Rift Wardrobe: Faction Gear

Rift Wardrobe Faction Gear Feature Image

This week on Rift Wardrobe we’ll take a look at faction-specific gear and how to obtain them. It pays to have at least one character on each faction (Guardian/Defiant) for wardrobe-collecting purposes!

Table of Contents:

  • General Info
  • PvP Faction Gear
  • Notoriety Faction Gear
  • Wardrobe Spotlight

General Info

There are two major factions in RIFT: Guardians and Defiants. For a time they were at each others’ throats, but the dangers beyond the rift forced them into somewhat of a truce. These days new gear uses the same models for both factions, but did you know that in the past, there were separate appearances for Guardians and Defiants?

The major differences come from PvP gear and faction-specific notoriety gear.

PvP Faction Gear

Differences in armor and weapon models based on Faction primarily involves PvP Gear, so I’ll start with that.

PvP gear requires Favor currency to obtain. This is gained from performing various PvP-related activities such as PvP quests, winning/losing warfronts, at Conquest end and killing other players.

If you want all the faction-specific PvP gear unlocks, you’ll need a total of 54,000 Favor. A select few also require notoriety in one of the PvP factions that you gain via completing old PvP quests or through certain warfronts.

RIFT Store

The RIFT Store is the main place you can go to look for PvP gear. Unfortunately the PvP category has been removed because in Nightmare Tide, there is no longer any PvP-specific gear.

However, you can still find ‘some’ of the old PvP gear under RIFT Store (default key “]“) -> Equipment -> Armor/Weapons. Some of the armor pieces are also accessible via RIFT Store -> Wardrobe -> Costumes.

RIFT Store Filters for PvP

RIFT Store Filter PvP Armor and Weapons

By using the above filters, you’ll be able to find all the PvP Armor that is available on the RIFT Store.

There’s 5 sets of PvP armor that differ between Guardians and Defiants available on the RIFT Store. Maximum cost is 34k favor, so you only need that much for the armor. For weapons, you’ll need 54k.

PvP Armor

You’ll notice that there’s similarities between both Guardian and Defiant PvP armor, with differences in color and sometimes in the pattern details on the outfits. These will also be similar to their raid armor counterparts.

Main difference will be with Helm and Shoulders.

Cleric PvP Armor

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Cleric

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Cleric

Liberator, Redeemer, Exemplar, Archangelic, Virtuous

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Cleric

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Cleric

Cavalier, Repudiator, Retributor, Heretic, Harbinger

Mage PvP Armor

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Mage

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Mage

Diviner, Seer, Clairvoyant, Soothsayer, Overseer

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Mage

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Mage

Spellbinder, Occultist, Theurgist, Virtuoso, Savant.

Warrior PvP Armor

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Warrior

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Warrior

Protector, Tactician, Sentinel, Vanguard, Avenger

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Warrior

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Warrior

Mercenary, Legionnaire, Brigadier, Conqueror, Vanquisher.

Rogue PvP Armor

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Rogue

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Rogue

Pathfinder, Seeker, Stalker, Criterion, Pathfinder. (Yes, both the left-most and right-most outfits are called ‘Pathfinder’).

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Rogue

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Rogue

Betrayer, Seditionist, Vigilante, Nihilist, Reaper.

PvP Weapons

PvP Weapons are markedly different between Guardians and Defiants for those that are available in the RIFT Store. Below you can check out the gear models introduced when Ember Isle was opened up. The most expensive ones are 54k favor.

Guardian PvP Weapons

Guardians light the way. Their weapons are white, gray, gold with what looks to be blue sourcestone. Angels, wings and lions/eagles are a common motif.

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Weapons

Wardrobe PvP Guardian Weapons

Defiant PvP Weapons

Dirty Defiants (jk) have a blend of tribal- (thanks to Kelari/Bahmi) and technology- (thanks to Eth) based weaponry.

