RIFT Behind the Scenes: Chris “Tacitus” Cates

RIFT Behind the Scenes Chris Tacitus Cates Feature Image

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Trion Worlds has posted a “RIFT Behind the Scenes: Chris “Tacitus” Cates” Article on the Rift main website. The article can be found in full here.

Tacitus is a Senior Content Designer and responsible for a lot of open world content. He is currently most well-known for Instant Adventures, including the recent Hammerknell Instant Adventures that you can access via the Instant Adventure window (default key “.“).

About Tacitus:

  • Tacitus is a Senior Content Designer on RIFT who has been with Trion for about 5 and a half years.
  • Tacitus’ name comes from a Roman historian of the same name.
  • Tacitus is responsible for Instant Adventures and keeps an eye on older content like world events so they work properly as Trion introduces new content.

The Future:

  • Tacitus is working on Tarken Glacier Instant Adventures right now.
  • He would love to do more raid IAs such as for Planebreaker Bastion and Infernal Dawn.
  • Would love to work on raid IAs side-by-side with the Raid Team as they develop new raids.

Question for the Players:

  • “Where do you want to go in Instant Adventure next? What raids? What zones? Do you have any cool ideas you’d like to see us implement?”. You can post your response in the official thread here.

If you’re interested in the full details, check out the article here. You can also discuss the article here.

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One Comment on “RIFT Behind the Scenes: Chris “Tacitus” Cates”

  1. yshaarj
    May 21, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    I cant even post my opinions in the forum, the rules are too hard, and im banned, just for pointing out (not even with bad words) the fail of carnival of ascended mats

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