RIFT Nightmare Packs Steam Sale!

RIFT Nightmare Tide Promo Feature Image

Steam is having a 50% off sale of RIFT’s Nightmare Packs until 10am PDT on Thursday, 4th June 2015! Yes, the game is free, but on Steam there are Packs you can purchase that contains a variety of additional items.

Steam Nightmare Tide Pack Sale

The 50% discount does not apply to the Typhoon Edition which costs $25.

Infusion Edition

The Infusion Edition is now $50 $25 and includes:

  • 2 New Equipment Slots* (Earrings)
  • Exclusive Nightmare Tide Bag Slot*
  • Manugo League Membership (Earn more Manugo notoriety)
  • Planewalker: Water (To unlock access to some pieces of gear)
  • Title: the Typhoon
  • “Instant Level 60″ (Consumable, can be traded. Will be sent to a single character)
  • Additional Bank Vault Slot*
  • Aquatic Dimension Pack
  • Exclusive Bloop the Jellyfish Companion Pet
  • Additional Minion Slot* (Doesn’t apply if you’re already maxed on Minion Slots)
  • Nightmare Portrait
  • Shimmering Nightmare Orb (Unlimited-use dream orb, but gives lower stats than Greater/Savant orbs)
  • 2 Void Source Accelerators (For upgrades)
  • 2 Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators (For upgrades)
  • Delving Diver’s Helm (costume)

*Additional Slots are only applied to accounts that have not purchased a RIFT Nightmare Tide Digital edition in the past. If you have already received these benefits they will not stack.

Ultimate Nightmare Edition

The Ultimate Nightmare Edition is now $150 $75 and Includes:

  • Everything from the Infusion Edition, plus
  • 4 Void Source Accelerators (so 6 in total)
  • 4 Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators (so 6 in total)
  • Cobalt Thresher Mount – Amphibious, 155% mount speed.
  • Abyssal Satchel 36 slot bag
  • Dimension Shadow Scion
  • Planewalker’s Call (Ability that allows you to summon your raid to you. Has a cooldown)
  • Prefix Title: Planewalker
  • Nightmare Cosmetic Weapons
  • Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye
  • Combat Pet Skin: Abyssal Crab

The packs are available for purchase here. More information on the packs is available here.

The discounts end at 10am PDT on Thursday, 4th July 2015. Check them out here!

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5 Comments on “RIFT Nightmare Packs Steam Sale!”

  1. Zaber
    June 2, 2015 at 11:09 pm #

    I wonder if one can get the $50 pack, that cost $25, end up getting same amount in loyalty if it was $50, then trade the instant 60 for 2 rex then get even more loyalty.

    • June 2, 2015 at 11:33 pm #

      Hmm, that could be quite possible. I don’t think they give you less loyalty if you pay less as the loyalty seems to be attached to the Packs themselves, not the $ cost. Don’t have confirmation on that though.

  2. Shenar
    June 3, 2015 at 3:38 am #

    yes, loyalty is attached to the packs, since by buying it you basically get a code that you apply to rift. I bought the cheapest pack few months back on kinguin for like 10$ and got a code.

  3. Kal Stevens
    June 3, 2015 at 5:21 pm #

    Wasn’t their previously a deal like this where you did not get loyalty at all?
    I thought that it was pretty cheap, but you got no loyalty.

  4. Kal Stevens
    June 3, 2015 at 5:23 pm #

    Can anyone who has purchased this, actually confirm how much loyalty you get?

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