Livestream Summary: 24th July 2015

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Trion had their 24th July 2015 Friday Livestream where they talked about the upcoming Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront and the new Assault Mode.

Click here for a replay of the 24th July 2015 Livestream video on

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Trion had their 24th July 2015 Friday Livestream with Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, Game Director Christopher “Archonix” Junior and Live Content Designer Michael “Kerilar” Hansen.

Table of Contents:

  • Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront
  • Other Info
  • Livestream Giveaways

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront

The latest RIFT livestream was mainly about the upcoming “Assault on Bronze Tomb” warfront with information on the map and the new ‘Assault Mode’ that the warfront brings.

Basic Overview

  • Warfront is in Bronze Tomb, which is in the south-west corner of Freemarch.
  • Team Sizes: 15 vs 15.
  • Objective: Each team will be given the opportunity to attack or defend capture points in three different rooms. Once the capture points in one room is overtaken, the fight will then proceed to the next room.
  • Win Condition: Take down more rooms than the other team, in less time.
  • Time: Each team gets 7min 30secs to attempt to take down all three rooms. Teams will switch between attack/defend either after the timer, or if a team takes down all three rooms. Therefore maximum time for the warfront is 15min, but it can come under that.
  • Level: The warfront will be available for Levels 50-65 (of course, in their own level brackets).

Win Condition Examples:

  • If Team A gets all 3 rooms down on their turn but Team B only gets 2 rooms down, Team A wins.
  • If both Team A & B get all 3 rooms down, the team with the faster completion time wins.

Objectives UI

New warfront objectives UI will show you how many rooms have been taken and whether you are in the attacking or defending team.

Assault on Bronze Tomb Objectives UI

The Map

Assault on Bronze Tomb WIP Map UI

Assault on Bronze Tomb WIP Map UI

The map consists of three rooms. You start off in Room 1. Once the capture points are taken down, the hallways to the next room open up and you proceed to the next room.

  • There’s a small amount of time before capture points become active.
  • Traps will appear throughout the rooms.
  • Room 3 has two player-controlled cannons.
  • Respawn points are at the little brown circles on opposite ends of each Room on the map. You will respawn in the currently active room.

(Knockbacks, pulls and snares/stuns will probably be very effective in this map given the trap damage).

First Room – Passage of Fallen Heroes

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 1 Part 4

Room 1 – Capture Point (Right). (Sword is placeholder model).

First room is called “Passage of Fallen Heroes”.

  • 2 capture points to defend.
  • Capture points will be active a few seconds into each room.
  • Room has two floors (besides where you spawn).
  • There are fire traps in about 3 locations that do 20k ticks. 1 sec per tick.
  • There are red orb powerups on the ground floor. (dps buffs).
  • There are jump pads at the center that will allow you to super-jump to each capture point’s area. Beware that if the fire trap in the middle of the jump pads is active, it means the ‘landing’ location will also have an active fire trap.
Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 1 Part 1

Room 1 – Fire Trap near a capture point. Ticks for 20k per sec.

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 1 Part 2

Room 1 – Center of map has jump pads to capture points.

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 1 Part 3

Room 1 – Barrier to next room. Disappears when capture points taken.


When both capture points have been downed, an announcement will be made and the barriers in front of the hallways leading into the next room will go down. A blue vfx will show up indicating you can run through the hallways.

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 1 Part 5

Room 1 – Transition.

Whilst inside the hallways you’ll get a runspeed buff.

Defenders can choose to go to the middle of the first room where a teleporter will appear for about 30secs, allowing you to teleport to the next room. Attackers will need to use the hallways.

Second Room – Tomb of the First Settlers

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 2 Part 1

Room 2 – Capture Point in Mini-Room + Spike Traps active.

The second room is called “Tomb of the First Settlers”.

  • There’s 2 capture points that can be in either 2 of the four mini side-rooms in the Second Room.
  • There’s a central chamber and 4 side-rooms (2 of which will have capture points).
  • Attackers spawn on the bridge above the central chamber.
  • Blue and red powerups are available. [Think blue is runspeed? Red is usually DPS, green is usually heals.]
  • There are spike traps active in the various side-rooms. These deal 37k damage.
Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 2 Part 2

Room 2 – Central Chamber and side-room entrances.

