RIFT News Tidbits 25-26th April 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 25-26th April 2015.


  • 64-bit Vista Crash Update. Snedhepl has updated on the progress of a fix for the constant crashes that 64-bit Vista users are experiencing. Internal build seems to be fixed, but still need full QA run on Monday. [r]
  • Notice: T2 HK Gear. You might not want to pass on physical/spell crit gear in the Tier 2 raid just yet – Trion is doing another pass on items, buffing them up and replacing some of the phys/spell crit gear stats with crit power. I’ll have full screenshots in the next PTS Update later today or tomorrow. For now, see the example below on some shoulders that drop from Rune King Molinar:
Shoulderguards of Torment PTS Buff

Shoulderguards of Torment PTS Buff

  • Clarification: Artifact Lures. Morticus has clarified that the Timed and Enduring Magnetic Lures will no longer share cooldowns. The Magnetic Lures will only have a 2hr CD, and the chance of obtaining fishing-specific artifacts have been increased considerably. [r]
  • Instant Adventure Low-Level Issue. Low-level players who get sent to Storm Legion zones for IAs will have their souls appear in Tempest Bay when they respawn. However, currently they get respawned to one of the porticulums whereas the resurrection NPC is at the Haunted Terminal. Captain Cursor will add a new resurrection NPC next to where low-level players respawn. ETA: Possibly next hotfix. [r]
  • Instant Adventure Merging Fix. A fix for the broken merging of IA groups will be out with this week’s hotfix. Note that this fix has solved an issue with some part of merging, but might not 100% resolve the current issue. Tacitus has advised players not to pop vials/boosts right after the hotfix as there still may be lingering issues. [r]
  • Hammerknell IAs Info. More tweaking is happening on the PTS with IAs. Boss HP has scaled up but they are working to reduce the damage on bosses – mechanics will remain, but the damage will no longer insta-kill players if they fail a mechanic. Estrode will also no longer fully heal. More playtests will probably pop up starting this week. [r]
  • Uncle Stan’s Lost Tackle Box. There’s a ‘secret’ recipe for “Stan’s Dyna-therm Fishin’ Pole” – different from Atragarian Fishing Pole – that you can get. Tooltip states that it “allows access to Uncle Stan’s Super Secret Lure”. Nogardgib on the RIFT Forums has posted up information about how to get the Tackle Box that contains the recipe.
    • He was in Tarken Glacier fishing regular fish (no pools), with no lures. He had Stan’s Fishing Derby quest (from Choreburg craft station, Draumheim) active.
    • More info from various players can be found in the thread here.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • ヽ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽ノ [PvP][Video]. SirSpaceboots has uploaded his latest PvP video in the Library of the Runemasters warfront. Check it out here!
  • WGS – Atlantis [Dimension]. Wow, the buildings in Chulia@Brutwacht’s “WGS – Atlantis” look amazing. Be sure to check out the dimension with Feendish’s preview here.
  • DTC Roadshow w/ Guest Chulia@Brutwacht [Dimension][Video]. Check out a video tour of Chulia@Brutwacht’s “WGS – Atlantis” dimension as Feendish and Dimension Diva over at the Dimension Touring Company chats with him in their latest DTC Roadshow livestream. You can check out the recorded video here!

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    Wow.. that Atlantis dimension. ❤

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