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Addon Watch Minion Sender Feature Image

If you use minions (and I’m sure most players do), you’ll want a Minion Addon. These addons are absolute time-savers for those who don’t want to open the minion window every time there’s something to claim or an unused minion slot.

This week on Addon Watch I’ll be introducing you all to the Minion Sender Addon, although I’ll mention some of the other Minion addons as well for comparison purposes.

Below you can find a quick run-down of the addon:

Minion Sender Addon

The Interface

Tip: When you first download it and drop it into your RIFT addons folder, you’ll need to type /reloadui to see the new addon in-game.

Minion Sender Addon Buttons

Yep, that’s it. The Minion Sender addon uses a very compact button with all the information you need to send your minions out.

Addon Button

  • The Addon ‘ram skull’ button appears in the middle of the screen and clicking on it will make the Minion Button appear in the top-left corner.
  • Right-click and drag the ‘ram skull’ button to place it elsewhere. The only thing it does is toggle show/hide for the main Minion Button when you left-click it.

Minion Sender Button

The Minion Sender Button is the larger button with the numbers. Displayed information is as follows:

  • Left (White)= Unused Minion Slots.
  • Middle (Green) = Minions currently on adventures.
  • Right (Red) = Claimable adventures.
  • Bottom (Yellow) = Time remaining until the next adventure completes.

Drop the Minion Sender Button in an area you can reach comfortably and whilst you’re running to a trash mob, channeling an ability or just watching TV on another screen, you can use your scroll-wheel or left mouse button to send minions out on adventures and claim rewards.

Since it uses the left mouse button and/or middle scroll wheel, you could be DPSing a boss, fighting a player in a warfront or running to a zone event whilst sending/claiming undisturbed!

The Options

Minion Sender Addon

Minion Sender Addon

You can customize the minion addon to your preferences. Chances are you’ll want to change the settings depending on what you’re after.

  • Want to do a ton of 1min experience missions for your low-level minions? Select [Level 1-24], [1 minute (experience)] and [No reserve stamina].
  • Want to do a ton of 5min/15min missions for both experience and rewards, but want to make sure you have enough for 8hr missions before bed? Select [Level 1-24], [Level 25], [5/15 minutes] and [Reserve 7 stamina].

Right-click the Minion Sender Button to find the options.

  • You can choose whether to have Level 1-24 or Level 25 minions.
  • You can choose which decks they can go on. (Not multiple).
  • Choose stamina from No Reserve, 7 Reserve (for 8hr adventures) and 10 Reserve (for 10hr adventures). (Not multiple).
  • You can also lock the button so you won’t accidentally move it.

To hide the options, right-click on the Minion Sender Button again.

Performing Actions

You can select to perform actions by either left-clicking on the button, using your mouse’s scroll-wheel whilst hovered over the button or via either option.

I personally just use the scroll-wheel when running a ton of 1min adventures since you don’t need to loot anything.

For 5/15min adventures, I left-click to loot (since you need to click on the ‘Take All’ in the loot bag window anyway) and then scroll-wheel to send the minions on new adventures.


The Priority option is based on best stats, lowest level or highest level, plus the ability to have the Minion Sender addon select minions via Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Relic minion.

(Note: Rarity of minion has no effect on how good the minion’s attributes are)

This option allows you to customize when you want your minion to be sent out.

  • Best Stats is best for when you’re going on non-experience adventures.
  • Lowest Level is best for 1min experience adventures or if you don’t mind what the rewards for 5min/15min will turn out but don’t have the time to refresh 1min adventures.
  • Highest Level is best for if you’re interested in the rewards.


You can also choose to Shuffle based on artifact type. Able to select multiple. Aren’t interested in Dimensions or Notoriety adventures and want them automatically shuffled when out on 8hr missions? This is the option for you.

You’ll still need to confirm if you want to use Aventurine or Credits to shuffle the adventure.

Destroy Dimension Items

There is an option to destroy dimension items, even choosing specific rarity or Dimension Keys to destroy.

Each click you make on the Minion Sender Button after all your minion slots are on active adventures will delete a dimension item for you. (Thanks to Ken for the info!)

Other Minion Addons

There’s a few other main minion addons out there: Minion Sender 1.3.0 More Options, Minion Trainer and Mamigo. I’ll talk briefly about them and give a comparison to Minion Sender.

Minion Sender 1.3.0 More Options

The Minion Sender 1.3.0 More Options addon uses the Minion Sender addon, but adds a few more options by various users:

  • Chain Quests update by Brincas
  • Level Range options by Exodus00FF
  • “Do Not Claim Attractors” by David which prevents the addon from claiming attractor minions that have been sent out.

