Sale: 50-75% Summer Sale

Trion is holding a special 50-75% off RIFT Summer Sale for a range of their RIFT-related products from now until June 21st 2015. 75% off some of the Packs makes it the largest discount to date for RIFT-related products!

These discounts are available on Glyph/Trion Worlds website. Steam is also having a similar sale here.

50% off Soul Packs

Storm Dream Soul Pack Discount

The Dream Soul and Storm Soul packs are 50% off! These unlock one additional soul per class.

Dream Soul Pack

Dream Soul Pack.  $34.99 $17.49 (50%). Contains Arbiter, Oracle, Physician, Liberator souls unlock.

  • Arbiter is the Mage’s only Tank soul.
  • Oracle is the Cleric’s only full Support soul.
  • Physician is the Rogue’s Healing soul.
  • Liberator is the Warrior’s only Healing soul.

Storm Soul Pack

Storm Soul Pack: $24.99 $12.49 (50%). Contains Harbinger, Tactician, Defiler, Tempest souls unlock.

  • Harbinger is the Mage’s melee DPS soul. Excellent soul for soloing too.
  • Tactician is used in certain Physician/Tactician healing specs.
  • Defiler is…an interesting soul that provides damage mitigation links to allies, applies certain debuffs to mobs, does okay AoE damage in certain conditions and also has a very powerful healing spell called Unstable Transformation.
  • Tempest is one of the Warrior’s ranged DPS souls (the other being Reaver).

50% off Nightmare Tide

Nightmare Tide Discounts 50%

Nightmare Tide Packs (excluding Typhoon Edition) are 50% off! These contain Earring and Planewalker: Water unlocks, amongst other items.

If you plan on getting the 5th Calling “Primalist” in the future (no ETA) and don’t want to level from scratch, both Infusion and Ultimate Nightmare Editions comes with an “Instant Level 60” bundle that gets you to 60, gives you some starter 60 gear and levels 3 craft profession of your choice to 375.

Infusion Edition

Infusion Edition. $49.99 $24.99 (50%).

  • 2 New Equipment Slots* (Earrings)
  • Exclusive Nightmare Tide Bag Slot*
  • Manugo League Membership (Earn more Manugo notoriety)
  • Planewalker: Water (To unlock access to some pieces of gear)
  • Title: the Typhoon
  • “Instant Level 60” (Consumable, can be traded. Will be sent to a single character)
  • Additional Bank Vault Slot*
  • Aquatic Dimension Pack
  • Exclusive Bloop the Jellyfish Companion Pet
  • Additional Minion Slot* (Doesn’t apply if you’re already maxed on Minion Slots)
  • Nightmare Portrait
  • Shimmering Nightmare Orb (Unlimited-use dream orb, but gives lower stats than Greater/Savant orbs)
  • 2 Void Source Accelerators (For upgrades)
  • 2 Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators (For upgrades)
  • Delving Diver’s Helm (costume)

*Additional Slots are only applied to accounts that have not purchased a RIFT Nightmare Tide Digital edition in the past. If you have already received these benefits they will not stack.

The Infusion Edition also comes with 50,000 Loyalty. [r]

Ultimate Nightmare Edition

Ultimate Nightmare Edition. $149.99 $74.99 (50%).

  • Everything from the Infusion Edition, plus
  • 4 Void Source Accelerators (so 6 in total)
  • 4 Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators (so 6 in total)
  • Cobalt Thresher Mount – Amphibious, 155% mount speed.
  • Abyssal Satchel 36 slot bag
  • Dimension Shadow Scion
  • Planewalker’s Call (Ability that allows you to summon your raid to you. Has a cooldown)
  • Prefix Title: Planewalker
  • Nightmare Cosmetic Weapons
  • Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye
  • Combat Pet Skin: Abyssal Crab

The Ultimate Nightmare Edition also comes with 150,000 Loyalty. [r]

75% off Classic Collector’s Editions

Classic Collector's Pack Discounts

The biggest discounts come from the Classic Collector’s Editions at 75% off the lot!

  • RIFT Classic Collector’s Pack – $39.99 $9.99 (75%)
  • RIFT Upgrade Bundle – $59.99 $14.99 (75%)
  • RIFT Glory of the Ascended Pack – $99.99 $24.99 (75%)
  • RIFT Laethys’ Fortune Pack – $149.99 $37.49 (75%)

You can find out information on each Classic/SL Packs here.

About the Deals

The discounts are pretty amazing, especially for the Classic Collector’s Editions.

Just to give you an idea:

Classic Collector’s Pack

The Classic Collector’s Pack (normally $40, now $10) includes:

  • 30-day Patron, which would cost $15 on a monthly subscription, or just under $10 per month on a yearly subscription.
  • Includes Ancient Tartagon mount (there’s only 3 types of Tartagon mounts in the game!).
  • 24-slot ‘Collector’s Satchel’ bag.
  • 4 Additional Char Slots per shard + 2 additional bag slots per character (for those who haven’t unlocked the base ones already; doesn’t stack).
  • Bogling Wastrel companion pet.

The Patron Pass alone is worth the $10.

Laethys’ Fortune Pack

The Laethys’ Fortune Pack (normally $150, now $37.50) contains a whole plethora of stuff, including:

  • Storm Legion and Dream Soul Packs. That’s normally $60 alone ($25+$35).
  • 90-day Patron, which would cost ~$50 in Credits on the RIFT Store, or $38.97 on a 3-month rolling subscription.
  • 4 Additional Char Slots + 2 Additional Bag Slots (for those who haven’t unlocked the base ones already; doesn’t stack)
  • A variety of mounts and pets.
  • Bonus Skin Color Set, Bonus Hair Color Set and Extended Hair Style Set which cost 4,536 Credits on the RIFT Store (with 10% patron discount).

Laethys’ Fortune Pack gives 105,000 loyalty.

Glory of the Ascended Pack

Already have the Storm Legion and Dream Souls? Not interested in that extra Bonus Skin Color/Hair Color/Style sets? You can still get the 90-day Patron Pass and the rest of what the Laethys’ Fortune Pack offers for $25 from the Glory of the Ascended Pack!

These discounts are available on Glyph/Trion Worlds website. Steam is also having a similar sale here. The discounts last until June 21st 2015!

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5 Comments on “Sale: 50-75% Summer Sale”

  1. Ken
    June 12, 2015 at 4:18 pm #

    Do you happen to know if it’s possible to gift these packs to a friend? I don’t think there are any prominent options during checkout. Haven’t looked on Steam yet.

    • June 12, 2015 at 4:40 pm #

      If you buy on Steam and right-click RIFT in the Steam Library and choose CD Keys it should have a code that you can apply via your account page on RIFT/Trion/Glyph website. So you could send your friend that code. You will need to have RIFT ‘installed’ on Steam to access the CD Key I think. If you don’t normally access RIFT via Steam, you just have to start the download then cancel and the CD Key option should appear from the drop-down menu when you right-click RIFT in the Steam Library.

    • June 13, 2015 at 8:30 am #

      Just wanted to come back and confirm that what you described does work, and doesn’t require that the person you’re sending the gift to have Steam installed. Thanks!

    • June 13, 2015 at 6:30 pm #

      Awesome! Good to hear 😀


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