RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #2

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Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #2 as at 4/22/15 7:30 AM PDT (NA) and 4/23/15 1:00 AM GMT (EU).

Summary/Additional Info:

  • General.
    • Mouse Pointer Offset bug fixed.
    • Commendations of Renown max stack increased to 250 from 100.
    • The Keeper (Ember Isle) Notoriety now added to Sanctum/Meridian turn-ins.
      • Sergeant Deucer in Sanctum. /setwaypoint 7403 2960. [Location]
      • Optio Lyis in Meridian. /setwaypoint 6174 5148. [Location]
    • Nightmare Realignment Tool quest (for the new Nightmare Seal upgrades) should appear at any Nightmare Scholar NPC again.
    • If you are having ‘level requirement’ issues with Instant Adventures, make sure you right-click your portrait and ensure Sidekicking is enabled.
  • Crafting.
    • New Crafting Weekly Quest is enabled again with Congealed Dreams requirement reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Apothecary weekly has had its Sarleaf Extract cost reduced from 65 to 35.
    • Various NT fishing adjustments and fixes.
    • Nightmare Touched Bag recipe requirements reduced.
    • Not included in the patch notes, but all NT crafting dailies now give 3plat 83g 78s instead of under 1plat before.
  • NT Onslaught Adjustments. Adding a little more info than the patch notes based on Kerilar’s post. [r]
    • Significant decrease in HP on initial enemy guards/turrets.
    • Active onslaught time lowered from 15min to 7min. (So onslaughts should finish faster).
    • Increased no. of invasions that spawn at once.
    • Increase invasion and commander HP.
    • The cooldown between active Onslaughts has been lowered from 15min to 10min.
    • Map Marker added for active Onslaught location. (Must be in zone to see it).
  • Minions. Fixed the 1min Archlight Rider Power Couplings so it is now available again – this is for the Capacitor Competency achievement to get the Minion Card: Mech Anik. Also various bug fixes.
  • Rhen of Fate.
    • Ungolok’s Mindless Spawnling adds now have an on-death cleanse range of 50m. (So you basically don’t have to worry about standing near the add anymore).
    • Bosses now drop 2 items instead of 1.
    • Finric’s defensive trinket drops now drop from Drekanoth of Fate instead.
  • Return to Hammerknell. You can no longer use pets to absorb Gruesome Slash on Soulrender Zilas.
  • Item Adjustments. There’s corrections to Thalcrystal Hoop earrings so its endurance is back to pre-3.2 levels. Also, ‘Runebinding’ DPS trinkets in Return to HK have had their proc increased from 15% to 30%. Several items have had their proc values increased as well.
RIFT 3.2 Hot Fix #2 – 04/22/15WARDROBE
* Dark Pink Dye is no longer identical to Dark Peach Dye.
* When a wardrobe appearance is unlocked, a console message is now displayed telling you which appearance you unlocked.UI AND SETTINGS
* Fixed mouse pointer offset in fullscreen mode when the “lock window size” option is enabled or disabled while in fullscreen mode.MINIONS
* All long attracted artifact adventures are now properly free.
* Corrected the activation costs on the long adventures that Herim attracts.
* Face Pull (at level 10) now properly attracts his 5 minute Earth Diplomacy adventure instead of Cerulean Steel.
The Adventure: Collect Archlight Rider Power Couplings is now available all of the time.ZONES AND EVENTS
* ZE: Aphogglach: Aphogglach should now have less health, and be a bit easier to defeat.
* Active Onslaughts are now marked if you are in the zone the Onslaught is in.
* Quest: Garden of Death: Players will now receive credit for the second step of this quest for completing either Pollinating Power or Sprouting Hope in Runic Descent.
* Onslaughts in the Plane of Water now spawn more frequently, the initial turrets and guards have fewer HP and the invaders and commanders have more HP.DUNGEONS AND INSTANCES
* The tooltip for Hit should now show the required amount for Tier 2 raids.

* Sicaron will now properly credit players with an achievement when killed.
* Tank pets can no longer be used to absorb Gruesome Slash from Soulrender Zilas.
* Hammerknell Fortress – Increased the initial threat generation for Prince Dolin on his primary target.

* Each boss in this instance will now drop two items when killed, up from one.
* The loot table from Finric has been split: Defensive drops for trinkets on this table will now drop as an extra item from the Drekanoth of Fate.

* Mindless Spawnling’s on-death cleanse now extends 50 meters.

* Increased the max stack size of Commendations of Renown to 250.
* Added Keeper Notoriety as a reward option for the quest “A Taste For Adventure”.

* The Nightmare Realignment Tool quest should now show-up on the Nightmare Scholar NPCs correctly.
* The new crafting weekly quests should no longer consume all Congealed Dreams when the quest is handed in.
* The new crafting weekly quests have been reduced from 3 to 2 Congealed Dreams.
* The Nightmare and Dream Alloy recipes should once again be on the appropriate trainers.

* The Congealed Dreams recipe for Apothecary has been reduced to 35 from 65 Sarleaf Extract.
* The earring recipes will no longer appear in the ‘potions’ category of the Artificer crafting recipe book.

* The recipe for Kondraum’s Fishing Pole and the Seer Lure now only require one store purchased reagent.
* The two new fishing dailies in Nightmare Tide that require store bought components now pay out higher marks.
* The new Nightmare Tide fishing daily quests to craft a lure and a fishing pole should no longer consume more than the appropriate number of quest items when handed in.
* The new fishing derbies added to Uncle Stan in Choreburg should now correctly pay out experience (or Planar Attunement experience) and silver when handed in.
* The new fishing derbies now payout marks 100% of the time in addition to the choice of faction or fishing chest.
* The new fishing dailies should no longer require Fused Sarfiber.
* Enduring and Timed Magnetic lures are once again ten minutes.
* The quest Atragarian Fishing no longer consumes the Atragarian Fishing Pole, thus removing the need to craft it twice.

* The requirements for the Nightmare Touched Bag recipe have been reduced.

* “Runebinding” DPS trinkets from Hammerknell have had their proc improved to a 30% proc chance, up from 15%.
* Lyriet, the Soulmender and Urgred, the Shaper’s Curse now have the correct stat allocation when upgraded from their epic base item.
* The stats on the Thalcrystal Hoop earrings should now be back to what they were originally prior to the 3.2 patch.
* Fixed a tooltip issue on the following weapons:
– Takrona, The Twisted Divine
– Vramen, The Earthshaker
– Thrandor, the Soul Splitter
– Mordrig, the Dreadnaut’s Call
– Granthor, the Forsaken Blade
– Egrandor, Devourer of Souls
– Grundor, the Essence Cleaver
– Andurig, Breaker of Will
– Tyrfang, the Betrayer
– Akfon, the Shard of Forbidden Rites
– Fakongric, the Soul Drinker
* Increased the crit power budget for Aglinar, Beacon of Hope.
* Updated the procs on the following items with values improved by approximately 10%:
– Memory of Sorrow
– Runemaster’s Shaping Wand
– Gift of the Marksman
– Shelter of the Shapers
– Wand of Twisted Shadows
– Conflict’s End
– Pride of the Runeguard
– First Legion’s Sidearm
* Dimensions: Fixed an issue causing Siamese Cats to appear instead of Calico Cats.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 22nd APRIL 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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