from 5% per point.
– Updated tooltip to indicate that it increases Eldritch Armor’s proc chance.
* Essence of Wind: Now increases Move Speed for its duration in addition to its previous effect. Duration is now 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
* Introspection: Removed the damage penalty.
* Phase Step:
– This ability now hits 5 times, regardless of the number of targets in the area of effect.
– Against one target, it will hit 5 times.
– Against more than one target, it will randomly select a target from the area of effect on each attack.
– Each attack of this ability now counts as a Slashing attack. This causes each attack to have a chance of activating Eldritch Armor.
– The range of this ability has been increased to 20 meters.
* Storm Shroud:
– Now automatically triggers Eldritch Armor’s proc when activated.
– No longer on the global cooldown.
– Phase Step now has a chance to trigger Eldritch Armor’s proc on each attack
* Tempest Winds: Base range has been increased up to 10 meters.

* Accelerant: Each point in this talent now causes your Countdown to increase your damage against the target by 2.5%, up from 2%.
* Pyromancer’s Armor: Now increases your Fire damage by 6%, up from 5%.

* ZE: The Ravenous Devourerer:
– Finric has heard your pleas and will now only broadcast once when Ojingeodon is under the effect of “Abate Hunger”.
– “Abate Hunger” now lasts 2 minutes, up from 30 seconds.

* Quest: Productive Dreaming: Increased the time to collect items to better help players stuck in orbit.

* Quests: Reactive Results:
– Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the quest to not increment properly.
– Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause the Enraged Abomination to spawn more than once.

* Quest: To The Strongest: The Temporal Flux promotional quest has been updated to require completion of level 65 expert dungeons, as opposed to the previous level 60 experts.
* Quest: The Notorious Few: The number of Marks of Notoriety needed have been reduced from 10 to 5.

* The Storm Legion on the island will no longer seek and destroy any frogs or crabs they find on their beaches.


* Reduced the damage of most bosses.
* Ungolok’s Fatal Current now has a 4-second cast-time. Damage has been reduced.
* The Captive Terror’s Puncture Heart now has a 4-second cast-time. Damage has been reduced.

* Bulf: Damage from Bulf’s direct abilities and his summoned storms has been reduced by 15%.
* Jinoscoth: Total health for Jinoscoth has been reduced by 15%, total damage dealt by Jinoscoth has been reduced by 10%.
* Izkinra: The Warmasters have had their health reduced by 15% and their damage deal reduced by 10%.
* Yrlwalach: Health reduced by 15%.
* Threngar: Health reduced by 10%, damage dealt reduced by 10%.

* Johan: Health reduced by 15%, damage reduced by 10%.
* PUMPKIN: Health reduced by 15% damage reduced by 10%.
* Crucia: Health reduced by 10%, for both normal and hard mode.

* Fixed a bug where South Flank Static Field would not fire off as intended.

* The PVP window has received a facelift.
* The PvP window now shows your ELO ranking, as well as your win/loss percentage.
* Patched up a few ways players could get out of having the Warfront Deserter timeout applied to them when they abandoned their teammates.

* Player summoning abilities can no longer be used at the edges of the starting area in Karthan Ridge.

* Elena Lyra can now also be found in Tempest Bay, allowing for Savant crafters to complete daily quests there as well.
* Weekly crafting quests have been added to Nightmare Tide! You can find them on Howard in Choreburg next to Elena Lyra. These weekly quests pay out notoriety and Fragments of Horror tokens. Enjoy!
* Some end game crafting recipes have been adjusted to reflect server supply, please do take note!
* New Savant crafting dailies have been added to Elena Lyra to create diversity!

* Fishing lures now last for five minutes and artifact lures last for two minutes and four minutes for the extended duration artifact lures.
* Artifact lures have been improved to also catch fish!
* Fishing in lower level “grey con” areas will now grant skill-ups, but at a much slower rate than fishing in an appropriate or higher zone.

