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Love collecting wardrobes? Consider yourself a wardrobe fanatic? Well, good news, there’s a new site in town called Rift Wardrobe and the folks over there will be showcasing wardrobes on a weekly basis with monthly contests sponsored by Trion Worlds!

Wardrobe Wednesday

Huntie@Laethys and Pizzacatt@Laethys will be running weekly ‘Wardrobe Wednesday’ shows on their Twitch livestream channel every Wednesday at 3PM Eastern Standard Time where they will show off player submissions from that week. If you can’t make it, they’ll also have a recording of each livestream on Youtube.

Be sure to subscribe to their channels so you never miss out!

Mark Your Calendars

The first Wardrobe Wednesday livestream will be held on July 8th at 3PM EST. Tune in via Twitch!

Monthly Wardrobe Contests

Each month, the top three wardrobe submissions will be showcased on the Rift Wardrobe website. Prizes will be item codes provided by Trion Worlds and can vary from month to month – prizes such as mounts and companion pets will be given out.

There’s two categories: Wardrobe Submission (2 winners) and Scene Submission (1 winner).

Please refer to the following pages for full instructions and rules:

Be sure to check out the Rift Wardrobe website and subscribe to their Livestream and Youtube channels! Get your wardrobe submissions in now!

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