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Weapons

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Weapons

Other Weaponry

There’s a whole range of other models you can find from low-level PvP weaponry on the RIFT Store that you might be interested in collecting. A few of these do require PvP faction notoriety though. Below are some examples:

Wardrobe PvP Defiant Weapons 2

Wardrobe PvP Low-level Defiant Weapons

PvP Vendors

PvP Armor/Weapon sets introduced during the Storm Legion expansion are not available on the RIFT Store outside of certain Credits-only bundles under RIFT Store -> Wardrobe.

You will need to go to Tempest Bay’s Armory /setwaypoint 13000 11705 where all the PvP vendors are to access these costume pieces. These are not faction-specifc so I won’t show the armor here, but I’m mentioning these because there are models that you can no longer obtain.

Warlord and Myrmidon Weapons

Back in Storm Legion you gained Warlord and Myrmidon Marks when completing PvP dailies/weeklies. These can be used to upgrade Freelancer (the base gear) to Warlord and Myrmidon gear respectively.

These marks have been retired, and as such you can no longer upgrade these weapons. Unfortunately, this means you can no longer obtain the Warlord and Myrmidon weapon models, as shown below:

Wardrobe PvP Weaponry Warlord Myrmidon

Wardrobe PvP Weaponry Warlord Myrmidon

I’ve started a thread on the RIFT Forums’ Suggestions sub-forum in hopes that Trion either allows us to purchase Warlord/Myrmidon upgrade components for favor-only, or brings back Warlord/Myrmidon marks in some way so we can obtain these models.

Other Ways to Obtain PvP Faction Gear

Other ways to obtain PvP Faction Gear include:

  • For Credits via RIFT Store -> Wardrobe.
  • Random chance drop from lockboxes.
  • Random chance drop from fishing using Uncle Stan’s Super Secret Lure or the Lure of Planar Distortion.

Notoriety Faction Gear

There are also models that are restricted based on your faction that can only be obtained through having the appropriate open world/zone notoriety.

These can be found in general on the RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Armor or Weapons, or from the RIFT Store -> Wardrobe -> Costumes.

Gaining Notoriety

You can gain notoriety either via completing dungeons in the zone that is associated with the notoriety faction, turning in Commendations of Renown/Mark of Notoriety to the appropriate vendors or through completing quests (or killing mobs) in the relevant zone.

You can track your current notoriety with the various notoriety factions under Character (default key “c“) -> Notoriety.

Commendations of Renown

Commendations of Renown are gained by opening Instant Adventure Caches which are gained randomly when completing Instant Adventures. Turn-ins are as follows:

  • Tacitus the Elder at Flargle Plaza, Draumheim. /setwaypoint 5476 5589. [Location]
  • Tacitus the Elder in Tempest Bay. /setwaypoint 13106 11518. [Location]
  • Sergeant Deucer in Sanctum. /setwaypoint 7403 2960. [Location]
  • Optio Lyis in Meridian. /setwaypoint 6174 5148. [Location]

Marks of Notoriety turn-in NPCs are usually close by.

Kelari Set [Both]

Wardrobe Kelari Set

Wardrobe Kelari Set

The Kelari set hails from Ember Isle. It requires either ‘Kelari Expedition’ [Defiant] or ‘The Farclan’ [Guardian] notoriety, which you can get from completing quests on Ember Isle using a character from the respective faction.

For Defiants it is called “Kelari” set whereas for Guardians it is called “Captured Kelari” set.

  • Kelari Headdress. Requires: Kelari Expedition/The Farclan: Revered. Cost: 2,000 Sourcestone.
  • Kelari Leggings. Requires: Kelari Expedition/The Farclan: Decorated. Cost: 3,000 Sourcestone.
  • Kelari Ornaments. Requires: Kelari Expedition/The Farclan: Honored. Cost: 3,000 Sourcestone.

Note: Only the Kelari Set is available on the RIFT Store. For Guardians, you will need to speak to the Farclan Quartermaster “Nyla Grilden” at /setwaypoint 13457 2772 on Ember Isle for the ‘Captured Kelari’ Set.