If you prefer to use Minion Sender compared to the other addons, give the ‘More Options’ updated addon a try.

(Thanks to David for the info on this addon!)

Minion Trainer

Minion Trainer Settings

The Minion Trainer addon is also a compact minion addon with a lot of things similar to Minion Sender.


The main advantages over Minion Sender that the Minion Trainer has are:

Minion Trainer Button Colors

  • More Visible Color-Coding. Unlike Minion Sender, you can easily tell without really needing to focus on the button that you have adventures to claim (green), unused minion slots (red) or everything’s hunky-dunky (black). For Minion Sender, this only appears in the text color so it’s slightly harder to tell when you are concentrating on other activities on the screen.
  • Sliding Scale Max Level. Whereas Minion Sender only allows Level 1-24, Level 25 or both; Minion Trainer allows you to select from any range.
  • Sliding Scale Reserve Stamina. Whereas Minion Sender only allows No Stamina, 7 Stamina or 10 Stamina, Minion Trainer allows a sliding scale. Perhaps you’re planning on hurrying 8hr missions so you want 14 stamina in reserve instead of 7.


The main disadvantages over Minion Sender that the Minion Trainer has are:

Minion Trainer Chat Spam

Minion Trainer Chat Spam

  • Chat Spam. Minion Trainer spits out information on claiming and sending out minions on adventures in your chat log. Personally I find this a disadvantage because it quickly covers the chat window and I miss the stuff from actual chat channels. Even worse, the Claiming text is bugged so it repeats as often as you scroll your middle mouse button.
  • No Shuffling. Minion Trainer has no auto-shuffle option.

If you don’t mind the chat spam and want more flexibility with your max level and reserve stamina restrictions, give the Minion Trainer addon a shot!


Mamigo Addon Options

Mamigo is another minion addon – this one being super-compact.


The main advantages over Minion Sender that the Mamigo addon has are:

  • Priority: Stamina. You can prioritize which minions you send out via Stamina, something the other minion addons don’t have.
  • Level 25-only Reward-Type Filter. You can have a filter so that your Level 25 minions will only go on certain adventures. This is great when doing 5/15min, 8hr or 10hr adventures where you only want to send your Level 25 minions on certain adventures based on reward type. The addon will send non-25s for reward types you don’t tick.
  • Level 25 Reserve Stamina Filter. You can choose to reserve stamina for Level 25s-only. This is a nice option if you only want Level 25 minions to reserve stamina and don’t really care if your other lower-level minions use up all their stamina.
  • Minion Locking. You can also lock a minion so that it won’t be claimed or sent on an adventure (useful for attractor minions). Just type /mamigo lock {minion}, replacing minion with the minion’s name. (Thanks to Beariepoo for the info!)


The main disadvantages over Minion Sender that the Mamigo addon has are:

Mamigo Addon Chat Spam

Mamigo Addon Chat Spam

  • Chat Spam. Like Minion Trainer, Mamigo adds text to your chat log. It also adds a ‘Mamigo’ number, similar to Manugo. Could be fun, but it strangely increases by 225 for each adventure you claim.
  • No Shuffling. Mamigo has no shuffle option, although I guess you could say the Level 25 Reward-type Filter is an indirect shuffle.

Mamigo Addon Buttons

  • The Button Is Tiny. Unlike the other addons, you only get this small button shown above. When there’s minions to claim or unused minion slots, it flashes red. Main problem (imo) is that the hitbox is so small that you have to divert your attention from the current activity to getting your mouse over the icon.

If you don’t mind the small button and the chat spam but really like the additional Level 25 filters and the ‘lock minion’ feature, check out Mamigo!

The Minion Sender addon will change the way you deal with your minions and – hopefully – save you a bucket-load of time.

Interested in trying out some of the other minion addons? Check them out below:

Want to check out some other useful addons? Browse through previous Addon Watch articles to jump-start your RIFT experience!

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14 Comments on “Addon Watch: Minion Sender”

  1. Beariepoo
    May 1, 2015 at 4:58 am #

    Mamigo also allows you to lock a minion so that its not sent or claimed. Can be useful for attractor minions.

    • May 1, 2015 at 5:23 am #

      Good point Bearie! Forgot about that one; adding it in 😀

  2. May 1, 2015 at 5:52 am #

    In order to delete dimension items with Minion Sender, you have to keep clicking (perhaps an API limitation). After all your minions are sent back out, each additional click will delete a single dimension item. Note that it deletes them whether or not they were just brought in by a minion, so best to be careful or avoid if you like to carry dimension items around in your bag.

