PTS Update + Datamining 30th April 2015

PTS Update 30th April 2015 Feature Image

PTS update RIFT’s latest Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) on 30th April 2015. The top two tiers of Amender recipes have had cost reductions. Also an odd bag skin. TEST-302-29-A-1001125

If you’re interested, you can find the public information to the latest update here.


  • The One Percent
  • Amender Cost Reductions
  • Further HK IA Changes
  • Datamining

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

The One Percent

The One Percent

The One Percent

There’s a very odd bug in the latest PTS where every single NPC (both friendly and hostile) are at 1% of their max hp.

Trion is aware of the issue so hopefully it gets resolved with the next PTS update. [r]

In the mean-time, anyone for soloing NT experts/raids at Level 65? Probably still need tank gear though, but depending on their hp it could work!

Amender Cost Reductions

Amender Cost Reduction PTS

Amender Cost Reductions on PTS

As per Morticus’ post on the RIFT Forums, the PTS has now been updated with a whole heap of cost reductions to the top two tiers of Amenders. These are the two most expensive Amenders per profession used to upgrade the highest tiers of some crafted, dungeon and raid gear.


The following shows all the reductions to each recipe. Note that these are not the recipes themselves, just the amount they are reduced by for each material. Materials not reduced have not been included:


  • Thalasite Dream Alloy: 38 Thalasite Bar, 8 Thalasite Crystal, 28 Thalasite Ingot, 22 Dust of the Void.
  • Thalasite Nightmare Alloy: 38 Thalasite Bar, 8 Thalasite Crystal, 28 Thalasite Ingot, 22 Dust of the Void.


  • Nightmare Distillate: 14 Sarleaf Extract, 10 Thalasite Bar, 6 Bolt of Diaphanous Cloth, 10 Disintegrating Blend.
  • Nightmare Amalgamation: 27 Disintegrating Blend, 42 Bolt of Diaphanous Cloth, 40 Sarleaf Extract, 26 Thalasite Crystal.


  • Nightmare Metal Amender: 12 Dust of the Void, 18 Risarian Minim, 32 Attainium Crystal, 22 Thalasite Ingot*.
  • Tormenting Metal Amender: 12 Thalasite Ingot, 3 Dust of the Void, 12 Attainium Crystal, 10 Risarian Minim.


  • Opaque Ornament Amender: 6 Dust of the Void, 25 Risarian Minim, 7 Attainium Crystal, 13 Recut Thalasite Crystal.
  • Dreaming Ornament Amender: 10 Dust of the Void, 40 Risarian Minim, 12 Attainium Crystal, 19 Recut Thalasite Crystal.

Dream Weaver

  • Hazy Dreams: 5 Essence of Reverie, 12 Capricious Star, 9 Fused Sarfiber, 12 Thalasite Crystal.
  • Lucid Dreams: 2 Dream Ribbon, 23 Essence of Reverie, 18 Nightmare Star, 60 Fabled Leather, 26 Fused Sarfiber.


  • Tormenting Textile Amender: 2 Dust of the Void, 9 Risarian Minim, 6 Attainium Crystal, 4 Tooled Fabled Leather.
  • Nightmare Textile Amender: 13 Dust of the Void, 18 Risarian Minim, 22 Attainium Crystal, 28 Bolt of Diaphonous Cloth.


  • Opaque Rune Amender: 2 Nightmare Star, 16 Capricious Star, (24 Pelagic Fragments, an increase).
  • Dreaming Rune Amender: 2 Dust of the Void, 13 Nightmare Star.


  • Tormenting Weapon Amender: 12 Risarian Minim, 6 Attainium Crystal, 12 Thalasite Ingot.
  • Nightmare Weapon Amender: 6 Dust of the Void, 14 Risarian Minim.

*Currently on Live the Thalasite Ingot cost for Nightmare Metal Amenders is 1x instead of the old 48x. This seems to be a bug introduced with this week’s hotfix. It is 26x on PTS.

Amender Cost Reduction PTS 2

Click image for larger view.

These changes are still subject to change, but they might be coming to Live as early as next week. [r] [r]

Further HK IA Changes

Tacitus has updated the PTS with some further changes to Hammerknell Instant Adventures including:

  • 8 new non-kill objectives. [r]
  • Boss fixes/adjustments.
  • Akylios encounter now works.
  • Portal will appear in main hall after you defeat Murdantix so that you can teleport to the room the IA is currently in.
  • Damage tuning. [r]


A Bag Skin

Only thing interesting from datamining is this bag skin:

Bag Skin

Bag Skin

What could it mean? Is this the player-suggested backpack wardrobe? A dimension item? Not a backpack at all but a costume piece?

Probably not an actual new bag storage skin, because bags don’t need skins, just an icon.

Perhaps it’s a new dimension storage item? Who knows.

Planetouched Wilds


An interesting filename:

  • planetouched_wilds_mount_crucible_main_01

Probably not a mount, but perhaps an important piece of architecture, or just some kind of furnace.

Some nice cost reductions to the two highest tiers of Amenders for each profession. A strange bag skin and other tidbits. Hope Trion resolves the 1% max hp issue!

If you’re interested, you can find the public information to the latest update here.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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