Notice: Conquest Premade Group Testing

Conquest Oathsworn Full Feature Image

Notice: Trion Worlds will restrict the amount of players you can queue up for Conquest with to 5 players starting with this week’s hotfix (July 1st NA; July 2nd EU). It doesn’t sound like there’s any restrictions to groups forming within the Conquest map, just for queuing up.

This is a test so might not be permanent, depending on player feedback. If you have any feedback once the testing starts, send them to Trion via CM Ocho’s thread here.

May the best 5-man premade win!

Pre-Hotfix After Reset

If you’re after a quick win for next reset week, you might want to consider forming a premade after weekly reset (4am Server Time on Wednesday) but before the hotfix (usually ~7am Server Time on Wednesday for NA, 1-2am Server Time on Thursday for EU).

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