Rift Wardrobe: The New System

RIFT 3.2 Wardrobe System General Feature Image

This week on “Rift Wardrobe” I’ll be going over everything you will ever want to know about the new wardrobe system that has been added to RIFT with RIFT Patch 3.2: Echoes of Madness.

Table of Contents:

  • Wardrobe in Mail
  • Wardrobe Collections
  • New Dye System
  • Weapon Wardrobe
  • Achievements
  • Future Additions
  • Wardrobe Bugs
  • Troubleshooting

Wardrobe in Mail

Wardrobe in Mail

Wardrobe in Mail

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that you’ve suddenly got a ton of mail with your old wardrobe items. This is intentional!

The wardrobe system has been given an overhaul. Instead of placing physical items into the slots in your wardrobe sets, you will now be able to select from all appearances you have collected.

With this change, your wardrobe items have been sent to you via mail. You can do whatever you want with them as you will no longer need them for your wardrobe. The same applies to all those wardrobe items you’ve stocked up in your bank or on alts. All items you have in your inventory/bank/wardrobe will have their appearance saved and collected on your characters region-wide in the new wardrobe system.

Note: Items may appear without dyes in the preview whilst the item is in your mail. Once you collect the item, the item’s preview should have your old dye colors.

Wardrobe Collections

3.2 Wardrobe System Helmet Selection

You will now collect appearances simply by having an item added to your inventory/bank. Afterwards, you can do whatever you want with the original item. Deleting the item won’t remove it from your collected appearances.

Note: You will need to log onto each character once for their appearances to be collected. [r]

Appearance Selection Windows

You can change appearances by clicking on a wardrobe slot. This will open up a new window with all your currently collected appearances.

  • Simply click on an appearance and then the ‘Save’ button to change appearance.
  • You can click on the ‘Show Uncollected’ checkbox to show all appearances for that slot in the game.
  • You can click on the drop-down menu to select a particular category (like Leather Helmets), or use the search feature to find specific appearances.

Additional Info

  • Wardrobe Set Renaming. You can now rename your wardrobe sets! You can still use “/wardrobe #” command to bring up that wardrobe set.
  • Past Collections. Certain items that are rewarded from past achievements are unlocked for those who have completed the achievements, even if you’ve already destroyed the item. I.e. the Helm of Hydriss from Conqueror: Drowned Halls. [r]
  • Collecting Appearances Tooltip. There is a tooltip on all items whose appearances you have no collected. Items with appearances that you have collected will have no additional tooltip.

New Dye System

Dye Bucket System

Dye Bucket System

A new dye system is in place with unlimited-use dyes. Dyes are no longer going to be attached to a particular item in terms of your wardrobe set. Instead, they will be attached to the primary/secondary dye slots that you see in the image above.

Simply click on a dye slot next to your wardrobe slot and it will dye that slot, not the item.

Note: If your dye isn’t showing up, try switching the wardrobe appearance for each slot -> Save -> then switch back to your appearance -> Save. This should hopefully fix any dye issues that come up.

There are two systems in place – the Dye Buckets and the old single-use dyes:

Dye Bucket System

Free Unlimited Use Dye Buckets

Free Unlimited Use Dye Buckets

When you click on a dye slot, the dye buckets window pops up. Dye Buckets are unlimited use and unlocked account-wide when you purchase them.

  • The unlimited Dye Bucket versions of the single-use dyes on the RIFT Store that cost 4 silver will be unlocked for everyone.
  • The rest of the Dye Buckets are available for Credits by right-clicking the locked color in the Dye Buckets window.
  • There’s a bundle to unlock all 74 dye buckets account-wide called “Fabulous Bundle of Dye Buckets”. This is obtainable from the RIFT Store -> Services section.
Fabulous Bundle of Dye buckets

Fabulous Bundle of Dye buckets

Those who have the Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye from the Ultimate Nightmare Edition pack should find that they have that unlocked automatically as well.

  • Dye Bucket unlocks are account-wide.
  • Dye Buckets cannot be traded.

