Rift Wardrobe: Sharing with your Guild

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Besides using the ‘Refund Trick‘, there’s another big way you can collect new wardrobe appearances for a minimal spend. In this week’s Rift Wardrobe, I’ll introduce you to how your guild can share appearances to help out with appearance-collecting.

RiftGrate is also starting a new section for the ‘Rift Wardrobe‘ series: Wardrobe Spotlight. Each week there will be a Spotlight section to highlight wardrobes I stumble across during the week.

Table of Contents:

  • The Guild Bank
  • Lining Up
  • Wardrobe Spotlight

The Guild Bank

Are you an avid crafter who has a ton of recipes? Maybe you’ve just looted a mob that dropped a bind on equip piece of armor or weapon. Instead of vendoring for a few coin, why not add it to the guild bank for players to collect appearances?

Guild Bank Appearances

Guild Bank Appearances

Since you just need to have an item in your inventory to collect it, you can just hover over each item in the guild bank – find the ones you haven’t collected via the green tooltip text, withdraw from the guild bank and then deposit it back in.

This effectively allows 20+ players to all benefit from a single item!

Organizing the Guild Bank

Dedicate one or two guild bank vaults for appearances. Next you can make the withdrawal/day unlimited to make it easier for players to collect everything they don’t have.

One way to set things up is by theme. There’s limited space in most guild banks so what you want is a kind of rotation. An example is to put up low-level, pre-SL crafted gear in the bank and hold it there for one week before rotating it out for SL crafted gear, then NT-crafted gear and later open world drops.

If you can spare more than one vault, you could have crafted gear in one vault and open world gear in another.

After the end of the week, remove the gear and NPC/sell them on the AH. With the funds, you can then go out and purchase more appearances on the AH and add a new set of appearances to the bank. You could also store the gear in your personal bank if you plan on rotating the items back into the guild bank for guildmates that might have missed out on collecting their appearances.


Make sure to communicate to your guild your intentions. If you are not the guild lead, make sure to talk to them about using guild bank space to share appearances as not all guild leads will be happy to do so.

Change the Vault names to something like “Wardrobe 1” and “Wardrobe 2”, or something like “Check Guild Wall” and write in your guild wall or guild Message of the Day information about the wardrobe vaults.

Contributing to the Guild Wardrobe Collective

Have a chat with your guild lead/officers and see what kind of crafted items that haven’t been added in yet. Or, if you receive an item that is Bind on Equip that you haven’t collected yet, chances are there are other guildies who haven’t collected it either. Throw it in the bank!

If you want to be a little more pro-active about it, you could also skim the Auction House every now and then for items you haven’t collected and then add them in the guild bank once you’ve collected their appearance.


If you are worried about players simply NPCing the items, change the permissions by giving only certain member ranks unlimited access. These ranks should be for guildmates you trust.

A Second Guild

Groddeolm in the comments section has suggested using a second guild filled with your guilds’ alts. The first two guild vaults are not expensive to unlock and you won’t have to waste valuable space in your primary guild’s vaults.

Since appearances are shared region-wide, you can send an alt to this secondary ‘wardrobe’ guild. (Thanks to Groddeolm for the info!)

Other Guilds

And this leads on to other guilds. Have alts in other guilds? Since appearance unlocks are region-wide, you can have your alts in other guilds benefit your main characters if they also deposit items in their guild bank for appearance purposes!

Lining Up

Lining up RIFT

Lining up for Appearance handouts.

Do you raid? Or perhaps you want those super-awesome gear pieces that seem to mainly drop from raids? Start lining up!

If you are running with your guild or with other players who are interested in appearances, you can trade gear to each other if you are in the same shard (up to about 30min from the time the item was first looted).

An easy way for everyone to collect a new appearance is to line up and have players trade the item/s down the line.

Old Raids

GSB ROS Weapons

GSB/ROS Weapons

This is a great way to quickly collect all the appearances for any old raids that you can’t quite solo. The old raids have some really nice pieces, especially for weapon wardrobe.

You can preview Infernal Dawn (Fire/Earth), River of Souls/Endless Eclipse (Death) and Greenscale’s Blight/Primeval Feast (Life) raid weapon appearances under RIFT Store -> Wardrobe -> Weapons.

Infernal Dawn Weapons

Infernal Dawn Weapons

Greenscale’s Blight, Gilded Prophecy, Drowned Halls and Rise of the Phoenix are also pretty easy to solo at Level 65, and they give good plat so there’s no reason not to run through them for some extra appearances!


Again, a word of warning. If you are doing this in a Nightmare Tide raid, you probably want to make sure you 100% trust everyone in the raid. If you don’t quite trust someone, instead of having people line up you can just have players trade an item and pass it back to you so there’s less he-says-she-says if anything goes awry since you’ll know who you traded to last.

Of course, the easiest option is to just not allow appearance-trading, but that’s something the person with the item and possibly your guild/raid lead will need to decide.

Wardrobe Spotlight

Each week on Rift Wardrobe I’ll be taking my little camera and snapping up the latest outfits from the Rift community.


Wardrobe Spotlight Andurs Hailol

Wardrobe Spotlight: Andurs@Hailol

This week, Andurs@Hailol has submitted a fantastic Stormtrooper-inspired outfit in light of the recent Star Wars trailers.

The outfit uses a combination of Storm Legion armor pieces from the Desolate Chain and Grand Falconer’s Bundle sets with white and black dye combinations. Gives off quite the futuristic space-soldier look, especially with that gun!

Hope your appearance collection gets a nice buff with the tips from the latest Rift Wardrobe article. It might also give your guild something to do together with crafting, hunting and farming old raids for appearances!

Got any questions or suggestions for future ‘Rift Wardrobe’ articles? Feel free to comment below! If you’ve got any sweet outfits you’ve put together that you’d like to share with other players, send them my way!

Interested in more information regarding obtaining appearances or outfit selection? You can check out past ‘Rift Wardrobe’ articles here.

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4 Comments on “Rift Wardrobe: Sharing with your Guild”

  1. Orminis@Typhiria
    April 29, 2015 at 12:05 am #

    Great Ideas and the Outfit is … WOW. Thank you for sharing these things with us :).

  2. April 29, 2015 at 6:11 am #

    One Idea to collect the wardrobe items is a secon Gild. You can invite all Toons, no need to waste the space of you mainguild and the first two vaulds are not expensive. 🙂

    • April 29, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

      That’s a superb idea Groddeolm! Makes sense since our appearances are shared region-wide. Just throw an alt in! I’ll add it to the article 😀

  3. April 29, 2015 at 1:20 pm #

    Really super helpful, especially since I collect wardrobe appearances. 😀

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