Farclan Set [Both]

Wardrobe Farclan Set

Wardrobe Farclan Set

The Farclan set also comes from Ember Isle. This set also requires ‘Kelari Expedition’ [Defiant] or ‘The Farclan’ [Guardian] notoriety gained from Ember Isle as a Defiant or Guardian respectively.

For Defiants it is called “Captured Farclan” set whereas for Guardians it is called “Farclan” set.

  • Farclan Headdress. Requires: Kelari Expedition/The Farclan: Revered. Cost: 2,000 Sourcestone.
  • Farclan Gloves. Requires: Kelari Expedition/The Farclan: Decorated. Cost: 1,000 Sourcestone.

Note: Only the Captured Farclan Set is available on the RIFT Store. For Guardians, you will need to speak to the Farclan Quartermaster “Nyla Grilden” at /setwaypoint 13457 2772 on Ember Isle for the ‘Farclan’ Set.

Keeper Set [Both]

Wardrobe The Keeper Set

Wardrobe The Keeper Set

The Keeper set comes from completing a variety of daily quests on Ember Isle gained from Ember Watch NPCs at /setwaypoint 13064 3452 on Ember Isle.

  • Keeper’s Cap. Requires: The Keepers: Honored. Cost: 2,000 Sourcestone.
  • Keeper’s Mantle. Requires: The Keepers: Honored. Cost: 2,000 Sourcestone.
  • Keeper’s Jerkin. Requires: The Keepers: Revered. Cost: 3,000 Sourcestone.
  • Keeper’s Leggings. Requires: The Keepers: Revered. Cost: 3,000 Sourcestone.
  • Keeper’s Gloves. Requires: The Keepers: Decorated. Cost: 1,000 Sourcestone.
  • Keeper’s Boots. Requires: The Keepers: Decorated. Cost: 1,000 Sourcestone.

Wardrobe Spotlight

Each week on Rift Wardrobe I’ll be taking my little camera and snapping up the latest outfits from the Rift community.


Wardrobe Spotlight Samuraiko

Wardrobe Spotlight – Samuraiko

Samuraiko has an outstanding screenshot of two of her characters that I just couldn’t wait to show you all! Her characters are Chrisanti Kalmar, The Light of Thedeor and Celestine Kalmar, Lady Saint of The Vigil.

Chrisanti Kalmar wears the Keeper’s Plate Epaulets for shoulders and makes good use of a chest piece that is very similar (but different!) to the Radiant Chestplate. The Exceptionally White dye really accentuates the detail in the outfit.

Samuraiko is quite fond of those plate pants. Not exactly sure which it is, but it definitely goes well with a plate-based outfit.

Can’t wait for Samuraiko’s next outfits! In her spare time, Samuraiko makes a variety of game videos. Check out her recent player-made “RIFT – What’s Past is Prologue” video!

Hope this article helps you get started on accessing a whole slew of appearances that you may not even know existed if you have only played on a single faction.

Got any questions or suggestions for future ‘Rift Wardrobe’ articles? Feel free to comment below! If you’ve got any sweet outfits you’ve put together that you’d like to share with other players, send them my way!

Interested in more information regarding obtaining appearances or outfit selection? You can check out past ‘Rift Wardrobe’ articles here.

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5 Comments on “Rift Wardrobe: Faction Gear”

  1. gizmovision
    May 31, 2015 at 9:54 am #

    Will it Waffle?

  2. mycopanther
    May 31, 2015 at 11:13 am #

    Before this was posted i created an alt only to gain favor to buy that awesome looking Guardian weapon set. (I am a Defiant)

    • gizmovision
      May 31, 2015 at 11:31 am #

      yes I did too, but I’m still to find my Guardian ‘toon on the RIFT Mobile App, she’s level 31…more than just a ‘mule’ ‘toon…

  3. May 31, 2015 at 7:27 pm #

    Fantastic stuff! Love the Guardians at the end.

  4. June 5, 2015 at 7:25 am #

    I think the chestpiece on Chrisanti is the Burnished Steel chestpiece. The plate pants are probably the Soldier’s Plate pants, though I could be wrong.

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