PTS Playtest: Crafting Rifts

PTS Playtest Crafting Rifts Feature Image

Trion Worlds is hosting a playtest of the upcoming Planar Crafting Rifts on the Public Test Shard this Thursday 2nd July 2015 at 3PM PDT.

Planar Crafting Rifts are part of the Planar Crafting sub-system that will be arriving with RIFT 3.3: Waking Nightmares slated for some time this month.


  • A new NPC ‘Tephael the Usurper‘ opposite Howard in Choreburg, Draumheim will offer a new weekly crafting quest that will give you the choice of a Planar Crafting Rift.
  • Planar Crafting Rifts can only be opened in Tarken Glacier.
  • The Crafting Rifts will drop various Nightmare Tide material, including new Imperishable relic and common mats used in all the new Planar Crafted recipes. These include dimension items, various gear, fishing lures and poles.
  • You can get 99x stacks of the Crafting Rift lures from Master Mode Dummy Foundry.

Be sure to join in this Thursday 2nd July 2015 at 3PM PDT for the playtest! Feedback can be provided either in-game or via Morticus’ thread here.

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