Notice: Hold back on doing Rhen of Fate until after hotfix!

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It’s that kind of week again. We’ve got ourselves a change that you’ll benefit from after the hotfix.

The Nightmare Tide Tier 1 10-man “Rhen of Fate” is have its loot distribution changed up a little. Last week’s hotfix gave us 2 drops per boss. With this week’s hotfix you will no longer get the same slot twice per boss. [r]

i.e. Finric right now can drop any combination of two trinkets, a trinket + weapon or two weapons. After this week’s hotfix, Finric will always drop 1 ranged weapon + 1 dps or healing trinket.

So in short, if any of your raid members still need a ranged weapon for Hit from Finric, hold off on next weekly reset’s run until after the hotfix for a guaranteed ranged weapon drop. Weekly reset is always at 4am PDT (NA) or GMT (EU) Wednesday whilst weekly hotfix is usually at about 7am PDT (NA) Wednesday and 2am GMT (EU) Thursday.

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