    • May 1, 2015 at 5:27 pm #

      Thanks for the info Ken, didn’t know that! I’ll add that in 😀

  3. David
    May 1, 2015 at 6:32 am #

    This is a cool post and I thought it would be nice to share my modifications to the Minion Sender addon as well:

    I have taken Minion Sender version 1.3 and incorporated several user modifications posted on the Curse project page:
    * The Chain Quests update by Brincas
    * The Level Range options by Exodus00FF
    * My new option called “Do Not Claim Attractors” that skips finished adventures completed by Attractor minions. I have added a list of Attractor minion names to the language.lua file that may need to be updated for other languages if the minion names are different. Alternatively we could modify the code to use the minion IDs of Attractor minions if we can gather all of the minion ID values.

    Download here

    View Screenshot here

    • May 1, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

      Thanks David! I’ve added a section for the Minion Sender 1.3.0 More Options addon! Looks sweet! 😀

    • David
      May 7, 2015 at 4:21 pm #

      MinionSender 1.3.0 MoreOptions 2
      by Dazza@Greybriar (Wizdave)

      I have taken Minion Sender version 1.3 and incorporated the user modifications posted on the Curse project page:
      – The Chain Quests update by Brincas
      – The Level Range options by Exodus00FF

      I added the following features (many were inspired by this RiftGrate comparison of Minion addons):
      – My new option called “Do Not Claim Attractors” that skips finished adventures completed by Attractor minions. I have added a list of Attractor minion names to the language.lua file that may need to be updated for other languages if the minion names are different. The code has a spot for minion IDs of Attractor minions but we need to gather more of the minion ID values.
      – Added option under destroy dimension items: lootable containers
      – Changed reserve stamina to be controlled more customizable (0 to 20)
      – Added priority by highest stamina option
      – Added color background option: green background for unclaimed adventures and red for unused minion slots
      – Added full control of minion levels with a Levels submenu and All Levels checkbox that toggles all levels
      – Added level 25 only option for reserve stamina
      – Added priority option: Always match at least one stat
      – Added priority menu for 1 minute (experience) adventures
      – Added filter level 25 reward types options

      View screenshot here
      Download here

  4. Delurin
    May 1, 2015 at 7:12 am #

    Ken it is a limit of the api. Same with sending out minions each action consumes and input. similar to how a macro can only cast one ability at a time.

  5. Delurin
    May 1, 2015 at 7:18 am #

    I prefer minion trainer because it is extremely easy to add new criteria for sending out minions if you want to add sending by highest stamina you just need to add this to selectablePriorities

    [“Highest Stamina”]=function(adventure)
    return function(m1,m2)
    return (m1.stamina/m1.staminaMax) > (m2.stamina/m2.staminaMax)

  6. forbiddenlake
    May 1, 2015 at 10:37 am #

    On the chat spam (for Minion Sender at least), you’re scrolling too fast. I’m guessing the Minion server needs to get the request and send back the response, but you’re scrolling before the response gets back and MS is sending the same request again. If you scroll slower you will only get one scroll per action.

    • May 1, 2015 at 5:26 pm #

      Yea, Minion Trainer (I assume that’s what you meant since Minion Sender doesn’t output info to chat) is kind of inconvenient because of that. I don’t want to slowly scroll whilst I’m doing other stuff on the screen; I’d rather just keep scrolling until it completes.

  7. May 1, 2015 at 10:53 pm #

    I have used and liked Minion Sender. It saves me a lot of clicking while I level my toons, automating tasks that I would have done during gameplay.

  8. Devoras
    May 2, 2015 at 12:54 am #

    Thank you! This is especially useful in warfronts, Nightmare Rifts and other situations when opening the minion window can be lethal ;).

  9. June 4, 2015 at 12:28 pm #

    Minion Trainer 2.0 addresses a lot of the issues mentioned and adds “profiles” that let you switch between configurations with a single click. For example:

    Use the “Grind Materials” profile while playing to get crafting materials (5/15 minute adventure, minion with best statistics while reserving 10 stamina). Before logging off, hover over the icon and select “Overnight” (8 hr, best stats, shuffle away dimension adventures using aventurine).

    Picture of the icon & hover

    Other things to note:
    – No chat spam by default (good feedback on that).
    – Set a hurry threshold. Missions will be hurried and collected when they cost less than this much.
    – Leave attractor minions unclaimed.
    – Alternates sends & claims to process cycle through multiple completed adventures faster.

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