RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #6

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Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #6 as at 5/13/15 7:30 AM PDT (NA) and 5/14/15 1:00 AM GMT (EU).

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Razorback Roundup Extended. Now lasts until Monday May 18th at 3:30PM ST. [Guide]
  • Hammerknell Instant Adventures. Various fixes and adjustments. All major bosses in HK IA now drops a special Hammerknell Adventure Cache.
    • These give higher currency payouts and chance to drop Rare/Epic equipment.
    • Upgrade paths for Level 65 HK IA-dropped gear will be coming in the future.
    • Rare chance at dropping Armored Murdantix Mount. (Probably referring to the Swift Armored Murdantix Bridle).
  • Return to Hammerknell.
    • Apostles of Jornaru have a larger gcd after using Aqueous Bolt.
    • Zilas no longer has headlight beams.
    • Various 2-handed Relic weapons from HK have had their procs improved.
    • Even though it isn’t mentioned in the patch notes, the HK Itemization changes from previous PTS Updates has been added onto Live. [r]
  • Crafting Adjustments.
    • Apothecary Phenomenal recipes now give 3x pots, but require 2x mats.
RIFT 3.2 Hot Fix #6 – 05/13/15
* Resolved another sound related crash.
* Fix map rendering issues on low-quality renderer.

* Razorback Roundup has been extended! It now lasts until Monday May 18th, 3:30 PM server time!


* There should now always be targets available for kill adventures.
* The number of objectives needed now scales more smoothly based on group size.

* Increased the spawn rate of many non-kill objectives.
* Added a second teleport portal immediately in front of the player respawn position to help players catch up to the action.
* In the Stoneborn Harbor, moved all non-kill objectives out of the entry hall and into the main play space.
* Fixed an issue with all poison clouds spawning immediately in the Barrel Bashers adventure.
* Akylios:
– Waves in the encounter now will be cast every 20 seconds, up from every 10 seconds.
– The Devour broadcast now indicates players should interrupt this ability.
– The Devour cast time has been increased to 5 seconds, up from 3 seconds.
* Inquisitor Garau: This encounter is now broken up into 3 distinct objectives to match the stages of the encounter.
* Sicaron: Lowered the damage of Putrefying Burst.
* Vladmal Prime: Fixed the radius of ‘s Negative and Positive Energy Overload to no longer one shot players teleporting into this IA encounter.

* All major boss adventures (Murdantix, Zilas, Estrode, Akylios, etc) are now guaranteed to drop an Adventure Cache!
* These Adventure Caches have a higher payout in currencies, and have a chance to drop level appropriate Rare or Epic equipment specific to Hammerknell Instant Adventures!
* All item drops for pre-level 60 have seen a power increase, and are broken up into tiers, one for every ten levels.
– Level requirements will always start at the bottom of the tier, and power levels will be balanced towards the top of the tier.
* Want these items to get even better? Hang tight! Upgrade paths for level 65 weapons and armor are coming in a future update!
* If you’re lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive Armored Murdantix mount inside one of these caches.

* Invasion Commanders are more clearly marked and should scale with population better now.



* Apostles of Jornaru now have a larger global cooldown after using Aqueous Bolt.
* Long ago, when the Soulrender Zilas was known only as Zilas, he was traveling the long roads. Weary from his travel, he stopped at the edge of the Plane Touched Wilds to rest, and it was there that his life changed. For there was a scoundrel lurking in the shadows, watching Zilas as he unpacked his goods and set up camp.

It was well known to all that traveling tinkers such as Zilas often carried trinkets of great worth, and the clever rogue planned on taking some of the goods for himself. As darkness fell, he leapt from his hiding place, casting incapacitate. In the end, the scouldrel stole three things from Zilas: Bowlf the talking potato, Kytus the houndpup, and a pair of blue suede socks.

When Zilas came to his senses, he was enraged. He vowed never to let himself be attacked by a stealthy rogue again, and spent long hours teaching himself how to see stealth from a distance. This ability was not perfect, as once a rogue got next to Zilas, the ability to dispel stealth failed. Until recently, this spell was denoted by headlight beams coming out of Zilas’ eyes. This warning let rogues know when not to approach and, well… blinded Zilas quite badly. After practicing this spell, Zilas has finally learned how to suppress his headlight beams while still being able to prevent rogues from stealthing when around him.

– Too long didn’t read? Zilas no longer has headlight beams.


* The Phenomenal Apothecary recipes now output three times the amount of Wellsprings, Vials, Potions, Bottles, Philters, Serums and Tonics, but require twice the amount of components.

* Two-handed Relic weapons from Hammerknell have been improved. These items now have effects on them equivalent to using a mainhand and an off-hand together. This affects the following items:
– Takrona, the Twisted Divine
– Aglinar, Beacon of Hope
– Davvro, the World’s Spine
– Mordrig, the Dreadnaut’s Call
– Granthor, the Forsaken Blade
– Egrandor, Devourer of Souls
– Thrandor, the Soul Splitter
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 13th MAY 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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2 Comments on “RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #6”

  1. Vylnax@Brutwacht
    May 14, 2015 at 3:35 am #

    Is it intentional that the boots from the nightmare chaches from bosses have hit? I got some and they have 125hit, my expert epic boots doesnt. Thats some nice extra hit rating but i think its a bug 😉

    • May 14, 2015 at 4:57 am #

      Most likely a bug. There seems to be a few from there.

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