PTS Update + Datamining 5th June 2015

PTS Update + Datamining for 5th June 2015 Feature Image

RIFT updated the Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) on 5th June 2015. TEST-302-59-A-1010223


  • World Event Tab. Summerfest items (incomplete) such as new minion card and wardrobe items.
  • 5th Calling: Primalist. Various tooltips, trainers and class color.
  • New Dimension Items. Additional dimension items: More Interactive Books and RIFT Store-specific Plane of Water items.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

World Event Tab

World Event Tab

Summerfest items are up on the RIFT Store under the World Event tab. Not all of them are up though since there are no Level 65 rings/accessories yet.

  • New Minion Card: Muirden.
  • Accessories are still Level 60. No new ones yet so the items on the PTS are probably not final.
  • Dimension Key: Tulan is not in the World Event tab.
  • New Costumes are up: Fae Finery, Wings, Backpacks and some Primeval Feast costumes.
  • Writ of the Sun Kissed title.
  • ‘Hot Dogs’ Level 65 drink which is Bind on Account and Re-usable with 1hr CD.

Tulan Mini-maps

Tulan Mini-map PTS

Two mini-maps popped up, more than likely for the upcoming Tulan dimension shown in a previous update.

Some additional information on some of the above points below:

Minion Card: Muirden

Minion Card Muirden Summerfest 2015

Minion Card Muirden Summerfest 2015

Summerfest will have a 3-stat Minion Card named Muirden. Normal minion with Life, Hunting and Harvesting stats. Starting stamina is 12 so the max stamina is likely to be 30.
Flavor Text: “Uses mud as a sun block. Well, tells his friends it’s mud anyway.”

Costs 750 Credits (675 for Patron). Doesn’t have a Summerfest currency option.

New Summerfest Costumes

Summerfest 2015 Costumes 1

As we’ve seen before, there’s a new Fae Finery Bundle, wings, hat, scuba cap and backpacks.

Costume Capes 29th May 2015 PTS

Fae Finery Outfits on PTS

Fae Finery Outfits on PTS

Scuba Gear

Snorkel and Swim Cap

A few things to note:

  • Fae Finery Bundle is gender-specific. Females get the Fairy Pet costume whilst Males get Twyl’s costume. They are both called Fae Finery.
  • The Fae Finery Bundle is Bind on Pickup.
  • The Fae Finery Bundle includes the Gossamer (blue) Wings. The Arboreal (green/brown) wings are a separate purchase.

Fae Finery Bundle Tooltip

  • The other costumes are Bound on Account.

Given the amount of new costumes that cost Summerfest Friendship Bracelets, you’ll probably want to obtain most of these on alts. They are wardrobe items so they will be collected region-wide (NA or EU).

Primeval Feast Costumes

Primeval Feast Costumes Summerfest 2015

Primeval Feast Costumes Summerfest 2015

Some of the costumes that you can find in the Level 50 Tier 3 10-man Raid “Primeval Feast” have appeared in the World Event tab on the PTS. Not 100% sure if these items appeared in last year’s store.

Swarmlord Khargroth's Impalers Summerfest 2015

Swarmlord Khargroth’s Impalers are probably the most interesting, since they are the same as the ones that drop from Swarmlord Khargroth in “The Exuvia of Khargroth” zone event. They give your eyes are yellow/green glow.

Not 100% sure if the eye-glow works if you have the shoulders in your wardrobe. They might only work if you physically equip them.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs Consumable Summerfest 2015

There’s a new consumable called “Hot Dogs” which costs 20 Summerfest Merit Badges. It acts like a Level 65 drink, except it is re-usable and has a cooldown of 1hr. Bound to Account.


The upcoming 5th Calling “Primalist” is slated for some time this year. Back in March the name of the 5th Calling slipped onto the PTS via tooltips on various gear.

The Primalist has emerged on the PTS in various forms over the past few updates, although it is not playable.

  • There’s a gap below Rogues in character creation that is probably where the Primalist calling will be located.

Primalist Trainers

Primalist Trainers

Primalist Trainers

First thing you’ll notice as you log into the PTS as a Patron is the new ability “Summon Primalist Trainer”. You’ll also find Trainers at every training area (Tempest Bay and Draumheim trainers pictured above).

As you can see, the NPCs are all Bahmi. And what will the upcoming Planetouched Wilds zone have? Yep, Bahmi. That said, the Primalist may or may not release at the same time as the Planetouched Wilds zone – there’s no information from Trion yet.

Primalist Tooltips

Primalist Tooltips Filters PTS

Just like back in March, the Primalist calling has re-appeared in tooltips and is now visible in RIFT Store filters. It seems to be able to wear Leather, wield a Bow, 1-handed or 2-handed weapons. It does not seem to be able to wield totems or shields.

Of course, as this is on PTS, this might all be placeholder. On top of that, some equipment have Calling tooltips for Callings that won’t use a particular piece of gear. I.e. Warriors and Clerics can wear Leather, but Clerics clearly wouldn’t want to. Thus it’s not certain if Primalists will wear Leather or something else.

Primalist Color

Primalist Color Blue PTS

If you go to Settings -> Interface -> Colors, the ‘Interface – Calling Text’ section has been updated with a new ‘undefined’ Calling. This is clearly the 5th Calling in Rift, Primalist.

Default color for the Primalist (for now) seems to be blue.

New Dimension Items

More Interactive Books

More interactive dimension books have been added to the RIFT Store -> Dimensions -> Interactive.

More Interactive Books Dimension PTS

  • Each one costs 150p or 150 Credits (135 for Patrons).
  • Only Durnes: Ranger is large. The rest are relatively small.
  • As with the only interactive books, they are not scalable.

More Plane of Water Dimension Items

As well as notoriety, artifact vendors and dream weaver trainer/recipes, there’s also Plane of Water dimension items on the RIFT Store itself.

Actually, there’s a lot.

  • RIFT Store -> Dimensions -> Plants. A ton of new dimension items in ‘Aquatic’ heading.
  • RIFT Store -> Dimensions -> Rocks. Wide Goboro Mineral Pool + Marine biomes.

Prices on the RIFT Store range from 30g-40g for most items and 7plat 20g for the larger items.

Here’s screenshots of the various dimension items:

3.3 Dimension Items RIFT Store PTS

Large dimension items.

3.3 Dimension Items RIFT Store PTS 2

3.3 Dimension Items on RIFT Store #2

3.3 Dimension Items RIFT Store PTS 3

3.3 Dimension Items on RIFT Store #3

3.3 Dimension Items RIFT Store PTS 4

3.3 Dimension Items on RIFT Store #4

You can find all these dimension items (including the Artifact vendor ones) on the PTS via player “Markopie” and dimension “Mathosian Cascades”. You can also find all notoriety dimension items mentioned in a previous PTS Update at the bottom ‘frozen lake’ floor of “Markopie” “Octus Monastery”.

Patch 3.3 is turning out to be quite the dimensions (and crafting) bonanza!

Primalist, Summerfest and more interactive dimension items! CM Ocho hinted that Summerfest wouldn’t be in July. The current speculation is that it might launch late June.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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  1. yshaarj
    June 7, 2015 at 6:06 am #

    If dimensions still gonna be important (so far its just second life) then please ask to add PvE features, since PvP is almost dead overall in the game

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