RIFT News Tidbits 27th April 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 27th April 2015.


  • Further 64-bit Vista Crash Info. Snedhepl has provided an update stating that Trion is still unaware of what is causing the issue, but that both the PTS and internal builds seem to be free from the problem. They hope Wednesday’s hotfix will resolve the issue, but they are still investigating what caused the problem. [r] [r]
    • In the mean-time, a ‘possible’ work-around is to launch the game, hit CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, select “rifterrorhandler.exe” and hit End Process (be sure not to End any other processes accidentally). [r]
  • HK Itemization Round #3. Vladd has updated the HK gear based on feedback from the previous itemization pass. Check out the changes on the PTS tomorrow, and Vladd will keep the changes up on PTS for another week (so don’t expect the changes on Live until at least next week’s hotfix at the earliest). [r] I’ll have all the gear displayed in the next PTS Update article once they’re up on the PTS.
  • Rhen of Fate Loot Change. Vladd has changed up how the Rhen of Fate 10-man raid’s loot will work. Each boss will now always get two different slots of loot for each kill. ETA is this week’s hotfix (This means you’ll want to hold off on doing Rhen of Fate until after the hotfix). [r]
    • For example, Finric will always drop a ranged weapon and either a DPS or Healing trinket (instead of how it currently works where you could get double-trinkets or double-weapon).
    • Drekanoth is an exception because he has 3 loot tables (Neck, Trinkets (Tank/DPS) and Gloves). He’ll drop two of the three, but no repeat slots.
  • Raiding Sticky. Do you have a raid-related website? Perhaps a progression site, parser or raid-related addon? Be sure to check out the new sticky for the Raiding sub-forum here and get your site/addon listed!

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Lighthouse [Dimension]. Jaed over at DTC has taken a tour of Ozhobar@Zaviel’s “Lighthouse” dimension. Winding staircases abound. Check out a preview here!

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