Third Room – Aurentine Treasure Vault

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 3 Part 1

Room 3 – Power Source that powers Cannons.

The third and final room is “Aurentine Treasure Vault”.

  • This room only has one capture point near the middle of the room.
  • Side areas have a Power Source that you can click in order to power up two Cannons in the room. Either side (Attack/Defend team) can turn them on or off. Default off.
  • There’s a blue AoE trap in front of each Power Source that turns on and off intermittently.
  • Cannons can only be operated by Defenders. They have three abilities:
    1. 10% damage per shot. Main spam ability.
    2. 10m ground-targeted AoE crowd-control ability that does a 90% snare.
    3. Targeted AoE with a long cooldown. Unknown how much damage it does.
Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 3 Part 2

Room 3 – Water Traps, this one in front of a Power Source.

Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront Room 3 Part 3

Room 3 – Powered-up Cannon on higher floor. Only Defenders can access.

Other Info

  • There will be achievements.
  • Capture Point model is currently placeholder.
  • The Warfront Scoreboard will be redone for this warfront to reflect the new mode.
  • Release time is apparently when “RIFT: Into the Wilds” comes out. [r] Unknown if this is 3.4 or a later patch, but it will be at the same time as the new Planetouched Wilds zone and 5th calling Primalist release. [r]

PTS Playtest

This week’s playtest was postponed due to issues with the instance. Right now if a player tries to enter Assault on Bronze Tomb, they will crash to desktop and be unable to log into that character (without crashing again).

As such today’s livestream mainly had devs running around inside.

However, a new playtest is scheduled:

  • Time: Friday, 31st July 2015 at 3:30PM PDT.
  • Location: Public Test Shard.
  • Some of the devs will be there so you’ll have the opportunity to kill them.
  • Trion is looking into possibly rewarding titles during the playtest. Maybe.

Other Info

A few other tidbits of information:

  • Trion Parties: Reminder that Trion will be at Gamescom and PAX East in August. More details here.
  • Primalist Info: Just like the previous livestream a fortnight ago, Archonix has hinted that you might learn more about Primalist, Planetouched Wilds and other upcoming features at Trion’s party during Gamescom (August 6th).
  • Crafting from shared banks is on PTS. If you have the shards vaults unlocked on Live, please test it out on PTS and report any bugs in the PTS Sub-forum! Should be up on Live in a few weeks.
  • Power Packs should be available for purchase again on the RIFT Store. Steam Wallet purchases are still broken.
  • Razorback Roundup Promo Week is up! You can check out further information here. (Kerilar calls it Porkapalooza).


Whiteboard 24th July 2015

There was a whiteboard behind the Livestreamers today. Not sure if it has any relation to RIFT, but it’s been a while since the last one. Some light flare and being far away in the background makes it hard to see anything – but there is stuff there and there were Trion staff discussing the whiteboard here and there throughout the livestream.

Livestream Giveaways

Livestream Channel Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 1x Armored Razorback Mount to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 1x 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Power Pack to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 5x REX to 3 lucky livestream viewers.
  • 1x Silver-Tier Loyalty to 2 super-lucky livestream viewers!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Trion has mentioned that winners will either get codes or requests for their in-game name from Trion via your Twitch inbox. Unless you’ve already sent/received messages from them, you will likely find the message in your “Other” tab. Note that it might take 1-2 weeks to get your code through.

If you won something during the livestream and haven’t received a message from Trion, please PM CM Ocho on the forums!

Livestream Summary 24th July 2015 Livestreamers

(From Left to Right: Ocho, Archonix and Kerilar)

Look forward to the Assault on Bronze Tomb Warfront hitting Live at some point in the future! Kerilar has mentioned in a twitter conversation that it’ll be released at the same time as the Planetouched Wilds zone and 5th Calling Primalist. [r]

Ocho has also mentioned in the past that it will be released in the patch “RIFT: Into the Wilds”. Unknown at  this point if this is 3.4 or a later patch. [r]

For now, be sure to hop on the PTS next Friday, 31st July 2015 at 3:30PM PDT for the PTS Playtest! [r]

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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