* You can now craft a new 28 slot bag that uses materials from Nightmare Tide!

* You can now add snow flurries and a blizzard to your Dimensions, just like the Indoor/Outdoor Precipitator! Look for it on the Rift store, Artifact Collector merchant, and inside minion mission rewards!
* When placing a dimension item, the name of it will now show in your chat window.
* Ever wanted to listen to Finric, Lord Arak or Bufo dialog again? Peruse Cosmologist Mann’s Journal? Hear the grumblings of the Sharax as told by Aegnir? Well now you can! Be on the lookout for these new Dimension items!
* Fixed the dimension free camera not using inverted camera settings.

* Collected Molten Threshers are now Relic rarity.
* Nightmare Seals can now be upgraded two additional tiers!
– Components for them can be obtained from new daily quests offered by any of the Nightmare Scholars found throughout the game.
– Nightmare Seals now upgrade to each tier instead of one at a time, but the costs are the same.
– Nightmare Seals not currently at one of the tiers will continue to upgrade by one until a tier is reached.
* Fixed a bug causing some chance-on-hit effects on weapons and trinkets to be affected by damage– or healing– modifying talents.
* The Runecrafter rune, ‘Chilling Rune’ now only apply a 5% snare to targets level 50 or greater. Targets below level 50 will still be affected by the original 15% snare.
* There is now a third trinket upgrade path that offers an area of effect healing proc for Mage, Cleric and Rogue healing souls.
* Patina Corroded Claw is now weapon type: Sword to be consistent with the weapon model.
* Ascended’s Large Sword now has a proper sword model instead of a dagger model.
* Shortblade of the Flame is now weapon type: Sword to be consistent with the weapon model.
* Blade of the Flameseeker is now weapon type: Dagger to be consistent with the weapon model.
* Gale Cleaver now has a proper sword model instead of a dagger model.
* Ritual of Calamity is now weapon type: Sword to be consistent with the weapon model.
* Mace of the Unbroken Oath now has a proper mace model instead of a wand model.
* Empyreal Hero’s Fortified Dagger now has a proper dagger model instead of a sword model.
* Ascended’s Exalted Shank now has a proper dagger model instead of a sword model
* Ascended’s Greater Shank now has a proper dagger model instead of a sword model
* Reinforced Ascended’s Large Shank now has a proper dagger model instead of a sword model
* Umbral Mace now has a proper mace model instead of a wand model.
* Meridian’s Promise (reward from Chronicle of Ascension) is now a one handed sword instead of two handed.
* Architect Glyphed Warglaive has been changed to a 2h-axe to match the icon and appearance.

* Reduced the radius of the Infinity Gate sound so it should only be audible nearby, instead of anywhere in Shimmersand or Freemarch. (Mainly noticeable to people who have completed Nightmare Coast instance and thus have Infinity Gate spawned in Shimmersand.)
* Adjusted sounds on Yrlawach’s gaze of the void to be more noticeable even if there are a lot of other spells flying around

* Implemented a possible fix for missing VFX in boss fights and dimensions.
* Fixed issues with character special effects and character visibility.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 15th APRIL 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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2 Comments on “RIFT 3.2 Patch Notes”

  1. gizmovision
    April 15, 2015 at 6:36 am #

    * Additional layers of afk and non-participation detection have been added.
    – A “Vote AFK” feature has also been added (this is NOT a Vote-Kick feature).
    – Players that get removed from an Adventure group for being AFK will not be able to rejoin Instant Adventure for 15 minutes.

    Some one was opening Nightmare rifts in a low level the other day, so I joined those (on a low level toon) and got kicked afk by the system. But I’ve been kicked by the system for falling behind, being in combat while trying to click the port button, several other players(mentored players) pulled the mobs around me and left me in combat…
    So I can see this being a problem even more. but variety will be nice, so long as we have a group of players. I was left from a group of 6 players all by myself for 15 minutes before the system added 2 randoms into it.


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