PTS Playtest: Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront

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[Notice: Date of Playtest postponed until July 31st!] CM Ocho has announced that there will be a playtest on the Public Test Shard on Friday, July 31st 2015 for the new upcoming warfront “Assault on Bronze Tomb”. This warfront will feature a new ‘Assault Mode’ gameplay.

About Assault on Bronze Tomb

Assault on Bronze Tomb is a new 15v15 ‘Assault Mode’ warfront where teams will switch between attacking and defending key control points. As control points are taken, teams will be moved to sections further into the tomb. There are traps, power-ups and jump pads throughout. You can find further information about this warfront here.

The Playtest

To reiterate, the playtest will be on the Public Test Shard.

Note: This might be a good opportunity to complete one of the quests in Act III of the Nightmare Saga on the PTS that requires you to win some warfronts.

The Livestream

Can’t make the playtest or have limited space on your computer for a separate PTS client? No problem! Trion will be simultaneously livestreaming the playtest and talking more about this new Assault Mode and warfront at the same time!

Can’t make it to the livestream or playtest? No worries, I’ll have a Livestream Summary later in the day as per usual.

 See you all in the Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront!

  • You can find out how to access the PTS here.
  • You can check out CM Ocho’s thread about the playtest here.

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One Comment on “PTS Playtest: Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront”

  1. July 21, 2015 at 5:17 pm #

    So extremely hyped for this! Test will fall in line perfectly with my usual times as well! Oh man, a new Warfront is just what we need combined with that PvP tier 1 that just got patched.

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