Sale: 2 Day Tuesday Deal on Amazon for RIFT

Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Feature Image

Trion has posted up a Twitter message about Amazon’s 2 Day Tuesday Deal (US-only) for RIFT products. The following discounts apply until either the end of Tuesday or Wednesday (assuming PDT; no info on Amazon site as to exact end time):

Classic/SL Packs

  • RIFT Classic Collector’s Pack – $39.99 $19.99 (50%)
  • RIFT Glory of the Ascended Pack – $99.99 $50.00 (50%)
  • RIFT Laethys’ Fortune Pack – $149.99 $75.00 (50%)

You can find out information on each Classic/SL Packs here.

Note: The RIFT Laethys’ Fortune Pack includes both Storm Legion and Dream Soul Packs which are normally valued at $60 ($25+$35). The 90-day Patron Pass itself is already ~$40 alone, so it’s a pretty awesome deal. Comes with a lot of  other goodies like character extensions, bag slot extensions, 24-slot bag, various mounts, pets, Personal Banker, Hair Color/Hair Style Bundle + more.

Nightmare Tide Packs

  • RIFT Typhoon Edition – $24.99 $17.49 (30%)
  • RIFT Infusion Edition – $49.99 $34.99 (30%)
  • RIFT Ultimate Nightmare Edition – $149.99 $104.99 (30%)

You can find out information on each Nightmare Tide Pack here.

Amazon 2 Day Tuesday Deal

Amazon Rift

You can find all the deals here. Just click on the Edition to go to the appropriate pack. You’ll need to hurry though since this is part of Amazon’s ‘2 Day Tuesday’ tech deals, which only lasts until the end of Tuesday (or Wednesday).

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