Unicornalia Promo Week is back!

Unicornalia Promo Week Feature Image

Unicornalia Promo Week has begun!

This Promo Week will last from 3:30PM ST on 4th June 2015 until 3:30PM ST on 11th June 2015 (NA)(EU) providing you with quests that reward Sparkle Essence currency required to purchase an Opal Unicorn Mount from a PRI Quartermaster. There is also a rare chance of getting an Onyx Unicorn Mount from Sparkle Troves.

I’ve updated the Unicornalia Promo Week guide so if you need help finding your way around the quests/Promo Week, check it out here:

Nothing has changed from previous Unicornalia Promo Weeks except that Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves are now scaled to Level 65 with a chance of dropping Tier 1 accessories or a Heart of the Frozen (instead of last year’s Level 60 gear).

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