RIFT News Tidbits 2nd-4th May 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 2nd-4th May 2015.


  • Lower Upgrade Costs for T2. HK-dropped gear will have its upgrade cost reduced, and epic sidegrade costs for T2 store-bought gear will also have its cost reduced. These now only cost a single amender and the amender tier will be lowered by one (i.e. from the highest tier amender to the second-highest). Changes will be up on PTS with next update (so not on Live yet). [r]
    • Trion might also look at cost of consumables/sigil upgrades as well. No ETA or details. [r]
  • Other T2 Gear Changes.
    • Akylios-dropped weapons are now relic from the start.
    • Amount of Eyes of Untold Madness dropped from HK has increased. [r]
    • These changes are probably on the PTS still.
  • Ability Lag Feedback Required. Are you experiencing ability lag in instanced content? Dev SupermanSocks has created a thread asking for any information you can provide on when it occurs, what boss you were fighting at the time, what shard and other information to help track down the cause of the issue. Check out the thread here.
  • HK IA Update. Hammerknell IAs on the PTS have gotten some changes/fixes based on feedback from the last two playtests:
    • Aggressive teleport prompts potentially resolved.
    • End-of-Wing portals now send you directly to current adventure location instead of at the start of the wing.
    • Boss’ hp adjusted and new non-kill adventures added in. [r]
  • More IA Info. Tacitus went over a few more things in relation to Instant Adventures: [r]
    • Tarken Glacier IAs slated for 3.3.
    • There is equal chance of getting any particular zone, with 8 classic zones, 11 SL and 1 NT zone in the rotation.
    • This week Tacitus will take a look at SL IA content to fix respawn rates so that next week SL IAs should run smoother.
    • With this week’s hotfix, IAs should change zones more often from their current 30% chance after any boss to 50% in this week’s hotfix.
  • Additional Reward for HK IAs. Tacitus reiterated that HK IAs would have increased rewards, although these will be added in a week after the release of HK IAs. ETA on HK IAs still unknown. [r] Current plans include:
    • More currency reward; and
    • Chance to get level scaled-down versions of gear dropped from normal raid, with Level 65 versions being upgradeable. No info on exactly what the stats on the gear will be like.
  • Thalcrystal Ring Issue. Meteorblade on the RIFT Forums has identified an issue with the upgrades for Thalcrystal Ring. It starts off as a Rogue Tanking Ring and then transforms into a Warrior Tanking Ring the higher the upgrade. Morticus has stated he will take a look at this. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • WGS – Thriller! [Dimension]. Feendish takes a tour of Alliandre@Brutwacht’s “WGS – Thriller!”. A great homage to the famous “Thriller” music video by Michael Jackson, this dimension has everything, from the theater at the start to the graveyard (and even a zombie’s arm sticking out, ready to burst into dance!). Check out a preview of this awesome dimension here!
  • SlashFlex Eonx – Spilled Milk [PvP][Video]. Eonx has uploaded a compilation footage of some of his warfronts. Check it out here!
  • Warfront Mix [PvP][Video]. Sekirach has uploaded a highlights reel of some of his pvp warfronts in fast-forward. Check it out here!

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