RIFT News Tidbits 25th June 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 25th June 2015.

  • Summerfest World Event. The Summerfest World Event is on-going. There’s scavenger hunts, dailies, fishing and more! Check out the sidebar for links to various Summerfest-related guides!


  • Planned Region Downtime. RIFT is going down for RIFT 3.2 Hotfix #14 tomorrow. Estimated downtime is ~1hr. (Most likely to fix issues with Temporal Flux Promo Week).
  • Temporal Flux Promo Week Begins. The Temporal Flux Promo Week is back with the Black Empyreal Walker Mount. You can find out more information about the promo week here.
    • Event runs from 25th June 3:30PM Server Time to 2nd July 3:30PM ST.
    • “I’m All Gears” achievement found under Achievements -> Promotions currently cannot be completed. Trion is aware of the issue. [r]
    • “Smashing the Competition” quest requires Level 60 dungeon completion. Level 65 does not work.
  • Trion Teases New Game. Trion has posted on their main twitter handle a website and image of a demon. After some internet detective work, it seems that Trion is going to be the Western publisher for Devilian Online! More info here!
  • PTS-related:
    • Further Mage Changes. Red Hawk has updated PTS and wants your best parses. Please post them here.
      • Furious Assault now reduces GCD to 1.25/1 and mana cost by 16/33%.
      • Phase Step now makes your next 3 ST damaging spells cast within 30sec teleport you to the target of your spell. No longer does damage.
      • (Thanks to Burninalways for posting the info!)
    • Planar Crafting Stats. Morticus has stated that stats/bonuses on planar crafted gear no final. Had internal discussion about it today. [r]
    • Planar Crafting Recipes. All recipes are now available via new vendor in Master Mode Dummy Foundry on the PTS. Includes crafting rift lures. I’ll have an article about it tomorrow but if you have access to the PTS, you can check them all out now!
  • Minion Card Database updated. The Minion Card Database has been updated with the following additions:
    • Kepple confirmed as drop from Stan’s Super Secret Lure. (Thanks to Norelko for the info!)
    • Lyle has 30 max stamina, 7 Life and 18 Assassination.
    • Milkweed has 30 max stamina, 7 Fire and 18 Harvesting.
    • Queen Zr’Bzz has 20 max stamina, 17 Air and 18 Life. (Thanks to delurin for the info!)

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Watch and Win – Arclight Rider Mount Giveaway [Contest]. Intim has begun a new giveaway to win an Arclight Rider mount! Just leave your charname@shardname in his video here for a chance to win! Contest ends Tuesday, 30th June 2015 at 7PM BST.
  • New Silver’s Retreat [Dimension]. Dimension Diva over at The Dimension Touring Company previews some fascinating housing work by Silverdoll@Gelidra in their latest “New Silver’s Retreat” dimension. Check it out here!

Missed out on some news? Check out the full list of RIFT News Tidbits here or check out the PTS/Live Comparison Page for a summary of upcoming changes. Patch Notes, PTS Updates, Datamining and Livestream Summaries are also available.

If you’re interested in the latest RIFT contests or upcoming events, check out RiftGrate’s ‘Upcoming RIFT Events‘ page and calendar.

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