Addon Watch: New Raid Finder

Ever wanted an LFG-style ‘Looking-for-Raid’? One where you can tell with no BS how many bosses a player has downed or how much Hit they have and quickly form up for raid? Well, there’s Raid Finder!

Unfortunately the original creator, Redcruxs, hasn’t updated his Raid Finder since Nov 2013. Luckily for us, Johnnycash@Deepwood has created an updated version of the addon called “New Raid Finder”.

You can check it out here: New Raid Finder. Once installed there should be an “RF” button () in the middle of the screen that you can drag to a convenient location. Click on it to open the “New Raid Finder” window. (If you don’t see it, make sure the Addon is enabled by going to ESC -> Addons. If you still can’t see the button, type /reloadui).

Below you can find a quick run-down of the addon:

Post Tab

Addon Watch New Raid Finder 1

New Raid Finder – Post Tab

The first tab of the New Raid Finder is the ‘Post Tab’. Here you can select and write info that will appear in the Raids/Players tabs. It will auto-fill some information like your Hit and how many bosses you’ve killed in each tier (although it doesn’t seem to calculate T2 bosses properly right now).


Since the Hit is auto-filled, raid leaders don’t have to worry about people lying about their Hit. You can also apply for multiple raid types. Hit the ‘LFG – Post’ button to post and when you are no longer looking, hit the ‘Stop Posting’ button.

T1 = How many bosses you’ve killed in T1
T2 = How many bosses you’ve killed in T2
RC = How many raids you’ve cleared in NTCQ = How many Conqueror achieves you’ve got in NT

Right now there seems to be some bugs with this section of the addon not counting T2 kills or counting Raid Clears.


On the raid lead side you’ve got ‘Roles Needed’, ‘Raid Type’, ‘Loot Type’ and extra notes. You can also select the channel # and broadcast it on top of adding it to the raid finder.

Raids Tab

Addon Watch New Raid Finder 2

New Raid Finder – Raids Tab

The ‘Raids’ tab is for players looking for raids and lists all current LFMs with all the necessary information. Simply click on a raid and the ‘Apply To Join’ button to join up. There’s a search field as well as various filters you can use.

Players Tab

Addon Watch New Raid Finder 3

New Raid Finder – Players Tab

The ‘Players’ tab is for raid leaders looking for players. There’s a Search field and various filters for raid leaders as well to find the players they want. Hit the ‘Apply to Invite’ button to invite them.

Status Tab

Addon Watch New Raid Finder 7

New Raid Finder – Status Tab

The ‘Status’ tab displays all players that have requested an invite or all raid leaders that have invited you to their raid. You can accept or remove as you wish.

Settings Tab

Addon Watch New Raid Finder 4

New Raid Finder – Settings Tab

Settings are to Lock the button that you access; Enable Button Flash when something new pops up like an invite or new player asking for an invite and even to Enable Text-based Alerts.

Instructions Tab

Addon Watch New Raid Finder 5

New Raid Finder – Instructions Tab

Lost? Just check the Instructions tab and it should give you more information about navigating through the addon. It’s simple!

The New Raid Finder is relatively new having been uploaded at the start of April. There won’t be many users using the New Raid Finder right now, but I recommend giving the addon a go anyway. Over time as it gains popularity it should start to become a lot more active!

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3 Comments on “Addon Watch: New Raid Finder”

  1. April 24, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    I have had this for over a month and I love it, but I wish people would start using it!

  2. haribel
    April 28, 2015 at 3:49 am #

    When i go to the addon it causes an error. I read the fix, and changed the names but the error still occurs

    • April 28, 2015 at 4:43 am #

      As it’s a new iteration of the addon and there’s some new features, you’ll probably encounter an error here and there. The best thing to do is probably to send Knoxville a PM or add a response to his thread detailing info on the error so he can get it looked at.

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