PTS Update for 25th June 2015

RIFT updated the Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) on 25th June 2015. TEST-302-76-A-1015606. Planar Crafting NPC is up for test purposes, further Mage Harbinger changes and upcoming 3.3 crafted weapon costumes have had their skins updated!


  • Planar Crafting NPC. Check Master Mode Dummy Foundry for new NPC with all Planar Crafting items.
  • Weapon Costume Crates Updated. Changed skins, including some with vfx.
  • Further Mage Harbinger Changes. Send parses to Red Hawk!

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Planar Crafting NPC

Location Axis Mundi Master Mode Dummy Foundry Planar Crafting PTS

The venerable “Axis Mundi” NPC is now available in Master Mode Dummy Foundry on the PTS. He will sell you the Planar Crafting-related test packs.

Planar Crafting Test Packs

  • These packs cost 1 silver each.
  • The crafting profession packs contain all Planar Craft recipes for that profession.
  • Planar Crafting Materials contains 99x of each Impenetrable + Impenetrable Mote craft material.
  • Planar Crafting Rift Lures contains 99x of each Planar Crafting Rift Lure.

Planar Crafting Mats Lures

As mentioned previously, the new crafting rifts can only be opened in Tarken Glacier. Also, these rifts will have ‘special crafting workstations’ at the center of the rift.

It’s still unknown how exactly we’ll obtain ‘Imperishable [element] Motes’. Are they salvaged from the relic mats at the special craft workstations, or are they needed to create the relic component? Or perhaps they are obtained via another means, like a more common drop from the craft rifts? Unknown at this stage.

Note: Since NPCs are disabled in the Open World on the PTS, there are no Rifts (and thus no tears) for you to use the lures on. My guess is that they’ll re-enable these before Friday’s RIFT Livestream.

Check out the Master Mode Dummy Foundry on the PTS and test the new Planar Crafted gear out!

Weapon Costume Crates Updated

The craftable weapon costume crates that are slated for Patch 3.3 have had their skins updated. These now have a different color from existing costume weapons. Currently the skin names are placeholder:

Weapon Costume Crate New Unlocks

As you can see below, they’re mainly color changes from existing RIFT Store -> Wardrobe -> Weapons -> Novelty skins.

Weapon Costume Crates Skin Update

A few of them like the flowers, torch and the Scorched Edge weapon have blue falling motes or fire vfx.

Scorched Edge

Scorched Edge is a new weapon costume added to the Savant Weapon Costume Crate with the latest update. The recipe has been moved to the RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Weaponsmith.

Smoldering Edge RIFT

Just like some of the other objects that have flame vfx applied to them (like the Magma Walker mount), the flame vfx expands in size during movement. This weapon skin uses the ‘Storm Edge’ weapon costume as the base model.

Further Mage Harbinger Changes

Mage Harbinger Changes PTS 25th June 2015

Red Hawk has made some further changes to the Mage Harbinger class with the latest PTS Update:

  • Furious Assault. Reduces the global cooldown of your abilities to 1 second and reduces their man cost by 16/33%.
  • Phase Step. Your next 3 ST damaging spells cast within 30secs will teleport you to the target of the spell. oGCD, 30sec CD.
  • Empyrean Ascension. Now reduces damage taken by 20% and increases damage dealt by 20%. Lasts 15sec. oGCD, 1sec CD. No longer has its own abilities.

Burninalways has compiled a full list of Mage Harbinger Changes on the PTS here.

Red Hawk would like Mages to give him your best parses in Chloroharb, Stormbinger and Necroharb specs here.

Can’t open the Crafting Rifts yet because the open world is empty of NPCs/Rifts, but I’m sure they’ll bring them back in an update shortly. If you’re a Mage, be sure to send parses from the new changes to Harbinger to Red Hawk.

No interesting data files – mainly the new weapon skins.

Tune in to the RIFT Livestream this Friday at June 26th at 3:30PM PDT where Trion will talk about Planar Crafting.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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