RIFT Live Datamining for 20th May 2015

LIVE Datamining for 20th May 2015 Feature Image

Below you can find interesting datamined files from the Live client for RIFT 3.2: Hotfix #7 patch. There’s some new skins, although there are also repeats from Hotfix #6’s datamining (i.e. Nightmare Squirrel Mount, Backpack models and the Western Hat).


  • New Costume.
  • Wings.

As always, everything below is subject to change and even though these were datamined from the Live client, they might end up not appearing (or appearing months later). A lot of the stuff below is pure speculation based on files found and thus might be completely wrong.

New Costume

New Costume 20th May 2015

A new collection of three skins popped up in the data files. The top-left looks like shoulders, top-right are gloves and the bottom would be the shoes (likely heels for female). It could also just be corrections/adjustments to an existing set.

Interestingly, a costume set that has been datamined months ago but has never appeared on Live came up again with the latest hotfix files:

Grass Costume Skin

It was established a while ago that the costume uses the exact same design as the Cleric Fairy pet, but that it is clearly meant for the players because it is a lot more detailed and stand-alone compared to the Fairy pet’s skin as shown below:

Fairy Pet Skin

Fairy Pet Skin

Also, unlike the Fairy Pet Skin, the player version is transparent in the areas where there’s supposed to be skin, because players have different skin colors. You can see in the Fairy Pet Skin that the skin is attached to the outfit because there’s no need to separate outfit from the ‘body’ of the mob (mobs don’t get wardrobe!).

Here’s an idea of what it’ll probably look like (but with a bit more detail) based on the Cleric Fairy combat pet:

Cleric Fairy Combat Pet Front

Cleric Fairy Combat Pet – Front

Cleric Fairy Combat Pet Back

Cleric Fairy Combat Pet – Back

So (hopefully) look forward to getting your own fairy outfit! In fact, perhaps the Twyl costume skins datamined last week might be the Male version, with the above being the Female version.

Also, we finally have a skin for wings…


Wing Skin

Wing Skin

Finally, after all the datamining potentially pointing to evidence of player fairy wings, there’s a skin in this week’s hotfix files that shows these blue wings. Potentially another piece to add to the growing evidence of player wings.

The Evidence

Here’s a summary of what we’ve found thus far:

1. Human Fairy Wing Rig

Fairy Wing Skeleton Datamine

Fairy Wing Skeleton Datamine

‘human_male_wing_fairy.ma’ rig was found last year. This could be for player wings, but it could also refer to the rigs for mobs like Prince Hylas and Twyl (although they are technically elves, not humans).

2. More Wing Rigs

Wing Export Reward Rigs

Back in March 2015, some data files showed more wings that had the interesting filepath “/reward/”. A new quest reward? Lockbox drop? These referred to a ‘wing_100_export.ma’ and ‘wing_101_export.ma’. One of them seems to use the Messengers of the Vigil’s angelic wings.

Again, this could just be wing rigs for mobs and for some strange reason Trion chose to put it under ‘reward’ and have ‘reward’ in the file name.

3. Fairy_Wings_01 Icon

Rift Icons March 2015 Fairy Costume Items

Fairy Costume Icons

The above icons were found in a March update of the Assets folder on Trion’s FTP server. It seemed like the ‘fairy_wings_01’ icon related to the other ‘fairy_[slot]_01’ icons so would likely be part of a costume bundle.

4. Fairy Costume Bundle

And finally, last week’s hotfix added the skins for the fairy costume bundle. Icons match up with the skins, which uses Twyl’s outfit.

Fairy Costume Skins

Fairy Costume Skins

Blue Wings

Are the blue wings really player wings? It’s not confirmed yet and at this point it’s all just speculation. However, the above skins and rigs seem to point towards player wings, with these Blue Wings perhaps being the start.

Trion has been silent on this potential new addition to the game. When asked in the past, a “no comment” was provided. However, with this new ‘wing skin’ and last week’s fairy costume skins, we might really be getting player wings in the game.

…or maybe it’s for a new Cleric fairy combat pet skin…

A small amount of files with this week’s hotfix, but that ‘blue wing’ skin could really open the doors for a whole slew of player wings. If I had to guess, the fairy-themed costumes will probably be added in with the Summerfest World Event. Trion has provided no indication of a date for Summerfest, but it will probably occur late June/early July.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining of the PTS and Live clients.

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