RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #12

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Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #12 as at 6/17/15 7:30 AM PDT (NA) and 6/18/15 1:00 AM GMT (EU).

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You’ll notice a popup message when you try to update. Do not fear! Just hit “Yes” and patch away!

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Summerfest 10hr Promo Adventures are back! The Summerfest Minion 10hr Promo Adventures are back! Find them within the 10hr adventure deck! Just note that Trion has changed the world event promo adventures so that they no longer guarantee a lockbox at 6-star ratings. It’s not a chance drop at 6-stars.
    • These adventures will be available until the 9th of July, a week after Summerfest ends. (since they were delayed by a week).
  • Other Summerfest-related Info:
    • Most of the major Summerfest bugs have been squashed.
    • All scavenger hunts can now be picked up as early as Level 10. They now also pay out less experience to players over level 50.
  • The Sheepening. All NPCs in Margle Palace have been replaced with sheep for performance-based testing. If you still experience those massive FPS drops specific to Margle Palace, please post info here.
  • Potential Crash Fix for Vista. If you are still having issues, please provide any feedback you can here.
  • Class-related Info:
    • Tanks’ 40pt root ability now increases tank’s threat modifier on all threat generated rather than generating threat each time the tank damages a foe. Still scales with Endurance. Should also help reduce the server-side resources that tanks used to take up.
    • Cleric Purifier. Bug fix so Eruption doesn’t consume spell reflect abilities on buffed ally.
    • Cleric Warden. Range of Geyser, Overflowing Renewal, Orbs of the Tide (proc), Healing Flood and Monsoon AoE heal effects have been increased to 30m.
    • Mage Chloromancer. Range of Wild Growth, Flourish, Natural Splendor and Withering Vine AoE heal effects have been increased to 30m.
  • Interactive Dimension Books. Additional interactive dimension books have been added to the RIFT Store (default key “]“) -> Dimensions -> Interactive.
RIFT 3.2 Hot Fix #12 – 06/17/15

* The Summerfest Promotional Minion Adventures are now available, and will remain available until the 9th of July.
* Quest: Find the Tree of Wisdom in Gloamwood: This quest now works once more.
* The week 1 Scarwood Scavenger Hunt should properly credit its completion towards the quest “The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt, Part 1”.
* The achievements “Summertime Scavengry” and “What Vacation?” have been updated to reflect quests currently available.
* All scavenger hunt quests are now available starting at level 10.
* All scavenger hunt quests now pay out less XP to players over level 50.

* Implemented a potential crash fix for Windows Vistas users.
* The Rainbow Trophy Fish has been re-added to the Nightmare Tide Trophy fishing achievement.

* Tanks: 40 point root abilities in Tank souls now increase the tank’s threat modifier on all threat generated, rather than generating threat each time the tank damages a foe.


* Fixed a bug that caused the damage effect from Eruption to consume Spell Reflect abilities on the Purifier’s buffed ally.

* The following spells have had their AoE Heal effects’ radii increased to 30m:
– Geyser
– Overflowing Renewal
– Orbs of the Tide (Proc effect)
– Healing Flood
– Monsoon


* Chloromancer: The following spells have had their AoE Heal effects’ radii increased to 30m:
– Wild Growth
– Flourish
– Natural Splendor
– Withering Vine


* Margle Palace: All NPC models have been replaced by sheep so that we can investigate the performance issues in this location. We have dubbed it The Sheepening. For more details, please review Ocho’s thread for additional details. (And puns. Lots and lots of puns.)

* There are new interactive books now available on the Store, including small and open models. They can be purchased for Credits or platinum.

* The stats on the Refined Thalcrystal Ring, Phenomenal Thalcrystal Ring, Illustrious Thalcrystal Ring and Exalted Thalcrystal Ring have been fixed to be consistent with the upgrade path.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 17th JUNE 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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2 Comments on “RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #12”

  1. Rocobus
    June 20, 2015 at 8:31 pm #

    Now only 10h event – adventures are working?? except firework, dimension item and event currency, nothing is special in loot??

    • June 20, 2015 at 9:38 pm #

      10hr adventure deck should have multiple Summerfest promo adventures. You do have a chance at a Limited Edition: Nightmare Squirrel Trove and a Summerfest Friendship Bracelet; but those aren’t guaranteed.

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