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This week on “Rift Wardrobe” we’ll take a look at the Veteran Vendor. A relic of the old pre-F2P model, the Veteran Vendor would sell special fluff items to you based on how many months you subscribed to the game.

Veteran Vendor Sets

Ever wanted to impersonate a Guardian or Defiant guard? The Veteran Vendor can get you a set! No need to apply to be a guard when you can just look like one!

I’ll first show the appearances and then tell you how to obtain them.

Sanctuary Guard Set

RIFT Sanctuary Guard's Wardrobe Set

RIFT Sanctuary Guard’s Wardrobe Set

The Guardian’s armor. The shoulder pad is a little unwieldy and I’m not too sure about the helm unless you want to go for a Valkyrie-like look, but otherwise there’s some good pieces to use.

This set is only available to Guardians via their Veteran Vendor, Cadbury.

Centurion Set

RIFT Centurion's Wardrobe Set

RIFT Centurion’s Wardrobe Set

Defiant’s armor. The Centurion set is all-around a nice collection of wardrobe pieces and the blue ‘sourcestone’ print goes well with some of the Storm Legion sets that have similar glows.

This set is only available to Defiants via their Veteran Vendor, Jarvis.

Ceremonial Hero Set

RIFT Ceremonial Hero Wardrobe Set

RIFT Ceremonial Hero Wardrobe Set

Both Veteran Vendors have the Ceremonial Hero Set. Unfortunately, this set is only a chest piece + helm. The chest piece covers all slots below the neck. (Would be nice to get the shoulders separate, but alas).


Tricorne of the Drowned Thief and Endless Skull Helm

Veteran Vendor Helms

Tricorne of the Drowned Thief and Endless Skull Helm. The two other appearances that the Veteran Vendors provide.

Accessing the Veteran Vendor

RIFT Veteran Rewards NPC Cadbury Jarvis

RIFT Veteran Rewards NPCa Cadbury and Jarvis

You can access the Veteran Vendor by opening up your abilities tab -> General -> Summon Veteran Vendor.

Guardians will get Cadbury whilst Defiants will get Jarvis. Unfortunately you cannot buy anything from the opposite faction’s NPC so you’ll need both a Guardian and Defiant character if you want to get both faction wardrobe sets.


These items don’t cost much. The faction sets cost ~23 plat for each set. Tricorne and Endless Skull Helm costs 3plat 80g 8s each, Ceremonial Hero’s Wardrobe costs 10plat and Ceremonial Hero’s Helm costs 5plat.

If you simply purchase then refund each gear, you just need to have 10plat to collect all pieces.

The Other Faction

Don’t worry if you don’t have a character on the other faction. You can get the ‘Summon Veteran Vendor’ ability as early as Level 1. It should be about the 3rd item in your Claim Item box in the top-right corner of the RIFT Store (default key “]“) front page.

The beginning tutorial zone should also have a mailbox nearby. Send some platinum over to your newly-created alt so that it can purchase the faction-specific gear (and then refund).

Other Items

The Veteran Vendors also sell four mounts for 50p each and a Baby White Tiger companion pet:

Grab them up whilst you’ve got the vendor up!

Hope you found this week’s ‘Rift Wardrobe’ article useful! Get ready to impersonate the other faction’s guards – just don’t try to walk amongst them in Sanctum or Meridian – they’ve got good eyesight, despite their looks!

Got any questions or suggestions for future ‘Rift Wardrobe’ articles? Feel free to comment below! If you’ve got any sweet outfits you’ve put together that you’d like to share with other players, send them my way!

Interested in more information regarding obtaining appearances or outfit selection? You can check out past ‘Rift Wardrobe’ articles here.

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