Single Use Dyes

The old single-use dyes are not going away. Instead, you can choose whether to apply the dye to the item (for your Character tab/gear), or to the Wardrobe slot (under Wardrobe Tab).

Paint Brush vs Paint Bucket Mode

The Paint Brush option in the top-right of the dye selection window will allow you to only dye the slot you have selected. Paint Bucket allows you to dye all slots. Thus if you just want everything to be black, it’ll do that for you.

Weapon Wardrobe

You can now collect weapon appearances and add them to your wardrobe sets. There are slots for all available weapons for your class. When you use a 1h+oh, it will show the 1h+oh wardrobe appearances. If you switch to a 2hander, it’ll show the 2hand wardrobe appearance.

The slots are separate for each wardrobe set.

  • Weapon wardrobe won’t require Transmog Baubles. However, Transmog Baubles still exist and can be used on gear as they currently are. Still useful for sharing bound weapons.


Wardrobe Achievements

Wardrobe Achievements

There’s now a new “Wardrobe” category in the Achievements window with a lot of achievement points for each slot and armor type. You’ll probably notice this thanks to all the achievement spam that will be happening.

Future Additions

There’s a few things Trion are looking to add in addition to changes that have hit with 3.2:

  • Set Functionality. Allowing you to view information on particular wardrobe sets and see which ones you are missing. Trion hopes to add this shortly after 3.2. [r]
  • Further Customization. Trion would like to add the ability to include titles, mounts and companion pets as part of wardrobe sets. Unfortunately no room in current schedule but something they might do in the future. [r]
  • Favorites Category. Trion would like to add a Favorites category so you can right-click an appearance and bring it to the top of the appearance selection windows in its own category. [r]

Wardrobe Bugs

Below you can find currently known bugs:

  • Transfigured Weapon appearance unlock bug. Currently the base weapon appearances for weapons that have been transfigured are not unlocking properly. This will be fixed in a future update so hold onto your transfigured weapons! [r]

Found a bug? Please post them in Senior UI Artist Gingers’ thread here.


Having issues with the RIFT 3.2 Wardrobe System? Hopefully some of the below info can help you:

  • Certain appearances not collected? Make sure to log into your characters at least once to trigger the initial unlocks for your appearances. Also note that appearances are unlocked region-wide so those items you collect on NA shards will not be collected on EU shards.
  • Can’t find an appearance? Try making sure you have selected the correct wardrobe slot and there’s no filters applied. Make sure the drop-down filter in the appearance selection window shows all gear types for that slot and that you don’t have any search terms in the search bar. Note that the appearance name might be different from your item’s name:
  • The appearance’s name isn’t the same as the item name. This is working properly. All appearances have a reference model. Different items might have the same appearance so they will have different names as items, but their appearance will only be under a single name. This is to prevent your wardrobe collection from having a ton of duplicate appearances under different names.
  • How come my dyes don’t appear in the dye selection window? Single-use dyes are applied to the dye slot but will not appear in the dye selection because the dye selection window only shows unlimited-use dye buckets. You can still apply or change the dye slot’s color using single-use dyes by right-clicking a single use dye and applying it to the wardrobe slot.

If all else fails, try relogging.

Hope this brief overview helps you wrap your head around the new changes. Got any questions? Feel free to comment below!

Interested in more information regarding obtaining appearances or outfit selection? You can check out past ‘Rift Wardrobe’ articles here.

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3 Comments on “Rift Wardrobe: The New System”

  1. Jack
    April 15, 2015 at 11:27 am #

    So weird, I had a dream last night about them fixing the appearance slot for weapons!

    Weapon Wardrobe

    You can now collect weapon appearances and add them to your wardrobe sets. There are slots for all available weapons for your class. When you use a 1h+oh, it will show the 1h+oh wardrobe appearances. If you switch to a 2hander, it’ll show the 2hand wardrobe appearance.

    The slots are separate for each wardrobe set.

    Weapon wardrobe won’t require Transmog Baubles. However, Transmog Baubles still exist and can be used on gear as they currently are. To view them, you need to right-click on a weapon slot in your wardrobe set to make it empty (remember to Save). This will


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