Sale: 50% off Nightmare Tide Packs

RIFT Nightmare Tide Promo Feature Image

Trion is holding a sale of their Nightmare Tide Packs for RIFT with 50% off the Infusion and Ultimate Nightmare Editions. They now cost $25 and $75 respectively.

Note: Typhoon Edition is not discounted and remains at $25.

The packs are available for purchase here. More information on the packs is available here.

The 50% discount lasts until May 26th. [r]

Infusion Edition

The Infusion Edition is now $50 $25 and includes:

  • 2 New Equipment Slots* (Earrings)
  • Exclusive Nightmare Tide Bag Slot*
  • Manugo League Membership (Earn more Manugo notoriety)
  • Planewalker: Water (To unlock access to some pieces of gear)
  • Title: the Typhoon
  • “Instant Level 60” (Consumable, can be traded. Will be sent to a single character)
  • Additional Bank Vault Slot*
  • Aquatic Dimension Pack
  • Exclusive Bloop the Jellyfish Companion Pet
  • Additional Minion Slot* (Doesn’t apply if you’re already maxed on Minion Slots)
  • Nightmare Portrait
  • Shimmering Nightmare Orb (Unlimited-use dream orb, but gives lower stats than Greater/Savant orbs)
  • 2 Void Source Accelerators (For upgrades)
  • 2 Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators (For upgrades)
  • Delving Diver’s Helm (costume)

*Additional Slots are only applied to accounts that have not purchased a RIFT Nightmare Tide Digital edition in the past. If you have already received these benefits they will not stack.

Ultimate Nightmare Edition

The Ultimate Nightmare Edition is now $150 $75 and Includes:

  • Everything from the Infusion Edition, plus
  • 4 Void Source Accelerators (so 6 in total)
  • 4 Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators (so 6 in total)
  • Cobalt Thresher Mount – Amphibious, 155% mount speed.
  • Abyssal Satchel 36 slot bag
  • Dimension Shadow Scion
  • Planewalker’s Call (Ability that allows you to summon your raid to you. Has a cooldown)
  • Prefix Title: Planewalker
  • Nightmare Cosmetic Weapons
  • Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye
  • Combat Pet Skin: Abyssal Crab

The packs are available for purchase here. More information on the packs is available here.

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